Month: May 2016

Memorial Day Fun…

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Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US, a day to be thankful for those who have served, and have paved the way for the things we have today, but most times take for granted. Like free speech.

This year Memorial Day was a day of adventure for me. It was part of a four day weekend so I decided to make the most of my last day off from work. I had no original plans for the day at first but made some plans with a friend. I sent a text to my friend a few days ago about going to out to eat. I pass this place called Fire Bird grill in the mall whenever I go to the movies there, and have always been curious to try it. So I told him we needed to go, and he quickly replied, let’s go Monday. There was a time when I would be so scared to jump on an invite so soon like that. In the past I would need time to “get ready for it.” I would also be so afraid to go out and eat. Food was always a scary thing for me. Now that I am getting my life back it is great to be able to say, “OK. I am in.” I will say I almost did not make it out yesterday as I had been experimenting with new foods to see if I could handle them, but found out, I can not. That made my stomach all types of wonky, and almost backed out. I did not want to live how I used to. Where I would back out from things if my stomach was not perfect.  I decided to go forward with it and boy was I happy to go out.

It was a great day out. That became much more than I thought it would be. We went to lunch, the food at Fire Bird grill was not all that special. It was pricey and kind of bland tasting. Which was a disappointment. Since it was still early we decided to walk the mall some and I was able to pick up a Flash Tank from Hot Topic. (Yes, you NEEDED to know that.) Afterwards we went to visit his daughter for two hours or so, I even drove him. Not bad considering my stomach was all over the place in the morning. Again something in the past I would have been so afraid to do. I then drove him back to his car after that, and we were hungry again, so we decided what the heck, and go out to dinner at Applebees. The maple mustard salmon, was so much more tastier than the Fire Bird grill. If you have an option between the two for some reason, and your life depends on it, go for the Salmon.

I must say I do not recall a time of ever going out to eat for lunch and dinner with someone else. I have probably done that on my own, which is not as scary, but don’t recall doing that with someone else. It is very good progress and is really moving me in all the right places in life. Places I never even thought about or even dreamed of. I am beyond happy with myself, and I hope you to, can one day go beyond your limits and bounds to brand new exciting things in life. I also will get back to eating the foods I know I can handle to help feel even better.



Adventures in going out: Week 13

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This week is lucky number 13. Many people are afraid of that number, but as of late, it has been a great number for me. This week did not go as I had originally intended it to. I was originally going to go to the Aquarium yesterday with my brother, and his family. That fell through as both of them ended up having to work. Since I had taken off from work I decided to go out and see X-Men:Apocalypse. It was pretty good movie in its own right. I wouldn’t say it was as good as Captain America:Civil War, even though that was more like a family domestic dispute than a Civil War, but it was a great movie. I would have done it in two movies. Done another Iron Man movie, and started it in that movie, and then finished it in Captain America, instead of trying to do it all in one movie. It made the plot too rushed and weak, IMO. But I digress, mainly because I like to say digress.

Even though my goal was to take myself out one day a week I was not going to stop at just going to the movies, it’s like I’m a madman that is possessed. I took myself out and back to Red Bank Battlefield. I had visited this site back in like week one or two of this journey, but when I went, the House Museum was closed, and I wanted to check it out. Mainly because it is purported to be haunted. It was open, and I was able to take a nice little tour of the house. Sadly, I did not see or feel any spirits or ghosts. Boo! Ha ha, see what I did there? (All puns intended)


It was a nice day down by the river, and enjoying being out in the sun, and walking around. Even if I was exhausted from working out yesterday, something I don’t normally do, and running in the morning before going out today. While it was very hot out today, I do not like the heat that much, the breeze from the water and the trees felt real good. It was a lovely day. It may not have been the shore like most people do this weekend as it is Memorial Day in the US, it was still a lovely view. While out walking around this park I came across this sign and boy is it so true for the journey I am on in life today. I have struggled so long with health, anxiety, agoraphobia, and going out, that I was basically defeated by life, and was a recluse, only going out to work, and occasionally to a friends house or family. But now, I am changing everything. And it has been glorious the triumphs over the struggles and setbacks I’ve had in life to being where I am today. I would have never thought this would be possible or even that I would ever get there but I am here and I am loving every step of the journey. So much is changing for me. When I first started this journey I was so scared of this and that, I would not eat, or really drink before going out. Out of fear of what could happen. As time went on and I grew more confident and become more healthy emotionally and mentally I started to eat small meals before hand, and a little drink. Today I was able to eat breakfast and lunch, a snack, and a few glasses of water before embarking on my journey. I could not be more happy with my results and being able to do all that and still go out. I hope and wish everyone that has ever been in this spot in their life, ever been here, realize that there is hope there and it is possible to live a life of their wildest and greatest dreams. If I can do it so can you.


