Three nights out in a row. 

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Three in a row, or as we bowlers call it,  a Turkey… God, I really am a dork. 

This week has been an action packed week for me with outings. Today was my third in a row, and it’s not done there. I have planned event up through Sunday, with Monday being open, and then Tuesday night dinner for my birthday. 

This week has been a fun week, Wednesday was the first outing this week. With a group session with great conversation with great people. Followed that up wth a Thursday outing again with a meetup of people. Most of these were people I did not know. Hard to believe there was a time where such an idea would seem impossible for me to do, yet I did it back to back. And I survived and had a great time on both nights. Then tonight I decided to head out towards Batsto village to try and see the Perseid meteor shower. Sadly upon arrival down there it was very cloudy and I could not see anything. So drove around hoping it would clear up, when it didn’t, and I had no idea where I was at, I headed back home. Where it has cleared up by the light pollution drowns everything out. Plus it’s apparently too early for anything to really be seen. Oh well, still a night out. 

Back when I started this journey to adventuring it seemed so huge, and so scary. The idea of actually doing this. Weekly. I thought once a week would be too much, yet here I am just completing my third night in a row. With tomorrow being my adventure day. This weekend it is my birthday weekend so I am trying and hoping to do something epic for it now that I can. I was originally going to go to NYC, as I’ve never been there before. But tomorrow it’s going to be 97, and walking around in the open like that would be my death. Literally. So I will have to pick something else. Then Sunday I am going to a book singing with people I have met this year. 

This three days in a row, to be five, will be the first time I’ve ever done something like this in a week, without being on vacation. This year has been a year of so many firsts, and it’s not done yet. I look forward to what ever it will bring with excitement and optimism. Instead of the fear and dread that was the old me.
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