Adventures in Going Out: Week 7

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My crazy adventures of going out continue. I say crazy because I never in my life ever thought this would EVER be possible. Yet, here I am. Next week will be two months of doing this. Straight. That in itself is a milestone for me. I did not have any place in particular to go to this week. So I just randomly picked some place. To think such a notion to be spontaneous like that would have in the past made me ill to my stomach. Just to think about it. Yet today, I was able to do it. And it was fun.

Today  I chose Ocean City, NJ, as my spot to visit. It was an extra thirty minute drive to avoid tolls. I did not mind. I actually enjoyed the drive. I know. I can’t believe I am typing it. It was a relaxing and peaceful drive there. It was nice and scenic taking the back roads. The weather was nice for the most part. Once I got close to the beach it was pretty chilly. I am glad that I grabbed my Batman sweatshirt to wear. Even with my hoodie up, it was cold. People were loving it though. I am one who loves the cold myself, but not as much as those that were laughing it up on the beach, or just wearing a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt. More power to them. I was cold at times.

After arriving there I saw the tail end of a Dog Parade, all puns intended. I never really been one for the beach, and walking in the sand. While I love the water, being in the water,  the beach never really did anything for me. It was quite packed on the boardwalk. While that was fun walking back and forth it seems to have a limited appeal. Unless you just want to shop in the shops. There was some mini golf and some roller coasters. Though I think you are pretty brave to go on a roller coaster that is at a boardwalk. It’s like going on one of those rides at one of those carnivals that you see at your old high school. Where it looks like it could be fun if you didn’t fly off the rails of this makeshift ride.

I walked a little bit of the beach, just to do it, but it was really cold near the water. So that was really short lived. I will say these types of things, going to the boardwalk or the beach, is probably a lot more fun if you were in the presence of good company. I see it would benefit my nicely to have a travel buddy on some of these excursions. While it is just to be out there alone, traveling with someone could be even better. While there I did get a little pamphlet for a comic con in Atlantic City in a couple of weeks that I am going to go to. Look at me, planning events a few weeks in advance. Who am I, and what did I do with the old me? I did not stay long as I had a movie ticket to see The Jungle Book. So today was a double feature kind of day. Then I celebrated with some delicious healthy fruit.

While looking for things to do I found even more things to do and next week I am thinking of visiting the Thomas Edison Museum in Edison NJ. Should be fun. And will be two months out there. Inching my way along to new heights and experiences. Look out world. I’m coming for you.


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