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Healing with Reiki

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Back in September I talked about my journey with Reiki. That article is something that gets read quite a bit, as it becomes searched for a lot of Google. As many come looking to read about Reiki, and healing with it.

Since it’s been a few months since I posted that post, I thought I would do another one, talking more about my journey with Reiki. I have now had three sessions done on me, by a fantastic Reiki practitioner, who is also an Angel intuitive. Each session I had was incredible and each one really built on top of the last one. As each session I could feel more and more with the energies themselves as I cleared myself out and opened up more, I could start to really feel the energies themselves working on me. As I become more sensitive. Working on oneself, energetically, that is what starts to happen. We become more sensitive to the world and all the worlds unseen that we don’t even realize. Healing is such a wonderful thing. It really helps us on more ways than we imagine. Most of us, I was no different when I started this healing journey back in May 0f 07, I just wanted that quick fix. Where I would heal my body, and go about my way. Not really changing anything. Staying the same, just a different body. I learned the hard way over the years it just does not happen that way. Not with healing of this kind. This healing brings about major change. Major transformation. That is why, IMO, most healing fails for people. They just do not want to change. They do not want to confront themselves. They do not want to take down any of the walls the put up. They want to remain the same.

It took me 8 years on this healing journey to learn that truth. That I had to change. That I really had to become something other than what I currently was. I could no longer live that life. It had reached its end. In the Tarot we would call it, the Death card. For it truly was like dying. Just without the physical loss of the human body. That is what energy healing such as Reiki is all about. Changing oneself in more ways than we can imagine. It’s not just about healing the body. While that does also come to us, just not always in the way we expect it to be. For me, it was about changing my diet. Eliminating foods that I could not eat and was sensitive to, and replacing it with foods that worked best for my body. It was the energy healing that I embarked upon that lead me to that path of changing up my diet and how I was living. That energy healing started with the use of crystals. I started working on my chakras, the energy centers of our body taught about in eastern medicine practices, through the use of crystals. Using colored crystals that connected to each chakra. To help start opening things up and getting the ball going. I would put some stones in a little pouch and put them into my pocket and carry them with me, all day, and night. Until I went to bed. Some people put them under their pillow while they sleep. I found that their energy would be too intense and keep me up late, or they would affect my dreams. Yes, crystals can affect our dreams. While they work their magic.

In time with the help of crystals, and healing my energy/spiritual/mental bodies, I would then take that further and go out and get a Reiki session done on me. Each one as incredible as the prior one. All opening up and clearing out so much form me. Each time feeling more and more lighter. Reiki and energy healing can be used on so much. From working on our own energy, to our pets. To even infusing the foods and drinks we consume. I have been using it to clear out my bedroom so it is nice and charged with the healing energy of love and Reiki. All helping to change me from the inside out. I have been attuned to Reiki, so be a channel for those energies. To allow myself to be able to channel them. So I am able to use them whenever I need to. On myself, or if I want to work on another, helping them with Reiki.

In between those three Reiki sessions I have also had crystal bowl meditations done. Which also work on the chakras as well as clearing the Aura. Those sessions have all been powerful in clearing things out and opening me up. Allowing me to become more in tune with myself. Helping me to become more confident in myself and in being me. Something I have struggled with for so long. Lately I have been working with Reiki to take down those walls that I have put up that have kept me safe but also kept me away from the world and others. It has worked well with taking those walls down. While I still have ways to go with that I have hope in the power of Reiki and energy healing in tearing down things that no longer serve my highest good.

Working on myself with Reiki, crystals, and energy healing has been so incredible for me. It has changed my life in so many ways. I am optimistic about what it can do for me and where it will take me. I know I have only scratched the surface of Reiki and energy healing and I look forward to where I end up with it.



Adventures in going out: Week 39

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The Do you believe in Magic Edition.

After being sick and spending a week in bed it was nice to finally get back into the groove of things. I did take it slow this week. While I was still recovering from being sick and my stomach adjusted back into its normal patterns. This week was also Thanksgiving for us in the USA. I was doing a meal for myself and my dad. I have been doing that for 4 years now and have enjoyed doing that. Never thought I would enjoy cooking yet here I am. It was nothing huge mind you as it was for only two people. Because of the way my stomach works I have limited myself to eating certain foods so I do not get to enjoy all of the things I normally would on Thanksgiving, such as Stuffing. I did make some exceptions and have cranberry sauce. I don’t normally eat added sugars of High fructose corn syrup. I also had some Waldorf Salad. Apples are a fruit I can’t eat normally. While my body was off a little after eating them it was not too bad. And I am completely thankful for that.

