Adventures in going out: Week 29

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The You can’t do that on television edition.

This week’s adventure has been brought to you by the letter “J” and the number “4.” If your ticket has those two things on it, you may already be a winner. Since you are reading this, you are already a winner in my books. So cherish that for the rest of your life. I know I will. And don’t think ab0ut selling that good feeling I just gave you, it’s non-transferable.

This week I had my second Reiki session on Monday, and it was another incredible session. A lot was cleared out within me which allowed me to let go of some things to make room for new things. That is what this journey of mine has been all about. Letting go of things that no longer serve my highest good. These Reiki sessions have been great for helping my clear out junk from my self. They have left me with such great feelings and lots of peace and serenity. I now of things I also have to work on in my healing and development to a better person and live a better life. So I look forward to going deeper within myself to heal and love myself. I have a lot of loving to do and accept within myself. Being anxious and fearful for so long, love becomes on the things we lose in regards to ourselves. We start to reject and detest ourselves. Now I am working to put the pieces back into the puzzle of my life and the biggest piece I am working with now, is self love. That one will take time. Luckily I have plenty of time.

After that I spent time relaxing and enjoying myself and life as I was working through the healing and releasing stuff. Which then brought me to my weekly adventures out in the wilds, like a Pokemon. If I were a Pokemon, I’d be a cool one. I’d be a like a Bat…Man. Bada boom. tshhhhhhhhh.(Don’t laugh at my jokes, you will just encourage me to make more of them. And we both don’t want that… Or do we?)


There was no where in mind for me to go so I did a quick google search of things to do, looking high and low.  And then stumbled upon a historic village called Allaire. It was said to be a haunted village which was the real reason I wanted to check it out. After I first arrived it looked as though it was not open so I had decided then to head back to where I had come from. Before seeing a second entrance that I checked out, and found a parking lot with some cars in it, but nothing around. So I drove it little bit further down another road and found another parking lot with a ton of cars. Yes, it was a tad excessive to have so many parking places before finding the core of this place.

Off I went into the thick of this old historic village. Or is it ye olde historic village? There was a few places to check out and explore, I was disappointed that they did not allow photos to be taken inside the buildings. I guess they figured the stuff was so old that the flash of a camera would turn it into dust. Which in my opinion would have made the experience so much more cooler.  Many of the places were little shoppes selling old time toys and glass ware, and even a functioning bakery. Though I did not see them bake anything, so it could have been a farce. These buildings all seemed to be in good condition after all of these years. There was even a couple there who got married at the chapel. I will admit I would never have thought to get married in a historic village like this. So way to think outside the box, bride and groom. And here’s to a happy and long marriage to you two.

After seeing all of the buildings I could see I stumbled upon a flea market that was also there. I bought a ticket and checked it out. There was a lot of old trinkets, and gadgets, signs, and wood workings, but not a single flea was found. I was a tad disappointed. It felt like I did not get what I paid for with my ticket. I suppose I will survive.

I then made my way back towards my home and did some toy shopping for my nephews birthday party tomorrow. It was another lovely day with some nice cool weather. A good one to end the week. Tomorrow I have a party to go to, and next weekend me and some friends are thinking of going to a retro convention in Oaks Pa. It looks to be another good and fun week.


Sadly I also saw no ghosts.



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