Adventures in going out: Week 28

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The look at me go edition.

I can hardly wrap myself around the notion that this week completes 7 months of going out once a week. When I started this adventure, I had no idea how it would go. I had no idea if I could pull it off. Frankly just the idea of doing it, scared the crap out of me. I thought that once a week would be way too much. Yet this week it is 7 months of doing this, and most weeks I am going out more than once a week.

Case in point this week where I went out four days in a row. Outside of work a year ago that was not even close to being a real thing. If I went anywhere it was only really to get something to eat, buy a new movie/video game, or to a friends/family’s house. That was the end of it. And here I am today have the time of my life and I can barely imagine that that was my life. I am glad that it is becoming a thing of the distant past and I am not looking back at it at all.

This week started Wednesday when I started a new 8 week development course. Designed to help me open up more and get in touch with my abilities and gifts. I look forward to learning more about myself and opening up more. I have spent so many years, and probably lifetimes, where I had to give up all of that, and convert to what others wanted of me. I had to hide it or convert to their beliefs. It is a great feeling to be able to be my own person now. It is such a liberating thing. To walk my own path and be confident and proud of myself, what I accomplished, and what I will accomplish. While I help those along the way.

Thursday night I went to a card reading workshop, I have mentioned I have done readings with them before, and the other night, I went to a workshop on them with some friends. We had a lovely night, chatting, and having fun. They have become such a big part of my journey as I with them, it is great seeing people grow and better themselves, while they watch me do the same. This journey I started 7 months ago started out as a solo journey, and now I have spent so many nights with others, and I couldn’t imagine this journey being any different. Those that share your interests and beliefs, and are able to embrace you for who you are, is a wonderful thing to have in life.

Friday night I went to a crystal bowl meditation, where they used sounds and crystals to heal the body, and it’s energy system while clearing out things from the body, raise its vibrations and align the Chakras. I had never been to one of those, and it was a lovely experience to be at. It was easy to feel the vibrations of the crystals radiating through my body as it cleared out many things that no longer serve my highest good. It felt great to get rid of it all. During it, I was even able to slightly, albeit briefly, tune into a life before this life as a human. I have never experience such a thing before. It was so real, so vivid, and I could feel it as if it was a real thing. Perhaps in time more of it will be revealed to me. I had never really thought such a thing was real until I experienced it and am open to learning and experience more. After the session I was very relaxed, very calm and at peace, as well as feeling very open and serene. It took some time to come back fully into this reality/body. I was certainly tired last night and got some good sleep. Of course as I was adjusting to the clearing and the healing and opening up the next day, today, I was still very tired and taking it easy.

Since today is my normal all of the place and I was still recharging from the healing sessions I took it easy this Saturday. It was also hot again at 94 and feeling like it was 104. I decided to not do much and just went out to the Side Walk sale that was going on in town today. I had not been there in over a decade. So I walked around a little bit and checked out some of the local fares while being bombarded by the sun, before going to rent some movies to watch and enjoy recharging and healing my body.

It was another good week. Next weeks adventures will start right away as tomorrow I will go and check out a Healing Expo that is going on. Then Monday will be my next Reiki session, and I look forward to that and more healing for myself.

Looks to be another good week with cooler weather looking to come in. I look forward to that and the sweatshirt weather.





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