Adventures in going out: Week 42

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The I am one with the force. The force is with me edition.

This week was quite the busy week for me. It started off with dinner, and checking out Martel’s Christmas House on Wednesday, followed by a holiday gathering with people from class, on Thursday, to my weekly adventures on Saturday. On top of getting up at 2am two nights this week. This week was action packed, and tiring, all rolled into one. And I loved every minute of it.

Check out my friend Marie Gilbert’s blog, for a lovely write up about our visit to Martel’s Christmas House. Today started out a little wet, and a little cold, as I woke up to fresh slush snow on the ground. I was not going to let that deter and stop me from getting my nerd on today. As I had already purchased my ticket to see the new Star Wars flick: Rogue One. It’s well documented around here of my nerdom and my love of all things nerdy. I am white & nerdy and proud. Of course it has taken me lots of self work and healing on myself for me to ever publicly admit such a thing as being a nerd. I used to be so reserved, so soft spoken, and shy, that I would never admit to things like that to others. I would keep it my little secret. Thanks to working with crystals, having healing sessions on myself, and connecting with Reiki, have I slowly become more confident in myself, my abilities, and what I do. I no longer need to hide who I am from others. I can speak more freely about myself and what I belief. Not worrying or concerned what others think of me. I am not perfect with that yet, but I am getting there more and more each day.

So naturally I would go and see Rogue One. There were a couple of good trailers before the movie started. I am really loving the Spider-Man homecoming trailer. Check it out if you have not seen it. Of course I am in the rare few that enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man. I loved the wisecracking of Spider-Man in that one. Of course at times it looks like Andrew Garfield is drunk on camera, with his movements and speaking. Then they had the trailer for the new Transformers Movie: The last Knight. I am not sure about this one. Now I am a HUGE Transformers fan. In fact to this day I still watch the animated movie from the 80’s. It is my favorite movie of all time. Sadly the Michael Bay movies just did not capture the same charm and feel to me. Bay’s inability to really keep a consistent plot, or even make is scenes linear, each one, seems to contradict the previous one,  and his overuse of explosions in like every scene, just ruins it for me. Yes, we get it, you like bombs, and to put product placement all over the place. Of course I will have to see it, because it’s Transformers, but I don’t have to like it. Like when M. Knight did The Last Airbender movie. Another good cartoon ruined on the big screen. There was also the New Mummy movie, by Tom Cruise.. And well, I loved the Mummy movies with Brandon Frazier, until they replaced Rachel Weisz, because she didn’t want to come back. This one, just looks. Horrible in my opinion. More like too much special effects, and no real content. I won’t even link the trailer here you will have to check that one out on your own. Not to mention a trailer for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, are they even still in the Caribbean, or have they moved to somewhere else? Though I will admit the fourth movie was much better, IMO, than the third one. That one was just awful.

Now on to the movie. Rogue One being the second movie in the Disney Star Wars realm. Now The Force Awakens was a commercial success. It sold a lot of tickets, and made a lot of money. Lots of people loved it, and probably felt it wiped the prequel movies from their minds. The Force Awakens was a good movie in its own right.. But at the same time, it was not its own right to me. To me, The Force Awakens is a remake of A New Hope. It uses the same elements as A New Hope, they are all there. Just with more CGI effects, explosions, and a new cast mixed in with the old cast. Rogue One was a stand alone movie that tied into the existing universe so it had its own little world. And that really helped set it apart in its own right. The acting was done really well, something the prequel movies missed out on. Hayden, just did not have the acting chops to play such a leading role. The story was done really well, albeit it was a little slow at first, as there was so much to explain, and so many characters being introduced to us for the first time. It really picks up around the middle of the movie, and then towards the last hour, it really kicks that into high speed and has a ton of action. This movie also fills in a lot of gaps and questions you may have had for all those years, about what happened between Rise of the Sith, and A New Hope. Of course I liked The Force Unleashed, that was a book and a video game. Sure, it got a little wild and out there, but it was a fun ride. Overall it was a solid movie, and is worth seeing if you are a Star Wars fan, or just love A good science fiction movie. I’d give it a 4 out of 5 lightsabers.

After the movie I went out and did some Christmas shopping, and had a blast doing it. Shopping for young ones and family is always so much fun. Though the waiting to give them the gifts is the hardest part. Of course so many just want with cash or gift cards these days. Which is always so boring. Even my nieces that are under ten want gift cards. At that age I hated gift cards. Because that meant you had to wait until your parents took you to buy something. I always preferred to play with something right there and then.

This week was another success and was a lot of fun. Working with and connecting with Reiki energies has been really helpful and has been helping me with my own healing and growth. I look forward to where Reiki takes me, and where I go with it. While I work with them on myself and working with those energies on others as well.




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