Facing ourselves.

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Healing ourselves and bettering ourselves is one of the best things we can do in our lives for us. And at the same time it can be one of the hardest things we ever do. It is something that can change us and better us and at the same time it could cripple and destroy us. So many people are afraid of the last part, “destroy us.” Yet that is the most crucial part of our journey of healing. For a true healing journey is a journey of self discovery and growth. To truly heal ourselves we need to destroy everything we thought we knew about ourselves and held dear.

That, IMO, is one of the reason so many people are unable to heal themselves and create a better life for themselves. To really heal us we need to confront ourselves. We need to tear down every wall, every obstacle we have created, and create better ways of living, and better ways of being. Whether we start exercising, or eating better, or speaking with a trained therapist. These are all things we can and must do to create a better state and being within and around us. Some times that means getting rid of toxic people and relationships. Sometimes we have to cut people out of our lives. They no longer serve our highest and best good. We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. When we refuse to tear down those walls, or make excuses, we end up burying it and it either sits there until it overflows, and springs out of us as anger/violence, or it starts to manifest as ill-ness within our bodies. For those like me, who face anxiety/depression, most of it stems from things that are within us that we experienced, and are still lingering within us. A lot of anxiety comes from something that happened in the past that we still see as happening in the future. So we become anxious of the future and what will happen. That is not always the case, but a good time, it is. I can honestly say a lot of my anxiety about doing something was based off of what had happened to me and I feared it would happen again. Of course with my stomach/health issues it was kind of hard not do.

Which then brings me back to confronting myself and tearing down my walls. When I started to eat proper foods that worked better for me allowing me more freedom in life, I still had to tear down the walls that I had, confront myself, to allow new growth and a new way of being to shine through. Much like the All-spark from Transformers… Wait, scratch that. As a HUGE Transformers fan I should never be quoting from as Michael Bay movie. They were just so full of plot holes, and bad acting. And lots of everything.

This is where we are as a society now we are at a crossroads in our existence this is where we need to confront ourselves, confront our behavior, our attitudes and work to make those changes. Those changes start within ourselves. Before we can manifest it to others and to the world. To heal the world we must heal ourselves. Right now we are still in that denial stage. Where we make excuses for ourselves, our behavior, and our actions. We don’t want to confront ourselves. It’s too scary. We would rather live in ignorance. After all ignorance is bliss, and hope it all just will go away… If only it was that simple. Take it from me. It will not go away. It will not change. It will not become better. Until we wake up and do something about it. We have to make that change. We have to want to make that change. We have to want to be better, and create a better world for ourselves which will always create a better world around us. We have the power, the tools, and the ability to do it. No one is going to do it for you/us. No one is going to come down from the clouds riding on their dragons and save the day. If I had a dragon, I would name him Puff. And he would be magical. Womp womp. OK, that actually made me laugh. Is it weird if I laugh at my own jokes?  It’s time we make the choice and the decision to confront ourselves and change ourselves and our way of being and our way of living. We can no longer put it off. We can no longer live in denial. It is time for change.

For the longest time I used to think I was cursed because of what I went through, because of my health issues, and how it pretty much ruined everything… But now I see how much of a blessing it was for me. How much it has changed me. How much it has bettered me. How much happier I have become from the lessons it taught me about myself and others. I can not picture my life any other way. It has taught me so much about myself that I would never have found had I lived a “normal” life. I would have just lived my life in denial, never realizing something was missing from myself. Now I see more clearly than I ever did and I am thankful and blessed for it. Now I use it to help and encourage others. Everything I have done, others can do, and more. I am here to show the way. It’s why I created this blog, and I hope others who have liked it, and follow it, have enjoyed it, have learned something. And come out of it knowing they too can do much more in their life than they ever thought was possible.

All the need to do is confront themselves and tear down those walls that tell them they can’t.


Because they can. I am living proof.
(And if you read all of that. Good for you. You’re all right with me. If you laughed at my jokes, we’re like BFF.)


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