My Biggest going out  Adventure to date. 

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This week I embark ion my biggest adventure to date. Taking an actual vacation. The first vacation in eleven years for me. I would drive up to the Pocono mountains, a drive that would be 2.45 hours. Taking me out of my comfort zone, and being in the car for an extended amount of time. Something in itself that gives me anxiety.

I left earier today for this, while I was a little anxious in the morning, I was surprisingly calm and collected, and able to make the drive with no issue. I completely surprised myself and see and feel that the changes I have made to myself and my life are really working and the results are being felt. 

A year ago I would never have thought this possible and I would never have dreamed it would happen. I feel great and am excited for this vacation. And am able to take another step forward in making my life so much better. Here’s to new experiences, a new life, and meeting new people along the way.

If I inspire anyone through this journey into making changes in their life I am glad, and hope this blog helps them in their own journey as well. 


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