Adventures in going out: Week 37

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The Burger Time edition.

Today marks the first time since starting my weekly adventures that I am writing about it the next week, on a Sunday. And it’s for a great reason. As yesterday’s adventures was pretty much all day. From 10 am, and ending at 10 Pm. I would not have ever thought I’d see something like that. What makes it even more incredible is that all of the things I did, involved other people. Most of my journeys in the start had been solo journeys, and lately many of them became group events. I am so thankful for this journey.

This weeks’ journey started on Wednesday where I went to a meetup with people from one of my classes. We had wonderful conversations, much of our talk of course, was the elections. So there was certainly a lot of heated energy with that one.

Then on Friday and Saturday I would attend an Archangel Gabriel workshop. Gabriel has been one of the Archangels that has played such a prominent role in my journey. And the way this all came together was incredible. Of course it was on 11-11 as well. So there was those energetic energies, on top of the approaching full moon, the largest full moon in like decades. Can’t wait to see that and get some pics. I have always loved the moon. And of course, Archangel Gabriel is the angel of the moon. No coincidences, right? The workshops were incredible, a night and a day, of some crystal bowls, great people, and a wonderful atmosphere. It’s amazing to see how far my journey has taken  me and how far I have come with it. How much these people have impacted me and have shown me and helped me much.

After my workshop me and some friends, went to go check out Batsto Cemetery. That was an interesting experience. They tell me it was very, very active. I put up a lot of shields going out there. I guess it was the first reaction to such a thing. And those shields really worked, and really kept me safe. So much so that someone that was there with me could feel the shields. It’s always good to be able to have that validation that something is working like that. Of course with all that shielding I was not able to pick up anything really. The people I was with was using a spirit box, and it was able to pick up a few things, which was neat to witness. I’ve never really seen any of the equipment up close like that. So that was nice. After that we went to check out a another place that has spirit activity. Then we called it a night. It was a great night. I went completely out of my comfort zone, for the entire day. Even more incredible was that I had a passenger in my car the whole time. I don’t usually do that. I am very picky about people being in my car and to let my guard down enough, to relax enough, to allow another into my personal space, was great for me. It was something I really needed to remind me of all the fun that can be had within the world when I am not shutting it all down. So this week’s journey was huge for me in so many ways. It gives me hope in what I can do in my life.



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