Giving Thanks.

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In the United States we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, where we gorge ourselves on Turkey, cranberry sauce. Mmmmm, cranberry sauce… ::droolls:: Wait, what was I talking about? Right… Giving thanks.

For many of us this time of year besides getting together with family and having giant feasts we reflect on all that we have and give thanks for it. This year has been incredible for myself. I could not in my wildest dreams imagine that this year would be so incredible for me.

Back in June of 2015 I set out to change my life for the better. I had no idea how I would do that or even if I could. I set out to heal my life. Grabbed some healing crystals, kept them on me constantly, and set out to change my life. I changed my life in so many ways. I went from a self destructive, isolated life, of eating more junk food than healthy real foods. Staying inside all the time, by myself, to eating healthy foods, losing 85 pounds, and going out all over the place with friends of mine. Friends I have met through this crazy journey. That have been with me for so much of it and have supported so much of this journey and have helped me grow. When I set out I was lone with this all. I was content with that. I never saw myself making friends out there and I am so glad I did. I am so glad I put myself out there. Took a random workshop, at a random place, and kept that ball and momentum moving. As it has taken me to so many fun workshops with so many incredible and gifted people. All like minded and supportive. I am thankful for them all.

I did not expect much from this journey I did not know what to expect truthfully. I guess it was good to not have expectations so I would not end up disappointed. Back in March I pushed myself even further by taking myself out weekly on a weekly adventure. I thought once a week was a good start and truthfully, once a week seemed so scary. And I thought it was something I could not do. Yet, this past week, I just finished my 38th week out there. Most of the time, I go out 3-4 times a week. I am thankful for that. Thankful that I surpassed my own expectations and then some.

This year I have tried many new things with my healing from working with crystals, to going to healing crystal bowl meditations, to having Reiki done on myself, to a Gong Bath. All being so helpful and tremendous in my healing and growth opening me up to new things and feelings. Allowing me to finally start to open up and feel. I am thankful for that.

This year I have started to take more action in my life and take more charge. For so long I have been a follower, that grunt worker, and now I am stepping into roles of leadership and charge. It’s completely out of my comfort zone and what I have seen myself as being. So much so that next Month I am running two Holiday Toy Drives, for Toys for Tots. I have so many people helping me do this and helping out. I am thankful for their help and their support. I am thankful for these opportunities to become more in life and be more.

This year I have gotten over so many fears and anxieties, and insecurities. Where I can be more confident with myself and within myself and what I can and could do. When I started this year I did not believe in myself and did not think I was good enough. Now I am learning to see and know I am worthy and good enough and capable for these things. I am still learning and growing and I look forward to where my life will take me in 2017 and the upcoming years. I am no longer living a life of defeat and am working to make it a life worth living and for that I am completely thankful for it.

I will get to spend the holiday with family. I cook dinner for me and my dad. And will host dessert with my family, and play some card games. I feel me kicking butt and taking names in Phase 10. LOL.

Enjoy this time with loved ones.

I am thankful.


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