Adventures in going out: Week 19

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The scientific progress goes boink edition.


redbank_3The adventure train just keeps on chugging along. Chug -a- chug -a- chew – chew. The train got hungry there at the end. I am so close to the 20th week of adventuring which would be five months. Holy smokes, Batman. Before heading out I checked my weather app to see what I would be contending with. It was calling for thunderstorms today which put a cloud upon what I could do outside. (All puns intended.) I thought about just doing something indoors but that was not tickling my fancy. Plus I could not get a ticket to the movie The Secret Life of pets. So I opted to do something somewhat local and go outside and have some fun. Today was the first cool day in a week as we were facing a heat wave, and I have never been a fan of heat. I decided to do something local-ish that I could think of and decided to go to Red Bank Battlefield again. I know it’s my third time there. I don’t know what it is. I just… Like it there. Something about it. It feels comfortable to me. Very familiar. I’ve never been in the military or even am a violent person. I’m passive and don’t believe in violence. Perhaps it’s a past life of mine, if such a thing exists.


I am also a nerd and since Pokemon Go just came out, I had to take it with me, and see what I could find at the park. I was excited to do so. Yep, I am a nerd. I’m a keeper ladies. **wink wink. Nudge nudge.** Pokemon Go tricking nerds into going outside and getting some exercise in the guise of collecting Pokemon. Ironically enough something like Pokemon Go is actually a great tool for someone who deals with anxiety and agoraphobia, and things like that. Anything that can help them go out of their comfort zone to new places is a great thing. Who knows this may help me go out even further in life to more places than I thought of. Of course you end up staring at your phones all day, but we did that anyways. Sure enough at Red Bank Battlefield was a ton of people staring at their phones trying to collect Pokemon. I kid you not. You could hear them all talking about it, and see it on their screens. Even a couple passed me and said, “I know you what are doing.” It could even be a tool to get people to talk to each other. So for people like me these types of things that are fun to play can have so many more benefits than they even thought about.


After catching some Pokemon and enjoying the view and the scenery there I heading out of the park and drove to another place to go and enjoy. I stopped at place called Strawbridge Lake and just walked around a little, saw some fish jumping and enjoyed the atmosphere. I have not been there in a probably a decade. Happens when you used to not get out much. There is just something so lovely and soothing being in nature. It’s very calming and happy. It is literally my happy place. Of course the servers of the game I was playing was offline I had to actually put my phone down. I know that is like a fate worse than death these days. We spent the major part of our lives without phones, and the internet on phones and texting on phones, and now we can’t put them down. Even at the dinner table we are starting at them. We are so disconnected from the real world and life now.

When I got to the lake I noticed a handicap parking spot. All the spots were lined in a row. The same row. On the end was the handicap spot. Which got me to wondering. What is it providing easy access to? The tree? The trash can? It’s not any closer to the lake than  any other spot. I’d get it if all the other spots were behind it, but they were all lined in a row. After enjoying the scenery I heading back home, after spending a few hours outside enjoying myself, life, and nature. It was a perfect day.

I’m hoping next week to be able to visit a Vietnam Memorial that is in the state. That should be a fun time. And will be something new. Just think of all the Pokemon I could catch out there… Yep, I’m that much of a nerd.





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