Adventures in going out: Week 27

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The Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering, edition.

It’s Saturday and you are reading this right now, that can only mean one thing… I was thwarted by those mangy kids, and was not successful in taking over the world. I’ll get you next time, Gadget.

Today was the first time in months where the sun stopped relenting to much, backup off of the Earth, and allowed a spell of cooling. Of course there is also a storm named, Hermine, which apparently was not a Harry Potter character, to contend with. Luckily it is not raining here. At this moment. So that means the weather is a nice 70, after being 90 every weekend since June, and was good to go out. So that it is what I decided to do. To go out and stretch my ol’ sea legs and go out and adventure. This time being the first in weeks to really get out there and do something new. I had forgotten all about the excitement of finding a place to go, and going to a new place and seeing it for the first time. I have been to Red Bank Battlefield a few times this year, and love it, more and more each time I go. So I decided to check out another place that was similar in design, Princeton Battlefield park. A place where American and British troops battled it out in 1777, on a giant chess board, with giant chess pieces,  where the winner got to drink tea and eat crumpets, while the loser had to sit in the corner, and think about what they did. Wouldn’t history be so much more fun to learn if that’s actually how it happened?


I walked around looking at all the sights, this place is more open grass, and trees, as opposed to Red Bank. This trip was also the first time since my trip to D.C. that I took my camera with me, and got some good pictures. Like that wonderful purple flower. OK, it may be a weed, but look at that gorgeous shot. I mean. Look at it. Stare in awe and wonder at the shot of the weed. Go on, I’ll wait. Really, you actually stared at the picture of a weed. And now, your life is complete. You know it is. You don’t want to admit it to yourself, but deep down, I mean really really deep down, you’re smiling on the inside.

I then walked around enjoying the lovely weather for a change, enjoying the lovely nature, and the trees, and grass. I checked out all the little plaques telling me about the epic chess game American and Britain played back in the day. And took some pictures. Enjoying my Saturday, the weather, and being outside exploring the world.


I then came across a burial marker, and stopped to take a picture of it. After looking at the picture after I got home, I saw those interesting “mists” over it. Wondering if maybe I captured some spirit that was still around this place. I did not feel anything there, but I did have a feeling not to really go back around that area too much. Either way, it’s a cool shot. Before I headed back home, to relax and enjoy the nice weather and evening. Another perfect end to a great week. Tomorrow I go out and take a development class that I am looking forward to, and have another busy week planned this week. This month is packed with a ton of fun things to do. And I can not wait to do them all.



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