Adventures in going out: Week 4

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Good gravy, there was a lot of steps in there.
This week is my fourth week of going out, does that mean I have been going out for a month now? Either way, this was my fourth outing. This would be one where I would really go the distance. I wasn’t really going speed. I was all alone.  But it wasn’t my time of need. I did plot the course. There was no riding of a horse… I would go my furthest outing from my home today. I would go out to Peddler’s Village, which was about an hour drive to get to. This trek would also go into another state, Pennsylvania.

I would go to Peddler’s Village, which is up in New Hope. To do a little shopping for some fun. I do like to shop… And well. It was kind of boring for me. While they advertise 60 shops, most of them are not really places I would shop at. Maybe if I was an old married couple, I would have loved it. Or if I maybe eat at one of the restaurants there, it would have added more to the experience for me. There was a place called, Cock and Bull, I kid you not. That… Sounds like a place I would name a restaurant. I did stop in the candy shop, and boy,  does a handmade candy store smell incredible. I don’t eat that stuff anymore. It’s part of what helps me go out places not eating those bad foods. I grabbed some dark chocolate for my dad, yeah, I’m an awesome son. And went about my way.


Where I was at, I was near a place called Bowman’s Tower. Which I believe is where they would watch to see if the British were coming into the area. Driving up to this place was the scariest place I have ever driven before. It was up this incredibly steep hill, I swear I thought I was driving the wrong way, or would not make it up the hill. Almost wanted to turn around. But I progressed and kept on and made it up to the Tower. I bought my ticket and climbed… It was a lot of steps. I was too manly for the elevator, plus, elevators feel weird to me. It was an exhilarating view as well as a scary view. I am afraid of heights, luckily it was fenced in, and I couldn’t just tumble over. As my luck, I probably would have.  There were some vultures circling around the tower. I think they could smell my fear, and were waiting for me to pass out. I didn’t. I showed them. I’ve won this battle today, Vultures.

It was still pretty early in the afternoon, and I was feeling good, so checked my Google maps for anything local to do/see. I found a Castle Museum that was 30 mins from there, so headed there. Upon arrival I saw you needed a photo permit, and was discouraged, so turned back, and headed home.

All in all, it was another great experience. Upon arrival I was a little loopy, driving up in the hills/mountains like that, really throws your body off. After I settled into the area, sitting down some,  I felt much, much better. And was able to go about fine while there.

Next week I plan to go to the Franklin Institute to check out the Egypt and Pixar exhibit. Who knows, I may even learn something. I’ll prove those high school teachers wrong that said I couldn’t learn anything.


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