Adventures in going out:Week 31

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The “are you not entertained” edition.

My calendar seems to be broken. As I looked at it today and it said October 1st. That can not be right. Wasn’t it just March like two weeks ago? This year has zoomed on by, like The Flash chasing Reverse Flash. Speaking of the Flash, season three stars on Tuesday. I can not wait. I love that show. Probably my favorite show on TV right now. Of course I don’t watch much TV these days. Just the Arrow/Flash universe. With the occasional Big Bang. Have not watched that lately. League of Legends is on the same night.

It’s hard to believe that it really is October and that this year is quickly coming to an end. This year has been an incredible year for me. I might even go on record and say this may be the best year I have ever had for myself. The growth, the learning, the journeys, the memories, and adventures have been incredible. I have met so many people, and done so many things. I am thankful for it all. I’ve done things I could have only dreamed of doing. I actually was able to do some of them. For the first time ever I can truly look forward to where the future will take me and not be afraid and fearful of it. I can go with it and let it take me to a whole new world.

Today was a cold and wet day. It rained, or drizzled most of the day. I did not let that stop me and still went out to have some fun. This time I went to Cooper Park in Pennsauken to check out Pagan Pride Day. It was a local event where vendors were selling there wares, doing Reiki sessions, and doing healing sessions. Which is right up my alley. So I spent the afternoon checking that out. Browsing some wares, buying some more crystals. Picking up my first crystal skull. I have not really been a fan of the crystal skulls but this one was speaking to me, asking me to bring it home. So I did, added a crystal skull to my collection. I also picked up some Blue Onyx, which I love the color of, and some Flourite. Crystals are as addicting, if not more so than tattoos’ and I have 5 of those. I ran into some people I know and had some conversations with them and just enjoyed myself walking around, and interacting with people. I even ran into a person I did an oracle card reading on a few months ago. Small world after all. He had a table there today. Who knows one day I may have my own table at a place like this, doing Reiki healing, or oracle card readings, or even selling crystals. There’s no limit to what I could do one day if I believe in myself and set out to do it. I’m slowly getting that belief in myself.

Speaking of oracle card readings, I have three events lined up this month where I will be doing them for others. In public no less. Who would have thought I would be able to do something like that? This year has had so many for me and I can not wait to see what firsts will come for me in the months/years to come.



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