Adventures in going out: Week 9

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This week starts the beginning of three months of adventuring for me… Which in itself is a huge milestone for me. Never thought this would be a reality that I am in. Yet… Here I am.

This week I would go to a little Renaissance faire down in Smithville Village, in Absecon NJ. This adventure would not be a solo adventure I would go with my brother, his wife, and his kids. There was a small amount of anxiety the day before about it. I am not really sure why. It was nothing serious, or even long lasting. Perhaps normal jitters. I guess I am not used to “normal” when it comes to this. So regular anxiety that we all have, no matter who we are, to someone like me, used to be a full blown thing. So I have not fully differentiated the two in my mind yet. It was short lived, and I am happy to report it did not impair me or limit me in any, shape, or form. Usually these thoughts would make me want to back out and cancel. But I did not let them consume me, or take over me, or cause me to run away.

After getting there, it was a nice day out, and I was fine the hour car ride, and being there. Even the drive home. Makes me wonder what the anxiety/fear is with regards to these things? Is it the fear of the unknown? Not knowing what could happen? Is that how the fight or flight mechanics of the body work? Just for me, it’s always been just flight. It is good to be healing and moving forward like this. To be able to be out, and about with family. Instead of not doing family events, or spending time with family. Things are certainly changing for the better. And I am happy for it. For the first time in my life. I am actually happy. Genuinely happy. I look forward to the future for once. It is bright and big things are and will continue to happen and come my way.

While I did have my camera with me there was not much to take pictures of there. So I do not really have pictures to share. And the ones I did take the iso was not set proper for being outdoors, when I was messing with the camera the other day. Tomorrow I go out again, for a whole weekend of being out and about. I go to Lego Brick Fest in PA. I love Lego and have a few sets myself. So will look forward to seeing this event. Which will also be with my brother and his family. The hard part doing this.. Is not spending a ton of money on Lego pieces..

Can’t promise that one.



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    theitinerary1 said:
    April 30, 2016 at 7:46 pm

    Nice post:)


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