Doing something new. 

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This journey I am on has always been about new things. So I am trying a new one with this blog. They with blogs to build success and consistency with them one needs to really write, and to write often. Consistency and quantity is what builds a readership and following. For me I have always been about quantity over quality. Where my posts have been meaningful and insightful. Or at least I have always hoped they would be. 
So I’m trying something new and I am going to try and write a post every day, for a month. Just to see if I could do it. Well it’s easy to just gibber jabber and post anything, but hopefully these posts will have some depth to them. This isn’t twitter after all. I’ve already written for the last few days every day, so it’s off to a good start. 

I’ve been doing more healing on myself, peeling back those layers, and working to take down my walls. I have been working with EFT, which employees tapping along the meridians to help release old emotions, feelings, fears, etc. (you can check out, to learn about EFT.) Hopefully it helps heal and release things from me. 

It’s hard to follow ones passion, when they are so closed down with fear and anxiety. I am peeling those fears and layers off and am slowly going further and further with myself and my way of living. 


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