After dinner I would hose desserts and more of my family would come over for that. Much pie, and cookies, and fruity pebbles treats were consumed that night. I stayed healthy and did not have any of that and only had fruit instead. It’s not easy staying healthy during the holidays when so many bad foods are out. It helps knowing what it will do to my body and my mind to consume it. Without them my life has improved so much. I do not want to go back to that life ever again. I love the new me. I love being able to do these weekly adventures. I love being able to have fun and go places. Like investigating a cemetery for a few hours at night. I would not be able to do that before and now that I can I choose to not go back to it ever again. So if it means giving up those foods that only really provided me a quick thing than so be it. After desserts we would play some Legend of Zelda edition Yahtzee. Yes, it’s a real thing. I, of course, did not do well in that game. I game in last I believe. The only thing that makes sense is cheating. Lots of cheating. I will make a motion with the gaming committee to investigate this. I will get to the bottom of it. LOL. Fun was had all around. I can’t even recall the last time, if there ever was a time, of playing games with family like that. It was a nice change of pace. Hopefully we will continue out game shenanigans at Christmas time. Growing up some of my fondest memories were of family getting together for the holidays. Families fight, and yell, and shout at each other. Many times we don’t agree with each other or even get along most of the time. Yet at the holidays we all come together and enjoy the company of each other. We create those wonderful moments with each other. While in many of those times there is still the yelling and carrying on but that magic of it all just makes it worthwhile. We won’t remember much in our lives over the years. But those memories we make they stay with us. It’s not easy continuing such things or keeping those traditions over the years. We get married we have families and we start our own little traditions with our families we start. So when people can get together like this it is something that can be cherished and remembered fondly.

And just like that another holiday has come and gone. This year has moved by so incredibly fast. Probably my fault from all the fun I have been having. I would say I was sorry for making time move so fast but I’m not sorry. I am having the time of my life. For the first time ever in my life.

Saturday would be another day of adventure. Well a small day of adventure as I would take myself out to the movies to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. I got my Nerd on. Overall it was a good movie. It was very dark in tone and nature and as such was more adult than the Harry Potter films. So in that regard it did not have the same charm as those movies did, IMO. It was nice to be back in that Wizarding World once more. Which I believe is said to be a few movies, with talks of up to five movies. We shall see where this franchise goes from here.

After the movies I would go over a friends house and we would play some Nintendo Wii video games. Some Super Mario All-stars and some Wii Bowling. Followed by a game of Skip-bo. It was a nice way to end the week and was very relaxing and just what I needed after being sick for a week. Next weekend I will be running on of two Holiday Toy Drives. Where I will be doing oracle card readings, with some other talented card readers, to bring in some toy donations for Toys for Tots. I have never done anything like this so it’s a nice change of pace and a huge learning curve as I take charge and make things happen for once in my life. Normally I just do what others have created. It’s nice to step up into my own for a change. Hopefully it has a good turnout for this toy drive.

I’ve also been working with Reiki energies on myself as I work on going deeper into my healing and healing and removing blocks that I have put up over the years that have kept me safe but also kept me away from the world. I will post more about that at another time, in its own little post. As this year quickly comes to an end I prepare for an even better 2017. Going even further within myself for my healing.

Giving Thanks.

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In the United States we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, where we gorge ourselves on Turkey, cranberry sauce. Mmmmm, cranberry sauce… ::droolls:: Wait, what was I talking about? Right… Giving thanks.

For many of us this time of year besides getting together with family and having giant feasts we reflect on all that we have and give thanks for it. This year has been incredible for myself. I could not in my wildest dreams imagine that this year would be so incredible for me.

Back in June of 2015 I set out to change my life for the better. I had no idea how I would do that or even if I could. I set out to heal my life. Grabbed some healing crystals, kept them on me constantly, and set out to change my life. I changed my life in so many ways. I went from a self destructive, isolated life, of eating more junk food than healthy real foods. Staying inside all the time, by myself, to eating healthy foods, losing 85 pounds, and going out all over the place with friends of mine. Friends I have met through this crazy journey. That have been with me for so much of it and have supported so much of this journey and have helped me grow. When I set out I was lone with this all. I was content with that. I never saw myself making friends out there and I am so glad I did. I am so glad I put myself out there. Took a random workshop, at a random place, and kept that ball and momentum moving. As it has taken me to so many fun workshops with so many incredible and gifted people. All like minded and supportive. I am thankful for them all.

