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Adventures in going out:Week 35

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The you don’t know the power of the Schwartz edition.

It’s hard to believe that we are at Halloween Weekend already, which means, obviously, November if right around the corner. Go ahead, check around that corner, I’ll wait… Wow, you actually did look around the corner. Good for you. But be careful next time. That’s how Zombies get you.

This week’s adventure started yesterday in Spasso Italian Grill, in Media PA. A friend of mine was doing a promo for Rodan Fields, and asked me if I would like to do some oracle card readings for a nice little Halloween treat for it. Of course I accepted the offer to do so. Amazing to think that a year ago such an idea would be so scary for me to even think of doing. I would have backed out, said no, or had some serious anxiety before that. Yet this time, I was calm, and cool. I even thought about during the hour drive to this place, how far I had come with my life, and being able to do such things. Even so much so to be able to have eaten and drank something before hand. Something I could not have done in the past. I would have out of fear eaten or drank nothing.

Tearing down the walls I have put up lately have also helped with my fears and anxieties as well. So much so that I had confidence in myself going to this place and doing oracle card readings. This time I was not thinking or feeling that I could not do this. That I would not be able to. Those thoughts really did not come to me this time. Fear was not going to get the better of me this day or even enter in my mind. For that I am very thankful. The night was then able to go really well for me. I was able to do readings for 2 hours or so, and they all seemed to be taken on board, and made sense to the people I read. Some even surprised that such and such a card came up. Of course I just smiled at that, because on this journey I have learned their are no coincidences, these things happen for a reason. I know these card tell us exactly what we need to hear. Most want them to tell them what they want to hear. Hopefully they all enjoyed their readings from me. It was a fun night with some great conversation with some lovely people. I even learned a thing or two about skincare. I will say as a guy we know little to nothing about skincare. Most guys anyways. Though as a person with sensitive skin I do try and take good care of it. But I am going off track here.

I will say that this journey I have been on these past couple months has been so incredible for me in so many ways. I have changed and grown in ways I never thought possible. I never thought or even saw myself doing oracle card readings in person, and yet, last night I did my fifth big session this year. I am so blessed and thankful for all of it. This journey has been incredible and has literally changed my life. On top of all of this journey has allowed me to meet so many incredible people and have great conversations with them and some of them have become good friends with me. That was something I never saw with all of this, when I started my journey back in the beginning of this year. When I started it, it was a solo journey. I had not really planned on meeting people and what not. Yet the people that I have meet have been so wonderful and have helped me in so many ways. When I started I had felt so alone in the sense that I didn’t think people knew what it was like for me or what I went through or had these experiences that I have. Yet they have and then some. I’ve found so many people that I have come across and will have this connection with a certain guide in spirit that I will have and I will be blown away by that. It shows me how real this all is and how it is not just some random chance occurrence. I am so blessed and fortunate to meet these people. Some have just been small parts of me life, and we only met once and that is OK. I have learned and heard from others that some don’t need to stay the one encounter was all that was needed to change a life for the better. And I am thankful for playing that part in such a thing. Then some have come and stayed in my life and I am thankful for that as well.



Today I would go out to the movies to see Inferno a Ron Howard film, based on the book by Dan Brown. I love me some Tom Hanks. It’s got Tom Hanks so you know it will be good. Tom Hanks… Did I mention it has Tom Hanks in it? It was a good movie and I really enjoyed it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. 3 of those stars are for Tom Hanks. (Tom, you can pick up those stars anytime you want. Just give me a call, and we’ll do lunch.)

Afterwards I would go to a Psychic Fair at one of the local malls and just walk around and check out the fares there. Picked up a Mother Mary card, Mother Mary has been so instrumental in this journey of mine. She has really kicked it all off, back in June, when I had some dreams of her. And in that time I have met so many people that have also been connected to Mother Mary, every time I think she is not there, I meet these people, affirming that she is, and that this is all real. I also picked up a Shattuckite Necklace from Dorothy Claire, who is a lovely person, that designs jewelry with crystals.

