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Today I was reading a post on social media, how a mother wished that they too could be as excited as their kid was, whenever they saw trucks, buses, and cars. It is a lovely sentiment and a lovely place to be at in ones life. For kids have the secret to living life. That secret is joy and happiness in everything you do and are.

This got me to thinking that if you do not have joy and happiness then you truly are not living life, life is living you. Long before I set out to change my life, and get to the place I am at today, I had always thought I liked my life. Sure, it had its bumps, and scrapes, my stomach was a mess, and I had a ton of panic/fear/anxiety, yet I had believed that I was happy with it. I was happy with life. This past year has shown me and taught me, that I was not happy. I was not full of joy. I was not living. I guess I had spent so much time and energy trying to get by, and using all that energy to create a life that circumvents life to avoid my anxiety and fear that I was not living. I was not enjoying life. I was getting by.

In my heart of hearts I truly believe that we are meant for much more than that in life. We are meant to be happy, we are meant to be full of joy, we are meant to have good things and experiences in our lives, we are meant to be abundant. Yet some where along the lines we go from that joyful innocent state as children to much more serious and pained teens/adults. This past year has taught me and shown me so much. Things I never knew about myself, or even thought was possible. I have done more things than I ever thought was possible, and this is only the beginning. I am dreaming and reaching for the stars and higher now. In a dream to one day travel beyond this country even. To other places outside of it. To see more of the world. I never really thought about such an idea, or even thought I wanted something like that. Yet now I would love to see that as a reality for myself and so much more. I would love to see that for others as well. What I have done, I know others can do as well, and they can do so much more. Hopefully my posts and words have inspired others to take the plunge, and make the moves to change their lives for the better. So they too can be happy and full of joy. I am hoping I can take this journey of mine and put it into book format to help others reach their dreams, their goals, and they too can heal their lives.

We don’t know what we are truly capable of doing until we try. Each trip, each day, can teach us much about ourselves and what we can do. We may just impress ourselves in the process.


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