I did not expect much from this journey I did not know what to expect truthfully. I guess it was good to not have expectations so I would not end up disappointed. Back in March I pushed myself even further by taking myself out weekly on a weekly adventure. I thought once a week was a good start and truthfully, once a week seemed so scary. And I thought it was something I could not do. Yet, this past week, I just finished my 38th week out there. Most of the time, I go out 3-4 times a week. I am thankful for that. Thankful that I surpassed my own expectations and then some.

This year I have tried many new things with my healing from working with crystals, to going to healing crystal bowl meditations, to having Reiki done on myself, to a Gong Bath. All being so helpful and tremendous in my healing and growth opening me up to new things and feelings. Allowing me to finally start to open up and feel. I am thankful for that.

This year I have started to take more action in my life and take more charge. For so long I have been a follower, that grunt worker, and now I am stepping into roles of leadership and charge. It’s completely out of my comfort zone and what I have seen myself as being. So much so that next Month I am running two Holiday Toy Drives, for Toys for Tots. I have so many people helping me do this and helping out. I am thankful for their help and their support. I am thankful for these opportunities to become more in life and be more.

This year I have gotten over so many fears and anxieties, and insecurities. Where I can be more confident with myself and within myself and what I can and could do. When I started this year I did not believe in myself and did not think I was good enough. Now I am learning to see and know I am worthy and good enough and capable for these things. I am still learning and growing and I look forward to where my life will take me in 2017 and the upcoming years. I am no longer living a life of defeat and am working to make it a life worth living and for that I am completely thankful for it.

I will get to spend the holiday with family. I cook dinner for me and my dad. And will host dessert with my family, and play some card games. I feel me kicking butt and taking names in Phase 10. LOL.

Enjoy this time with loved ones.

I am thankful.

Adventures in going out: Week 38

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This over the rainbow edition.

This post is a tad late this week. That is really because I have not done much this week. Literally. The week started off on a high note on Sunday were I would attend another lovely Crystal Bowl Meditation, have some small little visions, and enjoy my day. The full moon, the largest moon in 70 years, was on its way, and I could feel its energy. Then come Monday afternoon while working I would start to feel myself get unwell.

I was originally going to go to a meetup with some friends but felt myself not feeling well so cancelled plans. Sure enough that night, I would get sick. High fever, chills, upset stomach. The whole whapshabang. At one time that night the fever hit as high as 103. Before coming down and settling at 101 for the next two days. While I was out from work and basically in bed for the rest of the week. I would spend those days watching Netflix, sleeping, and watching movies.

I guess I would have some sort of stomach bug as my stomach has become wrecked ever since. While the fever went away after a few days the stomach is taking much time healing itself. As such I have not done much as well. Other than watching TV, or play Skyrim. If I don’t fight those Dragons, no one will.

I have had to miss so much this week not being able to do much and basically being stuck in my home all this time. It’s funny how not so long ago being forced to stay in my home would have been heaven sent and yet now it seems so foreign to me.

I have not had my butt kicked by being sick like this in years so its been a big change of pace. And has been kind of boring at times being home so much. I never thought I’d utter those words in a sentence before. I guess I truly have changed.

Here’s hoping my stomach gets back to normal soon and I can fully return to my weekly shenanigans. Luckily I was able to go out on Sunday and still have had one weekly adventure.

Adventures in going out: Week 37

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The Burger Time edition.

Today marks the first time since starting my weekly adventures that I am writing about it the next week, on a Sunday. And it’s for a great reason. As yesterday’s adventures was pretty much all day. From 10 am, and ending at 10 Pm. I would not have ever thought I’d see something like that. What makes it even more incredible is that all of the things I did, involved other people. Most of my journeys in the start had been solo journeys, and lately many of them became group events. I am so thankful for this journey.

This weeks’ journey started on Wednesday where I went to a meetup with people from one of my classes. We had wonderful conversations, much of our talk of course, was the elections. So there was certainly a lot of heated energy with that one.

