Adventures in going out: Week 6

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Absecon Lighthouse

My adventures in going out for the week usually take place at the end of the week, on Saturday. This week, I changed it up a bit. Today I was off from work and decided to go out and explore on my day off. That is such a change from sitting home on my days off. That was the norm for so many years. Not living life. Not enjoying life. Just doing the motions day in and day out. It is a great, and much needed, change of pace for once. I never really thought of myself as going out when I was not working. I had become so accustomed to doing nothing all day, every day. That was who I was. Until now, when I am finally becoming so much more than I could have ever imagined. And this is only the tip of the iceberg for me.

This week’s trip took my to Absecon, NJ, to their Lighthouse. This was an impromptu trip. I had no destination in mind. Just that I wanted to go out somewhere. To not sit around wasting life. When you live with anxiety the idea of spontaneous and impromptu are some of the scariest words in the dictionary. Nor are they part of our vocabulary.  Today I made them fun words and something I wish to keep in my vocabulary.

up, up, and away.

It was a nice little day trip out to Absecon. The weather was nice. It was extremely windy at the top of the lighthouse. So much so that it was able to move me all over the place. Had their had not been a guard rail, I would have easily gone off the side. It was a nice little climb, 220 steps. The tallest Lighthouse in NJ, and the Third largest in the country… Or so the card the light keeper gave me at the top of the light house claimed. It was a lovely view at top. Much like where life is taking me now. To the top. Finally. I was surprised when the light keeper said they get 100 or so visitors a day during peek days. 50 or so on their slower days. I could believe it because there was probably 5 more people arriving at the top as I was walking back down.

On my way down I picked up some brochures and a book on the local things to do and see around there. This spring/summer, for the first time ever, is going to be the busiest and most fun summer/spring I have ever had. I am looking forward to it and for the first time ever I can not wait.

I plan to keep the momentum going for this week and continue out again on Saturday. Here’s to fun times.

I’m on top of the world now.

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