Adventures in going out: Week 21

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The Who you gonna call edition?


Today was the 21st week in a row of going out. I did not really have a plan of what I was going to do today. The outing today was limited in what I was able to do by the fact that the sun seemed to want to throw a temper tantrum, like Donald Trump not getting his way. Hey-o! Zing. It decided it was going to be an unbearable 97 degrees outside. My skin is so light that I would just burn if as soon as I stepped foot outside. I literally have to run to my car to save. That may or may not be a gross exaggeration. I was invited to go down the shore with my family as they were going down there. I did seriously think about it but opted to not go and not take the chances of getting burnt. Plus I really loathe the heat. It’s uncomfortable and not fun for me. Why so many people crave and want this type of weather I do not know. I think they may actually enjoy pain and suffering. Give me a good breezy 75 degree day, any day. And I am fine. This. There is no reason for this.

So to go out today I knew that I was not really going to be going outside anywhere, and had to pick a place to go that was out somewhere but also inside. So the only thing that I could really think of, or really feel like doing was going to see a movie. I decided that I would go and see the remake of Ghostbusters. Let me state right now that I originally had no intention of going to see this movie. The trailers I saw did nothing for me. And the one trailer was one of the most disliked trailers to ever grace Youtube. However I am a huge Ghostbusters fan, I love those movies and have loved them since I was a kid. I even wanted to be a Ghostbuster when I grew older. Sadly, I have not yet reached that goal. This 21 weeks of adventures has shown me that anything is possible. So I will not give up. One day I will be a Ghostbuster. Oh, yes, I will. The other thing that I did not like about this movie was the casting they chose. While many would say they were/are disappointed that its a female cast and not the males that were originally there. I will say I would have loved a third movie with that cast. It was not a female thing that bothered me. My complaint was that Melissa McCarthy was cast as one of the leads. I have seen a few of her movies, and well, IMO, they were just all terrible. Movies people swear are hilarious just do nothing for me. And I love comedy movies. So I had low, very low, exceptions going into this movie. I did it for the love of the franchise. And sometimes you have to take one for the team.

Today was no exception to that rule. This movie was just terrible. A terrible movie. Poorly written, and poorly executed. This move was written as if a five year old wrote it, and Michael Bay directed it. It had poop jokes, fart jokes, vomit jokes, and explosions. It was very very CGI heavy and overly done with special effects. The original movie had such charm, and finesse, and the jokes were so warm and funny. Back off man, I’m a scientist. You cared about the cast and the characters. This movie had none of that. I could have cared less about these characters and them saving the day. I was really just waiting for the movie to end, didn’t help I had to go the bathroom really bad. I wanted to walk out within thirty minutes of the movie starting it was that bad to me. People around me were laughing at the jokes. Perhaps they were too low brow from my sense of humor, or the jokes were just so complex that they went sailing over my head. Overall I would give it a 2 out of 10. And that is because it’s in a franchise I love, and it had lovely cameo’s. And why did Chris Hemsworth have to be the dumb eye candy? I thought such blatant stereotypes were long done these days. Apparently I was wrong. Hollywood needs to come up with fresh new things these days. Or at least produce something fresh and good in a different universe of an established universe. Something new and worthwhile. Sadly, this was not it. Perhaps for others they may love, some people I have spoke to loved the movie. I don’t know what Ghostbusters they were watching, but it wasn’t this one. IMO.






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