On my way out I came across this tree, with people’s initials on it. It just really irks me, I have visited a few parks and places like this, and this type of stuff is all over the place. Like why would you think it was a good thing to deface a living breathing thing, just to show your “love” to another. Why would you want someone to show their love to you by doing this to a tree? You wouldn’t want me to scratch my initials into your forehead. Profess your love by plating a tree in their name, or painting a rock. The only thing more irksome than this is smokers that flick their cigs onto the ground when they are done with them. As if they expect a maid to pop up out of the ground and pick it up for them.

OK, let me not stick up this wonderful post with such things. Moving on, all and all it was a great day. It’s not over yet as later on I am going out to Outback restaurant with my family. I have been craving some Outback Alaskan Crab legs something fierce, and then this Monday I am going out to eat with a friend of mine. I’m loving having these weekends full of exciting and fun things to do. Now if only I had the money to really travel, I would be like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and on top of the world.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, or your weekend. Make it a great one. I am.

Adventures in going out: Week 12.

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Wow! Let me just start off there. 12 weeks. That is 3 whole months of going out once a week. That is incredible in itself. It may not seem like it to most people, but to someone that struggled with going out it is a huge achievement. I spent my whole life avoiding going out, or finding reasons to not go out. It is something to see myself hit goals like this. It really is opening up so many doors for me.

This week I did not have anything planned to go, or anywhere in particular to go to. On top of that it was a rainy day, and was looking to rain all day. I could have just stopped right there, but I am not looking to quit now, I want to see this journey out to its end. I deserve that in life.

So I decided to do some shopping, and headed off to the Amish Market, that was 35 minutes away. Hoping to get some fruit. My mom used to love going to one of these places when I was a kid. That was were I first discovered sour path kids. A favorite of mine, even until I was full adult. I still had them quite often, until I got healthy and gave up all that junk food last summer. Wow! That was about a year ago. I’ve been so busy with my new life that time just blew right on by. They also made a delicious rotisserie chicken, that my mom used to get, and ice cream. They may not be in to all that technology, and have an iPod, but man, can they make some delicious food. Truthfully we could also do with a little less technology. We are becoming so detached from conversation with one on one people, that we now go out to dinner with someone, and stare out our smart phones instead. But you there reading this blog on your smart phone, you’re OK with me. Since I don’t eat junk food I was going to get some fruit instead. Sadly the fruit they did have, is not fruit I am allowed to eat as there is a cross allergy to it. So I walked around a little bit instead. Avoiding the huge candy section. Not even to look at it. I did not see any buggys getting hitched, or butter being churned, or even barns being raised.

After some time in there, I decided to just stretch myself out a bit, and just drive. I had no where to go, and nowhere else to be. So I just got in my car and drove for a few hours. This way, and that way. Enjoying the drive, the scenery, and the buildings I passed. Then I went to the super market to get myself some fruit that I can eat, and enjoyed three months of going out. Next month will be another huge milestone for me, as I take another vacation and go down to Virginia for the week to visit the Smithsonian. I have always wanted to go there, but was always too afraid before. Now I can go there and actually enjoy myself. I am completely stoked and excited for that one. This year is going to be action packed, and have me doing all types of stuff, things I never even dreamed of. Who knows maybe I will even meet someone and have a travel buddy to enjoy life and travel and adventure with. Anything is possible.

It was a lovely day. Next week in the USA is Memorial day, so it’s a four day weekend for me. Maybe I will go to the Aquarium, I always love it there, and have not been to this one in years. Maybe since I was a kid in elementary school. It’s also the release of the new X-Men movie. So plenty to do and see.



Adventures in going out: Week 11

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cars_acThe adventure train keeps on chugging along. As I go new and exciting places. As I do all types of new things for me, there has been so many new experiences for me, that life has becoming something more than I could have ever thought or dreamed. Today was no exception. Today I would take myself down to the 2nd Annual Comic Convention at the Atlantic City convention center. I had no idea this convention existed. A few weeks ago when I was on one of my weekly adventures in Ocean City a guy was handing out pamphlets for this Comic con, and I knew, in my heart of hearts, I had to go to it. I had never done one of these before. Can you believe that? Me as big of a nerd as I am, has never done a convention. Well, anxiety/stomach issues, that beast of things, always prevented me in the past. I would have been too afraid to go out to one.  But not now, and God willing, hopefully never again will fear and anxiety hold me back in life. This was also new for me in going to something like this, on my own. Finding the place, getting the ticket, and going there on my own. It was all scary, since I had no idea of what to do, or where to go. To do it, by myself, and find it all, was so extremely rewarding. Having that control for myself. To take that charge. It was exhilarating.

