2016: End of year review.

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Wow! It’s hard to believe that 2016 is coming to a close already. No matter how many times I say that I can not wrap my head around that. Much like trying to wrap my head around the notion that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. If anything he shows us that you can have any job in the world whether or not you are qualified to have it. So starting next year I will be performing brain surgeries out the back of my truck. That way you can save money on not needing to go to the emergency room. It’s a win-win for both of us. Anyways…

This year has been an incredible year for me personally. The year started off with me making a quest out to the Lonely Mountain, Erebor, to reclaim my homeland… OK, that may or may not have been the plot to the Hobbit.. Or was the Hobbit a true story? I’ll never tell.  This year would be a major change to my way of living and being. At the mid point of 2015 I decided to clean up my life and the way I was not living a life, and make major changes in my life. I had a goal of where I wanted to go in life, and what I wanted out of it, and I set out to reach that goal. I had absolutely no idea how to do it, or even get there. Frankly it was scary thinking of change like that but I knew deep within myself that I needed it. I had to change. I could no longer live the way I was living. For it was killing me, slowly. I was destroying myself. From the inside out. I was 35 and I needed something more to my life. My life had to be more than just existing, and surviving each day. So I set out to make something of myself. I grabbed a pocket full of crystals for my chakras, and a good grounding crystal, for fear, and set out to change my world. Next did I think I would be where I am today.

So it 2016, I had the crazy notion that I would keep building on that and go the distance. I had it in my head that I would take a vacation. The first vacation in about 11 years to be exact. My vacations up until that point had been all staycations, and this time, I thought, let’s go someplace fun. 10 years ago I would have thought I had lost my marbles, thinking such a thought. The last vacation I took with my family was not a happy experience for me.  I had so much anxiety, and panic, that I was miserable the whole time and vowed to never take a vacation again. I did not want to go through THAT again.


Yet, I would not let that guy be me, and let myself deter myself from reaching that goal. So I put it in motion to go forward and take that vacation. I knew it was a huge step, and that I could not just jump out there and go. I would have ran away. I had to start slow and build up to it. So  I planned two vacations for myself in one year. Say what?! I know, crazy. From no vacations to two vacations. I planned a smaller vacation, with a friend, to the Pocono’s, to hang out and tour the sights. His family have a place up there which meant we had a place to stay at and did not have to pay to stay for the week. Score. So come February I headed out on vacation for the first time in a decade. I had to drive myself up there, alone, as that was much easier for me. I don’t like to have people in my car when I get all anxious and not feeling well. Yet while we were up there I was the main driver, and drove my friend around all week. So I was literally knocking two fears off the bucket list. And then I went out and bought a bucket to make a list. Found out, that’s not how you make a bucket list at all.

After the success of the vacation I was on a literal emotional high for the first time in a long, long time. That I was not going to just stop there. I still had another vacation to go and to get there it would take some work. So to speak. So I set out on a weekly adventure. Taking myself out one place a week, every week, for a year. I am now in the 40th week of it. Getting close to the year mark. So exciting for that. I thought at the time that going out once a week would be way too much. Yet now it’s common for me to go out three to four times a week. At first I started out slow. I took myself hiking in the woods. And thankfully I did not get lost out there. That did almost happen and I was very scary. Thank God for GPS. The places and the distances varied. From local, to all the way in the next state over. To all the way a few states over. From only a few hours to being out all night/day long. I started just taking myself places. I was OK with that it was easy on me. I never expected that I would meet like minded people and we would become friends and go the the dinner every other week or so. Life is amazing and it can truly surprise you if you let it.

I would then start taking development classes and workshops as I had plans for what I wanted out of life. And have been working to reach that goal. And in the process I’ve met so many incredible and talented people who have believed in me, encouraged me, and saw something within me, that not even I saw. They have all changed my life in so many ways. They even encouraged me to start doing Oracle Card readings in public for people and now next year, I will have my first own table at a spiritual expo. I look forward to that and hope to have more tables than that one. Not bad for a person who used to be afraid of seeing his own shadow, cause that meant he was outside, and outside was scary. Now I interact with people and have talked to, and met so many wonderful people. Wait, I already said that. Is this like deja vu? Or deja moo? Return of the cow?

Bet you weren’t expecting to see a cow here. You were mooo-staken.

Each of those weekly adventures really, really, helped me reach that goal of taking my first real vacation in over a decade. And I had a blast doing it. Visiting Washington D.C. and seeing the Smithsonian. So many firsts were accomplished. I did it all on my own. Had no one else do it for me. Which was a first for me. It was nice to take charge like that. I even rode the metro all by myself. Still think it’s unnatural taking such a fast moving train. I even spent the whole day down there with a friend and saw the White House. There was so much to see down there that it was impossible to see it all at once. Which just means I will be able to get down there again.

This year even saw my go deeper into my healing sessions and get a Reiki session on myself, get myself a tune-up attunement, and attend some crystal bowl healing sessions. They have all been incredible and priceless to my healing. (If you get the chance to do a Reiki session or crystal bowl. Try them out.) Helping me release and let go of so much. Allowing me to open back up to things I have been so closed down to over the years. Allowing me to feel and experience so much more in my life. Loving the energy work that I even did a Reiki session on a friend of mine, and may even do some more in the coming year. I have taken many other workshops, and classes, over the year. Learning and growing, developing and bettering myself. And plan to take even more classes in the coming year. There are a few in January I am looking forward to. I may even take another vacation in the New Year as well.

I still have much to see and do in the coming year(s). I have changed so much in my life for the better. And I plan to keep on changing and growing and bettering myself. I took a huge first step in changing my life. Changing me. I am doing things I never thought I would or could. Yet I have and lived through them all. I know now that there is so much more to life and living and I plan to live my life better and more. I am hopeful for my future to see myself do even more. To change more of my life. To take myself out of a job that I no longer enjoy or love doing to something I love and enjoy going to work. So when I am on vacation again I don’t dread going back to work. I deserve that. We all do. I know now that I am worthy of good things. In the New Year I plan to continue to build this blog up to more and more. My journey has been an incredible one and I enjoy sharing it with everyone. I will look forward to reaching the year mark on my weekly adventures and can’t wait to see where my adventures take me after that. This is only the beginning of my story. Why not start your own adventure in 2017?


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    This is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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