Adventures in going out: Week 46

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The “Wolf” full moon.

The Get loose. Footloose edition.

Another week has come and gone and the memories will live on. (Hey, that rhymed.) This week was another success, was a lot of fun, and certainly what I needed after the few weeks I was having.

This week was a fun week. That started, Tuesday,  with a meetup with some friends from classes I have taken, where we just sat around, talked about our experiences and just let loose. It’s always a good time when we all get together. And this time was no different. Many laughs were had and were needed to get this week going on a high note. Especially since I am now having to work one night out of the week at 3 AM for the next couple weeks or so.

Then Thursday a group of us go together to just mediate, raise our vibrations, and just work on ourselves and our development. Just taking it all in and enjoying the process of unfurling ourselves. I still have my many walls, and holding those walls, that prevent me from really going deep within myself, but this wonderful group of people are really helping me to chisel away at that wall, brick by brick, and I look forward to what is on the other side.

Friday I was able to attend an messages from your Angels event and was able to get an oracle card/tarot reading for myself, to get some direction in life. Which was needed and enjoyed. After that was an impromptu gathering with some people in a tavern for a few hours, just laughing, talking, and enjoying good company. It’s amazing to think how not to long ago, the idea of doing such a thing, would have driven me up the wall with fear, and I would have declined the offer as fast as I would have received it. It’s nice to live a life where I don’t have to hide in fear and I can actually do something like this and just life. As they say we all die one day but not all of us truly live. It’s good to finally be on the path of living.

Then along came a spider, and Saturday… Thankful, there was no spider. As I would have ran away screaming from that. Yes, I do not like spiders. I don’t think they like me, and I am OK with that. It was supposed to snow, sadly, there was no snow to be found. Which was disappointing. So before the snow was supposed to happen I took myself to the movies to see the latest Underworld movie. Brood Wars, I think is the tagline. The movie was OK. Not the greatest movie, but not the worst movie. I would give it was 2.5 out of 5 stars. The first two Underworld movies were good, IMO, and then, the franchise just fizzled out. I don’t think anyone was expecting, or even wanting a fourth movie, and yet, her was the fifth one. Which is said to be the last one.. But you never know. Hollywood will probably reboot the franchise. The highlight for me, was not the movie itself, but that out of the corner of my eye in the theater, was a spirit walking around. Only saw it briefly, and did not see the details of it, just the white shadow. So that was pretty neat experience. I’m not normally in this theater.

All in all it was a fun week, with lots of laughs, and many memories were made, and another brick of my wall was removed. Life is going places now.


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