Adventures in going out: Week 38

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This over the rainbow edition.

This post is a tad late this week. That is really because I have not done much this week. Literally. The week started off on a high note on Sunday were I would attend another lovely Crystal Bowl Meditation, have some small little visions, and enjoy my day. The full moon, the largest moon in 70 years, was on its way, and I could feel its energy. Then come Monday afternoon while working I would start to feel myself get unwell.

I was originally going to go to a meetup with some friends but felt myself not feeling well so cancelled plans. Sure enough that night, I would get sick. High fever, chills, upset stomach. The whole whapshabang. At one time that night the fever hit as high as 103. Before coming down and settling at 101 for the next two days. While I was out from work and basically in bed for the rest of the week. I would spend those days watching Netflix, sleeping, and watching movies.

I guess I would have some sort of stomach bug as my stomach has become wrecked ever since. While the fever went away after a few days the stomach is taking much time healing itself. As such I have not done much as well. Other than watching TV, or play Skyrim. If I don’t fight those Dragons, no one will.

I have had to miss so much this week not being able to do much and basically being stuck in my home all this time. It’s funny how not so long ago being forced to stay in my home would have been heaven sent and yet now it seems so foreign to me.

I have not had my butt kicked by being sick like this in years so its been a big change of pace. And has been kind of boring at times being home so much. I never thought I’d utter those words in a sentence before. I guess I truly have changed.

Here’s hoping my stomach gets back to normal soon and I can fully return to my weekly shenanigans. Luckily I was able to go out on Sunday and still have had one weekly adventure.


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