Adventures in going out: Week 39

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The Do you believe in Magic Edition.

After being sick and spending a week in bed it was nice to finally get back into the groove of things. I did take it slow this week. While I was still recovering from being sick and my stomach adjusted back into its normal patterns. This week was also Thanksgiving for us in the USA. I was doing a meal for myself and my dad. I have been doing that for 4 years now and have enjoyed doing that. Never thought I would enjoy cooking yet here I am. It was nothing huge mind you as it was for only two people. Because of the way my stomach works I have limited myself to eating certain foods so I do not get to enjoy all of the things I normally would on Thanksgiving, such as Stuffing. I did make some exceptions and have cranberry sauce. I don’t normally eat added sugars of High fructose corn syrup. I also had some Waldorf Salad. Apples are a fruit I can’t eat normally. While my body was off a little after eating them it was not too bad. And I am completely thankful for that.

After dinner I would hose desserts and more of my family would come over for that. Much pie, and cookies, and fruity pebbles treats were consumed that night. I stayed healthy and did not have any of that and only had fruit instead. It’s not easy staying healthy during the holidays when so many bad foods are out. It helps knowing what it will do to my body and my mind to consume it. Without them my life has improved so much. I do not want to go back to that life ever again. I love the new me. I love being able to do these weekly adventures. I love being able to have fun and go places. Like investigating a cemetery for a few hours at night. I would not be able to do that before and now that I can I choose to not go back to it ever again. So if it means giving up those foods that only really provided me a quick thing than so be it. After desserts we would play some Legend of Zelda edition Yahtzee. Yes, it’s a real thing. I, of course, did not do well in that game. I game in last I believe. The only thing that makes sense is cheating. Lots of cheating. I will make a motion with the gaming committee to investigate this. I will get to the bottom of it. LOL. Fun was had all around. I can’t even recall the last time, if there ever was a time, of playing games with family like that. It was a nice change of pace. Hopefully we will continue out game shenanigans at Christmas time. Growing up some of my fondest memories were of family getting together for the holidays. Families fight, and yell, and shout at each other. Many times we don’t agree with each other or even get along most of the time. Yet at the holidays we all come together and enjoy the company of each other. We create those wonderful moments with each other. While in many of those times there is still the yelling and carrying on but that magic of it all just makes it worthwhile. We won’t remember much in our lives over the years. But those memories we make they stay with us. It’s not easy continuing such things or keeping those traditions over the years. We get married we have families and we start our own little traditions with our families we start. So when people can get together like this it is something that can be cherished and remembered fondly.

And just like that another holiday has come and gone. This year has moved by so incredibly fast. Probably my fault from all the fun I have been having. I would say I was sorry for making time move so fast but I’m not sorry. I am having the time of my life. For the first time ever in my life.

Saturday would be another day of adventure. Well a small day of adventure as I would take myself out to the movies to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. I got my Nerd on. Overall it was a good movie. It was very dark in tone and nature and as such was more adult than the Harry Potter films. So in that regard it did not have the same charm as those movies did, IMO. It was nice to be back in that Wizarding World once more. Which I believe is said to be a few movies, with talks of up to five movies. We shall see where this franchise goes from here.

After the movies I would go over a friends house and we would play some Nintendo Wii video games. Some Super Mario All-stars and some Wii Bowling. Followed by a game of Skip-bo. It was a nice way to end the week and was very relaxing and just what I needed after being sick for a week. Next weekend I will be running on of two Holiday Toy Drives. Where I will be doing oracle card readings, with some other talented card readers, to bring in some toy donations for Toys for Tots. I have never done anything like this so it’s a nice change of pace and a huge learning curve as I take charge and make things happen for once in my life. Normally I just do what others have created. It’s nice to step up into my own for a change. Hopefully it has a good turnout for this toy drive.

I’ve also been working with Reiki energies on myself as I work on going deeper into my healing and healing and removing blocks that I have put up over the years that have kept me safe but also kept me away from the world. I will post more about that at another time, in its own little post. As this year quickly comes to an end I prepare for an even better 2017. Going even further within myself for my healing.


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