Wanting to be “normal” when I am not…

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I spent years of my life on the quest of wanting to have a normal life, not deal with what I deal with. Be like all the others out there. I will tell you from first hand experience. When we are searching for that “normal” life. We will spend our time searching for something we will never grasp. We will never have what we think is “normal.” We have what we have. It is up to us to find our peace with it. Find the joy in what we are facing, and become happy in us. When we are not feeling that way, the depression and sadness, and anxiety sweeps in. We become lost to it. It defines us. And becomes who we think we are. Only when we break free of that cycle can we come out of the depression and into a whole new life for ourselves.

That’s not to say we should not make the changes we need in our life. Like exercising, or getting help if we need it. We just know and accept who we are, and know this may be “normal” and we are able to be happy with it. We don’t need to compare ourselves to others, or think we need to be like them to be happy. We are who we are and proud to be who we are.


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