Adventures in going out: Week 3

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Whitall House Museum


I continued my journey of pushing myself more and more, and took myself out for some fun this afternoon. I spent just about all of my adult life, if not further back than that, living in such a state of fear, and being afraid to go anywhere, it is so shocking to me, that I have been looking forward to these excursions. They are the highlights of my week.  I never could have imagined that I would have ever wanted to be out, or even go out. Yet, here I am. I am even planning trips that I want to take. If you were to tell me, that I was pulled out of my body, and replaced with someone new. I would believe you. Some days I don’t even know myself anymore. And that is a great thing.


So many ball jokes. So little time.

This week I took myself out to Red Bank Battlefield, which is in Southern New Jersey. I didn’t even know this place existed, until recently, when my sister in law told me about it. It was a small little park, that had some lovely views, and  I was able to take some pictures. This one up top is picture of the Whitall House Museum. It was used as a makeshift hospital during the battle of Red Bank, at Fort Mercer.  I did not get to go inside, as it is not open during the weekends until April. It is said to be haunted, so I will definitely be going back there to check that out. There was some cannonballs and a cannon on display. Never really realized how large cannon balls actually were. That would certainly ruin your day if you were to get hit with one.


Stop looking at me, swan.

It was a little chilly as the weather was getting cold, as we are expected to get some snow tomorrow, so there is winter weather said to be coming tonight into tomorrow. If tomorrow is the first day of Spring, would that mean it’s Spring weather, or is it Winter weather if it snows? I also met this lovely guy, this is my new BFF, Goose. He is hilarious. He told the funniest jokes, he was quacking me up… Bahhahaha… I can do this all day. Puns are fun. I’m so puny. Oh em gee! I cannot stop! And I’m done. I also had movie tickets to go see the latest Divergent Movie, Allegiant. Yes, I like that series. Don’t judge me! I also like Harry Potter. So I had some time to kill, and went to the mall to kill some time. I was able to buy myself some new tee-shirts, I do love Hot Topic.

All in all the day was a great day, I was out for about 7.5 hours total. More than I could have ever imagined and hoped for. It was a great day. I was not anxious, or stressed, or wanting to freak out.

Happy dance now…


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