The choices we make and live with..

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This is one of the things I have been talking about with others. The choices we make in our lives and how we react to them. Last night I made a choice, that was poor for myself. I have talked about before the stomach issues I face and how they affect my life and well being. If I eat something not right for me, I pay for it. Last night I chose to eat one of those foods and have paid for it this morning. So to empower myself to not make the same choice again I journaled it while I was suffering through it. I have included it in this list for posterity reasons, and perhaps others will find benefit from it. This is the struggle I have endured for my whole life, 37 years, this is what every day was basically like for me. Before I decided to make a choice and do better. I never wrote about what it was like for me on a daily basis, so this is real, and very raw…

8/2/16 — Once again… I ate bananas and am paying for it the next day. My stomach is pained, and I feel as if I were to have a stomach bug. Yet I know better than that. I’ve been in the bathroom two times so far and it is only 10 am. It is apparent that these foods truly have an adverse affect on my health and well being. It seems there is nothing I can do about these foods. I either eat them and suffer or live a much better quality of life without them. Once again the choice is mine. Third time using the bathroom by 10:30. The pain in my stomach is excruciating. I feel week and have chills. My body is violently rejecting those bananas. It is as if I have ingested a poison into my body. I pray to archangel Raphael, the healing angel, for healing at this low point in my day. (Side note, I have found that faith of some kind can be very beneficial to someone when they are going through these events. They can help keep us sane and give us strength. Even if it’s nothing more than a placebo effect it does help. It does not matter who you pray to or think about, it could be a loved one. It’s the positive mentality that helps us in these times.) After a third trip in bathroom it seems I have expelled most of the “poison” from my body and system. I am starting to feel better. The clouds are starting to dissipate and I am starting to improve. The dawn comes. My stomach does not feel as tense or as sore. The chills have left me. The energy is returning to my body and I am feeling better. I thank Raphael and God for this. I can now go about my day now. Knowing what this did and brought to me and knowing how these choices affect me in life. Knowing I can make this choice again or make a better choice in the future. It is up to me. 


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