Adventures in going out: Week 30

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The big 3-0. This weekend marks the last weekend of September already. Next weekend will be the first of October. This year has just been zooming by. I have accomplished so much, and seen so much, that I can hardly believe it. Luckily I have documented each trip on this blog. So it’s nice to look back at what I have done and where I have been. While I keep on moving forward and exploring life.

This week I would travel out again to Oaks, Pa, to the Greater Expo center, to check out their Retro-con. I would travel out with two of my closest friends. I was already at this place earlier in the year when I went to Lego Brick Fest.   This time they would be hosting collectibles in cartoons, movies, video games, and more. It was a lovely stroll through memory lane looking at all the old He-Man, Transformers, and Thundercats action figures that I had as a child, then trying to hold myself back from buying some. That was not an easy task as their was so many of them that I could have easily snatched up and bought. By some act of God, I was able to keep myself sated and not buy anything. Do not ask me how. But I did it.

There was so many toys, and games, and so much to see and look at. It brought back so many joyful memories that I had. Saturday’s as a child was a great time for me. I used to love to get up early, before anyone else would, turn on Captain Noah, and watch Saturday morning cartoons.  It was a great time, growing up in the eighties, there was so many great cartoons then. On every channel. I call it, the Golden Age of cartooning. Sadly that time is no longer here. Kids of this generation do not know the joys of seeing such great shows each week. If they are lucky they can find a place that streams them, or attend one of these conventions and buy a bootleg or two. The last convention I was at I did just that, and bought Darkwing Duck. It was great seeing all those things again. It was like being a child again. Of course I can not understand the whole collectible thing. I mean to not play with a toy. Well that is just crazy if you ask me. Toys need to be played with.

After that we stopped at Red Robin Gourmet burgers and got a bite to eat. I continued to eat healthy and had a lovely grilled chicken salad. That is the one thing I miss about eating poor food choices, was the convenience they offer. You can go ANYWHERE and buy crap food, and processed junk. It takes more planning to eat healthy when you go out. It can be done just trickier. But it’s so much more worth it. To eat healthy and be healthy.  We then had some great conversation with some great friends. It was a great day, and a great way to end the week. In my younger days, and twenties/early thirties, I did not get to have this type of experience. Where I could be out 5 hours with friends, and eat, and have fun. It was unheard of. I am so thankful to have been able to do this, that this words can not truly convey the feelings I have, and had, with this day. I completely grateful and happy for this. To be able to get out and do something like this. It means so much. These are memories that will last a lifetime.



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