All in all, it was another wonderful weekend. With great memories, people, and conversations.


Allowing myself to receive.

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I have been fortunate this year to have met incredibly gifted people that have helped me so much in my journey, in understanding myself, and bettering myself. Some of those people are very gifted at being able to sense energies of others, and were able to sense my energies. Or at least try to, before I had put up walls automatically to shut that down. In some ways that is not a bad thing to protect our energies. Being sensitive to energies and being an Empath shielding is very important. To keep another out of your energy.

What is interesting about these walls I throw up is that I was never consciously doing it or doing it on purpose. It just happened. Knowing this about myself and these walls was one of the things I worked on when I did that crystal bowl meditation was that this wall was also blocking me from the world. Today I learned just how much I really was blocking myself with.

Yesterday and today I had been a little under the weather, and was not feeling all that well. I was not sick mind you, but I could feel that I was off, and had I kept that course of action I would eventually get sick. Since I have a lot going on I could not get sick right now. Never thought I would be one to ever say those words in that sentence. My how my life has changed. So naturally I eat a ton of pineapple to help me feel better. I really just like to eat a ton of pineapple so any reason to eat it, “for health benefits” I’m going to take it. The other thing I would do is bring in Archangel Raphael, his healing angels, and surround myself with his emerald green healing. I work with Raphael a ton over the years with my anxiety, or nerves, or even any health issue. While all that did help me, I am sure, I was still, not completely well. It was still there. So while I was driving, asking for my healing, I got a thought, as I seldom do when I am letting my mind wander, and it was probably coming from Raphael himself, that was saying, “have you allowed yourself to actually receive the healing?” Now that took my back a little, as I had not really thought about it. I always just assumed that I was already doing that, when I was asking for the healing. I never really stopped to allow myself to receive the healing. To be open to receiving the healing, and deserving of receiving it. So I did just that, allowed myself to receive the healing. Gave myself permission to do so. And what do you know? Within a few minutes of allowing it, I felt so much better. I had more pep, and felt more alive again. It was incredible, and I was amazed at it, and with Archangel Raphael.

To witness and experience a miracle like that in my life was so incredible, and humbling all at the same time. After work I had a dentist appointment so naturally I brought Raphael back in with the cleaning that was being done on my teeth. Once again allowing myself to receive his help and healing during the cleaning. One it was done the hygienist remarked at how shocked she was at how clean my teeth had gotten. That she couldn’t believe that they would gotten that clean. Of course I was not shocked at all. I smiled and thanked Raphael for once again helping me.

I have taken down so many walls in my life. Walls that have kept others out of my life. From people getting close to me, romantically, and with friends,  or myself getting close to them. Those walls have kept me in a box for far too long. I am taking them down. I am pushing myself further and further. Being more open and free with each step. I am finally on the right path in life. I have so much potential, others see it in me, and I hope one day to full see that potential in action in my life fully. I am amazed each week at all that I have witnessed, seen, and felt. Each week I learn more and more about myself and am capable and able to do more than I ever even knew I could.

I look forward now to where my life will take me.

Tearing down our own walls. 

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Photo credit: Diane LoPresti

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend another Crystal bowl meditation. And once again I was not disappointed in my session. It was another incredible session and experience for me. This healing sessions have been so helpful during my journey. They have helped me to really clear things out of my life, so I can be free from them. 

Each session I have had has helped me go deeper within my healing and myself. Helping to peel back layers of being to get into my true self. Over the years we learn to look at life a certain way which causes us to look at ourselves a certain way. Thanks to these sessions they are helping me to clear that out and help me to really see myself. It’s like seeing myself for the first time. I’m seeing life and living in a whole new way. It has really changed my life. 

