Life hurts. But that is a good thing. 

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Well I’m sure that title got your attention. As it is a tad provocative but before you tune me out, hear me out. 

One of the things I never expected with healing myself and with Reiki was that it would cause me to confront myself. It would cause me to take a very hard and good look at myself. Something I would never do. I never realized how many walls I put up, how deep the rabbit hole went within myself, or even how many inner demons I would have and would eventually have to face. If I were to have my life back. I never realized how many inner demons were preventing me from having a truly happy and abundant life. I guess somewhere along the lines I got it within myself that I was not worthy of that. I was. I not worthy of love or of happiness or doing something I truly loved and was passionate about. 

Working on myself with crystals and going deeper within myself with Reiki and crystal bowls, has really cut through the murk and the gunk within me to really help me to see. To truly see myself. For the first time. To see that wounded self is so raw and so empowering in the sense that this person can be so much more if it is loved and taken care of. Something we seldom do. We get beat down and we end up leaving ourselves there. I know I did, and I’m sure I am not the only one. 

As I am still feeling the energies of reiki from my attunment yesterday and while I was out driving today, I started to think about life and its harshness and how, well at times it does basically suck… But that it is a great thing. It provides us with so much growth and learning and understanding. It helps guide us, if we allow it, to become something great. More than we ever could have thought or dreamed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy. And for some they can be so broken down, that they never recover in this life. I was one of those people myself. I am thankful to be where I am now. It was not easy and at times I almost did not make it here. There is great beauty and joy within this world and in living. We are all like little lumps of coal trying to become diamonds. And when we do, do we shine brilliantly. 

There is a Buddhist teaching that I have always loved, “Life is painful. Suffering is optional.” It is so true. There is going to be painful moments in our lives. Losing a job, someone we loved breaks up with us, or we lose a loved one to death. Yet from those ashes we can be reborn into something truly remarkable if we allow it to help us grow. 

Most of the harshness of life is the result of us and the way that we treat each other. Perhaps if we can understand the nature of ourselves and our growth and learning, maybe we can learn to be more accepting and encouraging to each other in their journeys. To help build them up instead of tear them down. For chances are, we’ve been in similar shoes, and know how painful things can truly be. Great compassion can arise when we can relate to another and what they go through. Perhaps if more love and hugs was shown and given we may just see that things will be alright in the end. Loving ourselves and another can go a long way in our and their lives.


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