Adventures in going out: Week 45.

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The Snowy Day adventures.

Some days the stars and the planets line up perfectly and everything falls into place. You do what you set out to do and everything goes off without a hitch. Some days things are a little more complicated and mother nature decides she wants to have some fun instead. Or was it Jack Frost that wanted to have fun? I always get the two mixed up.

This week it was the latter. There was not much planned on my part this week. Most of it was me enjoying vacation and dreading going back to work, realizing I should have taken two more days off instead of going back on a Thursday. There was a few things going on today, that I was interested in. There was a Crystal  Bowl meditation I was contemplating going. The past few weeks I have battled some depression as I have mentioned prior and could certainly use some energetic clearing. I did not get to sign up for that sadly. There was also a Psychic Fair going on locally that I thought about going to today and was going to go. And then it decided it was going to snow instead.


So what do I do instead, I had a local snow filled adventure instead. I went out for a walk in the snow, with the dog, to really just take it all in. I’m not really sure how she feels about the snow. I think she thinks it’s cold, and delicious if she eats some. But other than that, I think she would prefer to be in doors where it is warm. She is also not much of a fan of the rain. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying our selves out in the snow have a snowy good time. Yeah, I went there.

Still unsure about this snow stuff. But that’s snow business of mine.

I have always loved the snow. There is something just so majestic and beautiful about fresh snow that has not been steeped in, and piled up. So it was lovely to be out there when no one else was and just enjoying the peace and stillness of it all. While all the cars were off the roads. Most of them. Snow does not stop many people. There is just something about the peace of it all when there is no hustle and bustle and now car speeding by. Something that is not seen much these days. As we are all just zooming through our days. Getting to the next stop. Not enjoying the days. Even on a day like this some people are just counting down the days until Summer. Snow does not really last much around these parts as it’s usually warm the next day or so. This week it’s supposed to get up to fifty.

After the walk since I did not get to go to the crystal bowls I decided to do my own little healing session on myself. Using an assortment of crystals and integrating some essential oils into the fray. Working on clearing my energy and body up. It was a lovely session and i feel it really helped loosen some stuff up. There is still much more to do but any progress is a good thing. Even if it’s small.


After that I thought about digging out the car and going to the store. I then saw that the side roads that I live on are not dug out so did not want to chance driving my car in that to get to the store and get stuck or worse. So I decide to suit back up, put some layers on, and go back out into the snow. Taking the dog, or dragging the dog if you ask the dog I am sure, for another fun filled adventure in the snow. This time the snow much deeper and most of all the yards not shoveled. We did not stay out to long as I didn’t want to freeze the dog and make snow dogs? After dropping the dog back home I walked myself to the local convenience store and picked up some well earned fruit. It was a fun, innocent day or playing in the snow. Really letting loose and having fun. That’s what this adventure is all about.

Next week should have even more adventures as I will be attending a few things this week. From a meetup, to a group event with some friends, and then a workshop on Angels, and somewhere in there see the new Underworld movie. Next week will be an action packed week and I am looking forward to it. I really need it. I’ve been so busy doing meetups, and workshops, and healing sessions, that I have not been out to a real adventure in a while. Hopefully soon I can plan something and just have some fun out somewhere.

This is the 45th week out, which means I am down to the final stretch of a year of adventures. Hard to believe how fast that snuck up on me.   Another milestone was also hit as this blog now has 100 followers. Thank you all for enjoying this blog and following it. I appreciate it all.

Peaceful snow after the sun set.

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