Going into this session I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to tear down walls that I have. There is still so much doubt within me that blocks my progress and from moving forward in my life. There has been many a time where I have doubted what I can do to the point where I have fully believed I could not do this or that. A lot of that negativity and negative talk has held me back from fully realizing my potential and what I am capable of doing. So much so that at times it keeps me from doing things or of fear. It’s something that I have struggled with for the longest time that fueled my anxiety and panic. The fear that I couldn’t. That I was not able to. That I would not be good enough. Negative self talk is very damaging. So naturally it needed to go. 

I knew that I have to take down those walls that I built and that have kept me out of the world. While they may have kept me “safe” they were preventing me from living my life. So I had to take them down. Which is what my focus was on working with the Crystal bowls. Taking those walls down. During the clearing and healing of the sounds of the flutes, and the Crystal bowls, I had a vision. I’m not entirely sure what it was I saw, and I am not sure that was what I needed to remember. All I do know is I was a powerful force just wipe everything away. I saw the image just blow away. As if it was completely taken down, and away from me. I then saw an image of Archangel Metatron, that I have on one of my card decks. I knew it was Metatron that took down those walls for me, and cleared things up for me. 

It was such a powerful and humbling experience. I had so much gratitude for what I saw and felt. Within a day I could really feel the benefits of this. I could feel the wall and the barrier between myself and the world being gone. I can feel myself as being a part of the world now. Like o truly belong in it. I can feel the love that flows throughout creation and the world. It is such a humbling experience to be a part of. To feel that kind of life. It is amazing. I feel so much purpose, love, and joy now. 

I know this is only the beginning of this new chapter, I have closed the last chapter. And if I say so myself, it is about time. I don’t know where life will take me. I look forward to it. To meeting new people, learning new things about myself, and growing. I have a lot to give to the world and look forward to doing so. It was incredible working with Metatron and I hope to continue working with him and the other angels. 

One last note a friend of mine just started a new blog, Gilbert Speaks, give it check and a follow. 

Adventures in going out: Week 34

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The Stop! Hammer Time edition.

Today was a great day but also a tiring day. I am home now, and exhausted after being out most of the day. And it was  well worth it. So I won’t type out too much here.

The day started at a Halloween event at a Metaphysical shoppe that I take classes at, On Angels Wings. One of the teachers from there, just started her own blog, Spread Your Wings with Marcia, so go check it out. It was a fun little event, with a good turn out. I sat in during a lecture about ghost hunting and UFO’s. Before heading out with some friends to a crystal bowl meditation.

I have had great benefits and enjoyed the ones I have done in the past, so I definitely wanted to attend a new one. This was the place where I have had Reiki sessions done before, but not a bowl meditation. I was not disappointed with this one. It was very relaxed and I was surprised at how fast the hour and half went. It was very relaxing. I had one image of everything just dissolving away, and feeling like the past was gone, and let go. Then knew that Archangel Metatron was around healing that and letting it go. It was a very wonderful experience.

Afterwards me and my friends headed out to Friendly’s to eat, and have some conversation about things, and the healing session we had. Before we went our separate ways, and I headed back home to just veg out the rest of the night. Those healing sessions are great and powerful, but also very draining.


Adventures in going out: Week 33

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The looking good. Feeling good edition.

It never ceased to amaze me when I look at my calendar and see it so booked up with events I am doing, or attending. When it was not that long ago when my calendar was empty. This week was no exception. This week I was all over the place. And I loved every minute of it.

My adventures this week started on Sunday, where I would attend a fundraiser and do card readings at them. The event was a wonderful experience that really opened the doors to new things, and allowed me to learn and grow more. That is what life is all about. Allowing us to learn and grow. Sadly many of us refuse to do that, and we end up facing the same lesson over and over again. From there I would go to a metaphysical meetup at a place I have taken classes at, and that was another great night, with great conversation, with like minded people. It is a wonderful feeling to be around like minded people. The laughs, and the conversation, are so much fun. I would have never thought  I could ever attend something like that and I am so glad that I am able to do it. They have changed my life for the better. I have changed so much over the last couple months, from this timid person unsure of himself, to moving forward with a purpose. And I couldn’t imagine my life any other way now. This is my life. I am happy for it.

