Today was a good day.

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For the vast majority of people they do not think Twice about what they are going to do in a day. They just open the door and go. For someone like me, with anxiety, we can’t help but think about what we are going to do im a day. It’s like second nature to us. 

It’s that thinking that prevents us from doing so much in life. So when we can do something, it’s a huge deal for us. Today was one of those days for me. 

Today I would go out to the mall looking for something. So off I went to the mall looking for what I was looking for. I was calm and collected the whole time. Even looked up and down for it for a good amount of time before realizing they didn’t have it and drove 10 minutes to another store to check for it. Eventually I would visit a total of store various stores across 3 or so hours there. All with no luck finding what o was looking for. Yet I still had success of being out all day in public places. While it was just myself it is another step in the right direction to having a better life. 

I still have to work towards doing this more often and work to including others but I am proud of what I accomplished today and how far I’ve come in life. When I wouldn’t even think about doing something like this. 


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