The value of ones health.

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I am one that goes through many trials within my health, and being able to function “normally” like some can. I am not always able to eat certain foods without my body reacting to them. Going through such an ordeal can be taxing for ones sanity at times, and can be a hard cross to bear. As such I also see others who go through much worse things than what I do. I ponder many a time why is it that we as humans go through such ordeals in life. Why is it that we can not all have “perfect” health? Live a life that does not have those types of woes.

Then one day when I was thinking about it, I thought about this.

“A person who has good health all the time. May not appreciate what they have. They may smoke, drink all the time, do drugs, or even eat poorly. A person that has known only poor health knows the value of good health. They will do what they can to have it. They will eat properly.  They will not drink excessively or do drugs, and will take care of themselves.”

I sat back and realized how true it is. How many of us want that quick fix, or pill to fix us up. Yet, how many of us will do the work in our diets and lives to be healthy. I know at times I can be guilty of not making the best choices when it comes to eating. Those cupcakes can be mighty delicious.

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom with my health and it was affecting my way of being and living, that I knew I needed to make changes. I knew I had to do what I could and what was in my power to change my life. I have and I have not looked back on it.

Food to ponder, or I should say words to ponder..


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