Then Tuesday I would go out with some friends that I have met at classes and we would go and have some tea, and have more fun conversation, and we even do some oracle card readings with each other. And I had one of, if not the most delicious Chicken Cobb salad I have ever had. I had it at a diner of all places. Do not sleep on diner food, is apparently the moral of this story. Wednesday I would go to class and have another fun night, and did another card reading for someone that really enjoyed it. With Thursday and Friday being the only days I did not go out and do something.

That there was an action packed week and I could have easily said that was my week, but I have been having fun doing things on Saturday that I was not going to stop there. This time it was my niece’s birthday party and she was having it at a Water Park at a hotel. Some place called Coko or something like that. I had never been in there before. It was strange doing a water park party in the middle of October. I was wearing a sweatshirt and pants and they were splashing in their bathing suits. I will say, I did wish I had my trunks, it looked like a lot of fun them going through the tubes into the pools. There’s always next time and now I am in a place where there can be a next time.

After that fun I went to my old high school to watch my niece do some cheers during the game. It’s crazy to realize that this is 20 years since I graduated high school and I was seeing this place for the first time in over a decade. It sure made me feel old. Luckily they did not cheer for long as the sun was brutal out there and did not have to be outside for too long. Since there really was not much shade to hide in. After we left me and my sister went to get something to eat… And I think that may have been the first time I’ve ever just gone out to eat with just me and my sister. It was a nice change of pace in my life. No chicken Cobb salad as they did not have the Cobb salad but I did get the maple mustard salmon which is also delicious. After lunch me and my sister went shopping all over the place while I was looking for a bag and eventually after a few stops was able to get something I liked. All together my and my sister spent the day together, 7 hours, of fun, adventures, and conversations. Something I would have missed out on doing when I was younger. I missed so much in my life, when anxiety and fear was running me life.

I am glad and happy that I was able to get my life back and live it and enjoy it. These are the moments and memories I will have for the rest of my life. I am completely thankful and over the moon.

The courage to face a new adventure.

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This weekend was a blast for me. I had a lot of fun. Yet, at the same time, I had thought it would be a scary weekend for me. As I was going to go out of my comfort zone. Big time. Yet, I realized and found out, it was scarier in my head, than it actual was. Much like a trip to the dentists office… But I am getting ahead of myself let me back up some.

This weekend I was asked to participate in a fundraiser for a friends, friend, that is facing an illness, and they asked me if I would be willing to do angel card readings at it. Instinctively I had to say yes. I knew deep down it would be a good opportunity for me to develop and push myself into new places. It is also something I enjoy doing. Of course as the day drew closer and closer, that ego started to come into play, telling me I would not be good enough. I could not do this, and I can’t do this. That guy is quite the brat. Some says I would like to just give him a wedgie, and call him a jerk to his face. Cause he is a jerk, always picking on me. Trying to keep me down. As the days grew closer to this event, I could see how easy it would have been. To just back out. Feign a sickness, run away to Canada. Whatever it would have taken. Now looking back at this I see what would that have accomplished? It would have given me an out, and then that out would have turned into another out at another time, and another time. Eventually that out would become the norm, and I would never do anything. And that smug little jerk would win. Then he would gloat, and have that stupid grin on his face, and say, “victory is mine.” Like he was Stewie Griffin. I was not gonna let this jerk win, I was not going to let him beat me.

Jack Canfield has a great quote, “everything you want is on the other side of fear.” That was my mantra going into this event, as it was so true. The things we want out of life, and what I wanted out of life, was on the other side of fear. I knew, deep within myself, that I needed to work through this fear. I could not let it overpower me, and cause me to run away. Not anymore. I lived my whole life doing that. I was not going to now. Not ever again if I can. I took some deep breaths, and did a quick grounding meditation. Grounded myself to the earth. Grounded myself to my own power. Let all that fear, anxiety, worry, negative talk, go. Let it all go out of me, into my roots I had created through grounding, and into the earth to be transmuted into positive energies. That helped me more than I thought it would. Within minutes I was feeling calm. Relaxed, and ready to face this new adventure. I was ready for this. I let go wondering and worrying about how it would go, and if I could do it. I was free of those thoughts, and I was present. So much so I was able to help my friend who was also doing angel card readings that day relax and know they could do it as well. Positivity spreads and really brings hope to others.