Then on Friday and Saturday I would attend an Archangel Gabriel workshop. Gabriel has been one of the Archangels that has played such a prominent role in my journey. And the way this all came together was incredible. Of course it was on 11-11 as well. So there was those energetic energies, on top of the approaching full moon, the largest full moon in like decades. Can’t wait to see that and get some pics. I have always loved the moon. And of course, Archangel Gabriel is the angel of the moon. No coincidences, right? The workshops were incredible, a night and a day, of some crystal bowls, great people, and a wonderful atmosphere. It’s amazing to see how far my journey has taken  me and how far I have come with it. How much these people have impacted me and have shown me and helped me much.

After my workshop me and some friends, went to go check out Batsto Cemetery. That was an interesting experience. They tell me it was very, very active. I put up a lot of shields going out there. I guess it was the first reaction to such a thing. And those shields really worked, and really kept me safe. So much so that someone that was there with me could feel the shields. It’s always good to be able to have that validation that something is working like that. Of course with all that shielding I was not able to pick up anything really. The people I was with was using a spirit box, and it was able to pick up a few things, which was neat to witness. I’ve never really seen any of the equipment up close like that. So that was nice. After that we went to check out a another place that has spirit activity. Then we called it a night. It was a great night. I went completely out of my comfort zone, for the entire day. Even more incredible was that I had a passenger in my car the whole time. I don’t usually do that. I am very picky about people being in my car and to let my guard down enough, to relax enough, to allow another into my personal space, was great for me. It was something I really needed to remind me of all the fun that can be had within the world when I am not shutting it all down. So this week’s journey was huge for me in so many ways. It gives me hope in what I can do in my life.


11-11: A time for real change. 

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There is a lot going on in the world these days, as we are still reacting to the results of the election, coupled with the full moon coming up. The largest full moon in like 70 years. For us sensitive people that are aware of energy we can certainly feel it these days. While many are still reeling and left confused and hurt right now, it’s a good time to step back and allow yourself to regroup and find your center and find your inner peace. 

Today, is 11-11. 11:11 is an energetic gateway for us. Many people will report seeing that time a lot in their lives. I have seen it many times over the years, and have been seeing it a lot lately. As it is a reminder of the universe about a time of great change for us. Sometimes it’s personal and other times it’s larger than that. It is also about creating our own realities that we wish to see. And that is where we are at in our lives now. The universe gives us many opportunities for various things in our lives to experience what we need to to grow and better ourselves. I’ve seen it so many times within my life. Now it can be seen starting to play out in the world. Many of us can feel it. Now is our time to start creating a better reality for ourselves which will create a better reality within the world. 

I feel what is going on now is  a major wake up call to us all, to change our lives for the better. Our lives are affecting each and everyone of us on the planet. And we know, deep down, we can do so much better. This is an opportunity for us to learn and grow, and grow together, and see us all as fellow travelers on this journey of life.

So be careful with your thoughts for they can become your reality. Now is the time to create a better life and reality for yourself. Start today. 

Love will win in the end. 

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Rose Quartz
The world is coming to terms with the election that just happened in the US yesterday and there is a lot of emotions being felt right now by everyone. I’ve not really made political posts on this blog so will not really go into it too much but felt compelled to still say something. As one that is sensitive to energies and the world around me, I could feel the energies in the air yesterday. I could feel that change is coming. Yet at the same time, there was a strong somber feel to the energies as well. As if this was the calm before the storm. 

With the results yesterday I still feel this change and this shift will still occur. 

The shift and change has not stopped. It is happening regardless of who would win. That much has been made clear. The results of election and the people running were the choices that the people made to bring about. Now we see the repercussions of our choices and our actions and we now know that we can do better. We can create better. We must thank the universe for the opportunity to grow and better ourselves and allow ourselves to truly be the change we want in the world. 

We must no longer be asleep and must now be the change and take actions in our lives and the world at large. 

It may seem hopeless right now, that fear, hate, and panic has won. There is still hope for this is a new beginning of change. We know what we want out of life. We know we can do better. We must not just roll over in defeat and give up. We have come so far. We must continue moving forward. Getting involved, speaking up, and spreading love and compassion. Change can and will happen. Thank the universe for this opportunity to learn and grow. We will rise from the ashes and be stronger and better than ever before.

We will be a better people. We will see and know we are all together on this journey. We are all one with each other. 

It’s not the end. It’s a new beginning.