Adventures in going out: Week 24

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The Holy crap it’s hot outside edition.

Wow! Was it completely hot outside today. It was packing a high of 97, and it felt like 111. The moment you opened the door and stuck your head out it, your skin melted right off. That’s how hot it was. It was kind of disturbing seeing so many people with their faces melted off. No one really noticed however, because their faces were glued to their phones the whole time, and they kept on walking, not looking, just walking.

Since it was extremely hot out it made things a little limited. This weekend is my birthday weekend and I was looking to make it epic for the first time in my life now that I can. I was originally going to go to NYC to walk around, but that was changed because of the hellish heatwave that we are under. So I decided to do some shopping for myself instead. I picked up the latest Harry Potter book.. I mean, ummm, a copy of muscles and fitness. Something manly. Yeah, that was what I bought. Not that Cursed Child stuff. I mean, I know nothing of Harry Potter… Who is this Harry Potter? I also bought some Tom Hanks movies, the Burbs, the Money pit, and Hook. All classic movies in my opinion, and I love me some Tom Hanks.

I also went to a friends house and we played a few rounds of some triangular dominoes game, Tri-Ominos? I dunno. It was a crap game. And they all cheat. And I actually won. But they cheat. And games are stupid. And their stupid triangular dominoes. (No offense if you are a domino piece. We’re cool. We alright.)

After that malarkey we went out to see Suicide Squad. I was a little reluctant going into the movie as the trailers were not that impressive to me. Plus I did not know much about most of these characters. The movie was alright. Better than Batman vs. Superman. Though it should have been called Will Smith and his Suicide squad, as it was apparent which actor got paid the most, as they had more screen time, and lines. Margot Robbie also did a good job as Harley Quinn. Was not a fan of this version of the Joker. Wasn’t feeling him. I would have to say his my 4th Joker for me. It would be Nicholson, then Mark Hamill, because he does a fantastic version of the Joker in the animated movies, and then Ledger and then Leto.. I guess, that’s the only Jokers I know. I’m also not a fan of the characters they designed for the upcoming Justice League. Why does Aquaman look like a cross between Grunge Poseidon and Hades? Gal Gadot has been excellent however and the Wonder Women movies looks great. Not a fan of this version of the Flash. Perhaps because the TV show version is killing it.

All in all it was a great day out, amidst the insane weather. Not as “epic” as I had envisioned but it was still a very eventful day. Tomorrow I head to a tea house to visit friends at a book signing so will be another day out.

Life is so busy these days and I’m loving it.


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