Adventures in going out: Week 10

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lego_woodyThe adventures keep on going on. This week’s adventure started earlier. I would go out on Sunday. I would go to Lego Brick Fest, in Oaks, PA. I have never heard of Oaks, Pa, before this trip. It was a last minute thing as my sister-in-law told me about the place and that they had tickets for it. So I snagged a ticket, and went out with them and their family.

The drive out there was not too bad, it was an hour ride, and it was lightly drizzling, but that would not stop us from going to have fun. The hardest part for me, was not being there, or driving there, believe it or not, but in not spending a ton of money there. There were so many cool things to buy. From Aladdin’s Genie, to various characters of this and that. I was able to snag a Lego Flash, as I have become a big fan of the Flash, thanks to the new TV Show on CW. I would have liked a Lego Harry Potter, but could not find one. Yes, I am that big of a nerd. True story, I am now starting to read the books. (Believe it or not I have not read all the books, but I have seen and own all the movies. Is that weird? Don’t answer that.)

I will say this place was not what I was expecting for some reason. I was expecting something more, I dunno professional looking. This was more like an exhibition center with lots of exhibits on display. Not that there is anything wrong with that. There was also some other exhibits there, such as a Ghost Busters exhibit, with people dressed as Ghost Busters you could tag pics with, along with an Ecto1. There was also replica of the jeep from Jurassic Park, as well as a DeLoreon. That one, you could pay 10 bucks to take a picture of it, and sit inside. I was not impressed with that setup. But I took a picture of it anyways. So there.


All and all it was a fun day out with my family, something I was not able to do a lot of in the past. It is nice to finally be creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, and create a better life for myself. Today, Saturday, I will have a more relaxing adventure as I go out to dinner and to the movies to see, Captain America: Civil War. I don’t think I have ever done dinner and a movie before. Because of the way my stomach always worked in the past eating before hand, and then sitting for a few hours in a theater always gave me anxiety and panic just thinking about it. I would never do that. With my health vastly improving I thought I would push my bounds and try some thing different.  I’ve done movie, than a dinner. So this will be a different experience for me. New things, right.




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    […] out with two of my closest friends. I was already at this place earlier in the year when I went to Lego Brick Fest.   This time they would be hosting collectibles in cartoons, movies, video games, and more. It was […]


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