Beyond our comfort zones 

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Great things never came from comfort zones. Oh how true this has been for me this past year. Everything we want out of life truly is in the opposite side of fear. Yesterday I he another opportunity to go beyond my comfort zones and do something new. To my surprise I was eager and willing to do it and go beyond my comfort zones. Which really surprised me, besides never thinking I’d be in such a place to do that, but to willingly go beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. 

You know what, I actually enjoyed myself and had fun doing it. I’ve always been so introverted and to myself that to go beyond that and interact with others, willingly, was such a pleasant and surprising change of place. And it was all good. It provided me great interactions with others, doing something I never thought I would. I am proud of myself and glad that I did it and did not allow fear to limit me and keep me closed down. We are not meant to live that type of life. We are meant for so much more. It is up to us to choose to live that way. I have come to see and learn that we will be provided with so many opportunities for so much to experience, see, and do, and it is up to us to choose to do them, or choose not to. I’m choosing to finally do them. To live my life. I encourage you all to choose to live better lives. Life the life you pups only dream of. Get out there. Make memories. Enjoy living. You may just enjoy yourself. 


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