Adventures in going out: Week 47.

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The Joey doesn’t share food edition.

This week had been a very cathartic week for me. It was a week of healing, and releasing and opening up. Cutting through my own walls and insecurities and fears. I feel I was able to make some good progress on it, and I am only really scratching the surface. My wounds go very deep, so I know it will take time. Of course patience has never been one of my strong suits. We will in a very rushed world. We want everything yesterday. I also know that there really is no end game to healing in life. It’s a never ending journey of discovery and learning. And then sharing it with others.

With all that healing going on I did continue to make sure I took care of myself. Allowing myself to have some fun. Like picking up Final Fantasy 15. I have not really played a Final Fantasy game since like, 7. Only merely touching them a little here and there. Like I did with Final Fantasy 10. I just could not get into it. This game is a little different than the prior games. It goes a new route than what I am used to, with the ol’ JRPG games, that was the Final Fantasy known as.

This week also started a new 8 week development course. Which I am looking forward to. These are great classes, with a good bunch of people. That have become such a big part of my life. They are also helping me heal as I go out of my comfort zones to do new things as well as help me lower my walls, brick by brick. So I am excited for them. I’ve come a long way since I started this journey.

I was also able to attend an Archangel Michael workshop, where a lovely woman channeled the angels, and we were imparted with their wisdom and guidance during this time. It was a lovely workshop. It was good to hear some of the stuff, as much of it, has been stuff that I have heard and felt to be true within myself, and from my own guides. So to hear it, from someone else, saying the same thing, was such wonderful confirmation of my own abilities.

Then I ended the week with some shopping, and visiting a healer, that will help me go deeper into myself and my healing. Working with my inner child. I am looking forward to that. I know I have a lot to work on with regards to my inner child and work on healing many of those old wounds and traumas. So that will be a good experience for me.

Now I will end this with loveLove to everyone. We certainly need more love, acceptance, and tolerance for each other right now. Let us all be together in love instead of divided by hate.


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