Adventures in going out: Week 32.

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The Prince A Boo Boo edition. (A bub wah.)

This week that is now coming to an end is the 32 week marker. Which is 8 months. 8 months of going out every week, at least once a week. I never really thought that I would get to this place. I never really thought I would stick to it truthfully. Yet here I am. And I am glad that I have. It has taught and shown me so many great things and I have met incredible people along the way.

This journey has taken me to places I never even thought about going to, and doing things I never thought I would. Yet, I have done them. They have been so much fun and taught me so many new things. I am learning so much. This week was no exception. This week started on Thursday, where I would attend a healing workshop, “Healing with the Angels.” Where they would use crystal bowls and bring in the healing angels to bring in healing, and messages from the angels to us. I had already done a crystal bowl meditation, and really enjoyed it, so it was a no-brainer to attend another one. This time doing something new, and working with the angels.  Once again I was not disappointed in the experience as it was another lovely healing session that really helped clear my energy and open me up more. I then had some interesting dreams that night that are still with me. And do I love the power and messages of dreams. So that was another plus to me. On top of that incredible experience, was another one for me. At this session was someone I had seen a few times before at sessions like these, we had never really talked before. Yet this night I would actually engage into a conversation with them willingly. Which is HUGE for me. That is something I would not have done in the past. This journey has helped me grow stronger within myself and more confident to be able to just openly start up a conversation with someone. That alone was worth the price of admission and is worth its weight in gold for me. And who knows where being able to talk to people will lead me in life. Better and better places. I even made eye contact from time to time. Something I have never really liked doing. The more I grow in confidence with myself the more I will be able to do things I never even dreamed of.

That there would be enough and I could consider that an incredible week in itself, but  I did not stop there. Today I decided to enjoy myself, and life, and living, and go out and go for a walk. Enjoying the moment, and nature. Taking it all in. Even walked the dog some, before it started to rain. I did not let the rain dampen my spirits and went to the movies to check out, a movie about Peculiar kids. IMO, kids were already peculiar, we didn’t need a movie to tell us, what we all have known and suspected for quite some time. And why does Samuel Jackson always have to be the bad guy? Why can’t he be the nice guy for once. Not wondering why there is always snakes everywhere. I digress, mainly because I love to say digress.

Tomorrow I will be at a fundraiser doing oracle card readings for people. I am both excited and scared about it all in one. It will be a great experience for me and will really open me up to much more in life. Then next week I am doing some more card readings. It’s amazing and crazy how busy my weekends and months are these days. There was a time when my months consisted of just going to work. Now, I’m doing things like every weekend, and some weekends,  both days. And that even branches into the week as well. Lots of adventure and fun times. Making up for a life of inactivity and I am loving every moment of it.




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