The event was incredible, the energy, the atmosphere, the turnout was great to see. I was able to do those card readings, without fear, and worry, and was able to do well with them. From what I was told from people afterwards. To see the expressions on the peoples faces that I was reading, reminded me, how I love doing what I am doing. Connecting with people like that. Doing those angel card readings. It was such a positive and loving experience for me to finally be doing something I love. Words can not truly express the feelings I felt then and now. To finally be on this path. To finally be moving. To creating so many new and wonderful experiences. All because I followed my passions and worked to make it happen. And did not listen to that little guy in my head trying to tell me I can’t and to just run away. Life is so much better for me now and I look forward to where it will take me next.

I will get the opportunity to do more card readings again this Sunday and now when it comes, I will not be afraid. I will be ready to embrace this adventure and know it’s changing my life just as much as I am changing another’s life.

Adventures in going out: Week 32.

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The Prince A Boo Boo edition. (A bub wah.)

This week that is now coming to an end is the 32 week marker. Which is 8 months. 8 months of going out every week, at least once a week. I never really thought that I would get to this place. I never really thought I would stick to it truthfully. Yet here I am. And I am glad that I have. It has taught and shown me so many great things and I have met incredible people along the way.

This journey has taken me to places I never even thought about going to, and doing things I never thought I would. Yet, I have done them. They have been so much fun and taught me so many new things. I am learning so much. This week was no exception. This week started on Thursday, where I would attend a healing workshop, “Healing with the Angels.” Where they would use crystal bowls and bring in the healing angels to bring in healing, and messages from the angels to us. I had already done a crystal bowl meditation, and really enjoyed it, so it was a no-brainer to attend another one. This time doing something new, and working with the angels.  Once again I was not disappointed in the experience as it was another lovely healing session that really helped clear my energy and open me up more. I then had some interesting dreams that night that are still with me. And do I love the power and messages of dreams. So that was another plus to me. On top of that incredible experience, was another one for me. At this session was someone I had seen a few times before at sessions like these, we had never really talked before. Yet this night I would actually engage into a conversation with them willingly. Which is HUGE for me. That is something I would not have done in the past. This journey has helped me grow stronger within myself and more confident to be able to just openly start up a conversation with someone. That alone was worth the price of admission and is worth its weight in gold for me. And who knows where being able to talk to people will lead me in life. Better and better places. I even made eye contact from time to time. Something I have never really liked doing. The more I grow in confidence with myself the more I will be able to do things I never even dreamed of.

That there would be enough and I could consider that an incredible week in itself, but  I did not stop there. Today I decided to enjoy myself, and life, and living, and go out and go for a walk. Enjoying the moment, and nature. Taking it all in. Even walked the dog some, before it started to rain. I did not let the rain dampen my spirits and went to the movies to check out, a movie about Peculiar kids. IMO, kids were already peculiar, we didn’t need a movie to tell us, what we all have known and suspected for quite some time. And why does Samuel Jackson always have to be the bad guy? Why can’t he be the nice guy for once. Not wondering why there is always snakes everywhere. I digress, mainly because I love to say digress.

Tomorrow I will be at a fundraiser doing oracle card readings for people. I am both excited and scared about it all in one. It will be a great experience for me and will really open me up to much more in life. Then next week I am doing some more card readings. It’s amazing and crazy how busy my weekends and months are these days. There was a time when my months consisted of just going to work. Now, I’m doing things like every weekend, and some weekends,  both days. And that even branches into the week as well. Lots of adventure and fun times. Making up for a life of inactivity and I am loving every moment of it.