I’m Batman… No, I’m Batman.

When I was talking to people about going to it, they asked me if I would dress up. Of course my response was a, no. Sadly, I do not have that type of confidence in myself to dress up into a cosplay outfit out in public. To which they retorted, you could always wear a mask, and no one would see it was you. They did make a good point, but I was not going to buy a costume for it. With all my new experiences and bounds I am pushing, who knows, one day I may just do that. After being there I saw that I would have been in great company and very welcomed wearing a costume. There were many people dressed up in their favorite characters, from adults to kids. Not to my surprise at all, there was many Deadpools. I don’t get his sudden surge of popularity. Even before the movie came out. Which was a great movie. There were also a few Harley Quinns, some Boba Fetts, and random things that I did not know. I was not much of a comic book reader over the years.  I will say it would be so easy to spend so much money at a place like this. So many great and wonderful things to buy. As I’ve said before in here, that I am a HUGE fan of The Flash, on the CW, so I had to pick up a portrait of The Flash. Speaking of which, Teddy Sears, who is currently featured in Season Two of the show, was at this convention center. Sadly, I did not buy a VIP ticket to get his autograph. I did see him through at his table, talking with people.

After I left there, and since I was in Atlantic City, I would stop by Harrah’s Casino. I’m not really one to gamble. I prefer to spend my money on something that will last me, as opposed to just giving it away. It was also another first going to the casino, finding my way around there, all by myself. Very proud of myself. I was not there long, maybe about 2 hours. I realized why I don’t gamble, when I blew through 40 bucks very fast on penny slots, that I had to cut myself off, and get out of there fast. They get crazy in their with their bets on the slot machines, going max bet on every play. I can’t imagine the money they spend just to win some back. It never worked that way for me. That’s how I went through 20 fast, messing around with max bet. Must be nice to have that kind of money to just go crazy on the slots. If I had money like that, I would probably travel the world. That is the one thing about these adventures doing things that are not going to go over my budget. Even if today, I went really far over my budget, and then some. Money adds up when you spend it… But I did get some cool stuff. Like this…





Adventures in going out: Week 10

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lego_woodyThe adventures keep on going on. This week’s adventure started earlier. I would go out on Sunday. I would go to Lego Brick Fest, in Oaks, PA. I have never heard of Oaks, Pa, before this trip. It was a last minute thing as my sister-in-law told me about the place and that they had tickets for it. So I snagged a ticket, and went out with them and their family.

The drive out there was not too bad, it was an hour ride, and it was lightly drizzling, but that would not stop us from going to have fun. The hardest part for me, was not being there, or driving there, believe it or not, but in not spending a ton of money there. There were so many cool things to buy. From Aladdin’s Genie, to various characters of this and that. I was able to snag a Lego Flash, as I have become a big fan of the Flash, thanks to the new TV Show on CW. I would have liked a Lego Harry Potter, but could not find one. Yes, I am that big of a nerd. True story, I am now starting to read the books. (Believe it or not I have not read all the books, but I have seen and own all the movies. Is that weird? Don’t answer that.)

I will say this place was not what I was expecting for some reason. I was expecting something more, I dunno professional looking. This was more like an exhibition center with lots of exhibits on display. Not that there is anything wrong with that. There was also some other exhibits there, such as a Ghost Busters exhibit, with people dressed as Ghost Busters you could tag pics with, along with an Ecto1. There was also replica of the jeep from Jurassic Park, as well as a DeLoreon. That one, you could pay 10 bucks to take a picture of it, and sit inside. I was not impressed with that setup. But I took a picture of it anyways. So there.


All and all it was a fun day out with my family, something I was not able to do a lot of in the past. It is nice to finally be creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, and create a better life for myself. Today, Saturday, I will have a more relaxing adventure as I go out to dinner and to the movies to see, Captain America: Civil War. I don’t think I have ever done dinner and a movie before. Because of the way my stomach always worked in the past eating before hand, and then sitting for a few hours in a theater always gave me anxiety and panic just thinking about it. I would never do that. With my health vastly improving I thought I would push my bounds and try some thing different.  I’ve done movie, than a dinner. So this will be a different experience for me. New things, right.