My journey with Reiki

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I must say that I never thought I would write a blog post about Reiki on this blog. This is not the first time I have talked about it. I first talked about Reiki here. Yet here I am talking about it, happily. At first I did not want to bring this side of myself into this blog as I was not sure how people would respond or react to it. Yet I know that is silly, and I do them a disservice if I were to not talk about it.

My journey to Reiki has been an interesting one. I actually learned about Reiki back in 2007 during my journey to healing my anxiety/body/self. When you are trying to heal you are open to many things. Reiki/energy was one of them. So naturally I would get myself attuned to them. To use the energies yourself a Reiki practitioner gets themselves attuned to it. To open themselves up to allow the energies to enter into their energy system. Of course since I was really anxious back then, and unable to really do something like this in person I had to get that attunement by distance. Luckily Reiki can be done that way. One can also send those energies to someone remotely.

While those energies did open me up someone and really put me on a path of development, I will say that I did not use them much within the past almost a decade. Reiki can be used daily one oneself, their foods/drinks, even their pets. To help give them an energetic boost. While I did dabble with it off and on, I never really got serious with it or really used it. As they say if it’s not meant for us at the time we will not be drawn to it.

Thus was the case for me. I will honestly say I did not have much faith or even belief in it. In energy healing, or even the power to heal in that regard. The way my life was, and what I faced on a daily basis, it was hard to have that faith in anything. I had the attunement to Reiki in the hopes that it would “cure” me. Perhaps it may have helped had I gave it the time of day and attention in wanted from me. What can I say, patience was never my strong point. Yet, this life, has taught me patience. For where I am today with my life, my anxiety, my healing, has been a journey that has taken me a decade to get here. One that has been in motion for a long, long time.

This year has been so incredible with where I have gone, and taken myself, all by being open to it. To everything. To allow in that change. To allow in that help. I now know everything happens for a reason, at the exact time it was meant to. It’s been so amazing to see how it all lines up and comes into play.

That also extended back to Reiki. A journey I started ten years ago, and did not have much faith in. Something that would seldom call me back to it, over those ten years, but something I always put off. After all I did not have that faith in it. In energy or even in healing in that regard. I have mentioned it once before how crystals really helped me with my this journey and this healing. Crystals, also something else, I dabbled in trying to heal myself. Again something else I did not really get into. Never giving them much attention. Until the last year ago. When I started to really use them on a daily basis. And boy, did they really change my life. (Should be noted that not everyone will benefit from them, or have the same results.) So with all the success I had from them, I could not deny that there may just be something to them, or to energy healing itself. Then during a conversation with a friend he was telling me about his incredible Reiki sessions he had, and how they really helped him and changed him. Which struck my fancy and made me curious. Did I really just type, struck my fancy?” So I went and set up a session to have one done on me. I was finally in a place where I could go out and get one done. I had no idea what to expect but I was open to it, and had hope in it working.

And boy was I surprised by Reiki, and what it helped me with. How it helped clear things out, and open things up within me. Helping my release things that I no longer needed that I was clinging on to. For long, long time. Without even realizing it. They just let go, and I realized it was not worth it. To hold on to. They no longer served my highest good. That first session really helped open me up, and really made a huge difference. It really helped with feelings of peace and happiness, that was deeper than anything I had thought I knew about them. Then in the second session of Reiki it went even deeper. Helping me release things that I was fighting with, that went, IMO, well beyond this life I am living now. Into lives I had before this one. And in doing so. So much just faded away that was within me, that helped open up more peace and joy. Where I no longer feel like I am at war with myself and others. Not that I was, mind you. Yet no, there is just a serene feeling of bliss within me. That is incredible. I now can not say that Reiki and energy healing does not work. I have felt and experienced it, and it has changed my life in so many ways. It has truly helped me to reclaim my own power and is helping me to return to my authentic self. And it feels incredible. I look forward to wear it will take me and who I will become.

After being so impressed and humbled by Reiki and healing energies I decided to get a re-up and get reattuned to the Reiki energies. This time in person. It was another incredible experience where I am left with more peace, more bliss, and such a strong sense of gratitude and blessed by life and the universe. That it would be a crime that I not talk about it here for others who may also want to change their life for the better. Now I can not guarantee that you will have the same results as me. There are no real guarantees in life that are not taxes or death. All I can do is share my experiences with you and allow you to make up your own mind about them.

If you are interested then do a google search about Reiki and see what you learn, or find a class or person that is offering it in your area. If you are in Southern NJ, these fine places offer it, and I recommend them all. On Angels Wings MM.LLC, Reiki my Yoga, In the Zone Wellness.

Your life may just change for the better. That is what this is all about. Change and bettering ourselves and our lives.



2 thoughts on “My journey with Reiki

    Michael said:
    September 25, 2016 at 7:30 pm

    As always, very well written. I really enjoy following these writings.


      Jason responded:
      September 25, 2016 at 9:45 pm

      Thank you very much.


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