Memorial Day Fun…

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Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US, a day to be thankful for those who have served, and have paved the way for the things we have today, but most times take for granted. Like free speech.

This year Memorial Day was a day of adventure for me. It was part of a four day weekend so I decided to make the most of my last day off from work. I had no original plans for the day at first but made some plans with a friend. I sent a text to my friend a few days ago about going to out to eat. I pass this place called Fire Bird grill in the mall whenever I go to the movies there, and have always been curious to try it. So I told him we needed to go, and he quickly replied, let’s go Monday. There was a time when I would be so scared to jump on an invite so soon like that. In the past I would need time to “get ready for it.” I would also be so afraid to go out and eat. Food was always a scary thing for me. Now that I am getting my life back it is great to be able to say, “OK. I am in.” I will say I almost did not make it out yesterday as I had been experimenting with new foods to see if I could handle them, but found out, I can not. That made my stomach all types of wonky, and almost backed out. I did not want to live how I used to. Where I would back out from things if my stomach was not perfect.  I decided to go forward with it and boy was I happy to go out.

It was a great day out. That became much more than I thought it would be. We went to lunch, the food at Fire Bird grill was not all that special. It was pricey and kind of bland tasting. Which was a disappointment. Since it was still early we decided to walk the mall some and I was able to pick up a Flash Tank from Hot Topic. (Yes, you NEEDED to know that.) Afterwards we went to visit his daughter for two hours or so, I even drove him. Not bad considering my stomach was all over the place in the morning. Again something in the past I would have been so afraid to do. I then drove him back to his car after that, and we were hungry again, so we decided what the heck, and go out to dinner at Applebees. The maple mustard salmon, was so much more tastier than the Fire Bird grill. If you have an option between the two for some reason, and your life depends on it, go for the Salmon.

I must say I do not recall a time of ever going out to eat for lunch and dinner with someone else. I have probably done that on my own, which is not as scary, but don’t recall doing that with someone else. It is very good progress and is really moving me in all the right places in life. Places I never even thought about or even dreamed of. I am beyond happy with myself, and I hope you to, can one day go beyond your limits and bounds to brand new exciting things in life. I also will get back to eating the foods I know I can handle to help feel even better.



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