Adventures in going out: Week 36.

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The get up and dance edition.

This post here marks the 90th post on this blog. To commemorate I decided to go out for the 36th week in a row. 36 weeks. 9 months of weekly shenanigans. That is amazing!

This week was a fun week as I was all over the place. It started on Tuesday, which is known as The Flash Tuesday. Sadly, I did not get to see The Flash that night, but it was well worth missing it that night. I went out with some friends to Mastoris in Bordentown, NJ. It was a little dinner. Well, technically it was a LARGE dinner, but you get the idea of it. We had a lovely little dinner, and during the meal, we all felt the presence of a spirit that had come around when we were talking. From what we could gather and feel, the spirit was a male spirit. That lived around the 1800’s. A man of the land, not really a hobo, a drifter perhaps. We think he had lost his child back then. Before we sent him to the light to where he belonged. It was possible that another spirit was picked up as well. Of course we do not know much about the land to know who the spirit was, or validate our feelings/impressions. My friend lovingly, calls us the “spirit 5.” When we are together our energy just seems to bring forth such things.

After dinner we went to Halloween Street in Bordentown where the houses were decorated for Halloween. This years theme was spiders. Gross! Who ever picked spiders as a theme. The houses were fun to look at, and walk around. One of them, had a display of 400 or so carved pumpkins. All types of designs. I snag a few pics of them. My favorite had to have been Marty McFly and Doc Brown, and then the Starwars ones. Since Halloween was over they were giving away the pumpkins to anyone who wanted them and would donate the rest to be food for animals at a zoo. All in all it was a fun night out with friends. It’s always a fun time with us, together. Having fun. Whether it’s reading oracle cards or in this case, random spirit encounters. We plan to go check out Batsto cemetery next weekend, and I am looking forward to that one.

Wednesday night I had a third Reiki session and as always it was an amazing experience. Healing, and clearing out old junk from my self and my energy. All helping me to open up more and have a happier healthier life.


Which lead me to my Saturday escapades to romp around and have fun with. I had a sound healing session with gongs being done at the place I get my Reiki from. I had felt called to get that done. It was certainly an interesting experience feeling all the vibrations of the gongs being struck, and the energy vibrating through me. Another lovely healing session. I enjoy them all. They have helped me in so many ways. Of course they are also tiring when they are done as the body adjusts and heals. I was ready just to go to bed earlier tonight.

Before that I would decide to go to the movies and see Dr. Strange. Marvel’s latest flick. I went at a 10:40 am showing, and I honestly don’t think I have ever been to the movies that early before. So that was a nice new experience and the movie was a lot of fun. Certainly a very strange, see what I did there, and trippy movie to see.

All in all another successful and fun week. This coming week I have a workshop to attend on Friday and Saturday morning. It’s an Archangel Gabriel workshop, on 11:11. Ought to have a lot of good energy at that. Then some shenanigans with my friends. That I look forward to. Next Sunday there is a crystal bowl meditation that I will probably attend. I always enjoy those. Never know what will come up and open up within me.



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