Adventures in going out: Week 43

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Not sure who created this photo.

The Ho Ho Ho edition.

This week has been a fun week and a tiring week all at once. This week was not a week that I did much going out all over the place. I did get the opportunity to go for dinner with a group of friends this week. When we get together it is always a fun time. The energy is just so electric when we are together that so many good times and memories are had.

Most of this week has been about shopping for the holidays. As I sit here and write this blog post on Christmas morning. I did not get the time to really write it last night as I was incredibly busy. I was hosting Christmas eve dinner for my family. So I spent the majority of the day either cooking, or cleaning up after I cooked. I make a wickedly delicious lasagna, and I don’t even get to have any. As I don’t eat those foods, they don’t agree with me. Dairy and Gluten. The holidays have always been a fun time for me, I have so many incredible memories of this time of year. The magic and the love that is within the air during this time is just so lovely. For some, it’s stress, misery, and family arguments, and spending too much money, and going into debt. For others they are saddened by the loss of their loved ones, who can not be with them on the holiday. I still remember the last Christmas we got to spend with my mom, she was sick during it, and shortly after the holiday she took a turn for the worst. And passed the second of January back in 01. We were lucky  that we got to spend one last Christmas morning with her. Of course at the time you don’t really appreciate that. We always end up taking for granted those precious  moments we have with everyone over the years. So, today tell a loved you one you love them. Be thankful for the moments and memories you get to create with them. For it’s all so finite the amount of time we have with each other on Earth.

Even with all of that, I don’t really even think of that around this time of year. I remember all the good times and memories, for those are what last with us. She loved this time of year, as do I. She spent so much time and energy cooking, and baking, and then having everyone over. And now I carry on some of that with me to this day, as I cook and bake, and have family over. Cooking the foods, and the desserts she did. Christmas eve dinner was one of my favorite times of the year. As we all got together Christmas eve, ate good food, told silly stories and jokes, and played games with each other. No matter how stressful life was, how many arguments or fights that occurred with each other, it didn’t matter that day. All that went away that day as we all came together and just had that. That was the magic of Christmas to me. The love, the giving, and the sharing that was always flowing those few days, was always incredible. The thrill of going out and finding that one perfect gift for a loved one, and the giddiness that builds inside while you wait for them to open it. That’s the hardest part for me these days waiting until I can give them my gift.

This year has been an incredible year for me and the best gift I got this year was the incredible people I have met and now have the privilege of calling friends. I never expect that with all of this, with my journey, and my travels. I set out to better myself and push my self beyond what I thought was my limits. And in the process I learned so much about myself and meet people that I am thankful for and have impacted my life in so many ways. They are the best gift I could have ever received. That to me is what these holidays are all about. It’s not the amount of money we spend on each other, or the fancy things we get, it’s about the memories, the love and joy, that we give and receive this time of year. And the ability to experience that with people that mean the most to you, and are a part of your life, makes it so much more incredible. Even if we fight with each other the rest of the year. That is something that can not be bought. It’s something that can be felt and shared freely. If we could take that love for each other and continue to hold that magic in our hearts each and every day this world would not feel so harsh and abrasive. We would know that it’s going to be alright.

So thank you all for the love, the shares, the likes, and for reading this blog over the past year. It has been a whirlwind of a year for me, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for it all. I truly do. No matter what holiday you celebrate, whether it’s Christmas, Yule, Hanakkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Festivus, Anyone I missed, or nothing at all, I hope your day(s) is a wonderful one, full of love, kindness, joy, and merry blessings.



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