Adventures in going out: Week 50

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The Legend of Zelda Edition.

Just like that another week has come to an end. It’s not surprising I didn’t do anything to stop it. I let it just keep on going. This week was pretty active if I say so myself. This was also an incredible week to boot for me. This weekend may have been the best one I have ever had. Certainly the best one I have had in a decade. I am very grateful for this all. This journey. From the pain, to the suffering, to the good times, and even the bad times. I am thankful for them all. They have shown and taught me so much. I would not be where I am without them.

Monday started with me doing a Reiki healing session on someone. It went smoothly and the energy was flowing so well for them and myself. So much so I almost passed out from channeling so much energy. The next day I got a text form them saying this, “I woke up this morning feeling lighter (best way I could describe it) then I’ve felt in months my negative energy is gone.” Reiki is a wonderful thing, and can help in so many ways. I am grateful to have been able to help and bring that healing. I am now even thinking about getting my own space to do more healing sessions with people. Now if only I could just win the lottery and have the money to do it all. I was surprised at how much I was able to pick up during the session. The more I clear out and open up, the more sensitive  I become.

Then come Friday I went out to a tavern with some friends, to just hang out, relax, and just enjoy some friendship and fun times. To think when I started out 50 weeks ago, this journey, was all by myself. Now I am going at a tavern, with four people from 7 at night until 3 in the morning. I even had someone in my car before and after. Something I had always been afraid about doing in the past. This journey has helped me in so many ways. I have opened up and done so many new things that I would have said no to in the past. I am glad to be able to say yes to life. Finally.

I then ended the week with The Lego Batman movie, and let me tell you. It is a fantastic movie. It is so hilarious, and such a good parody movie, and it’s done well. I have not enjoyed such a parody movie since Spaceballs. So even though it may seem to be just a kids movie, go out and see it. Especially if you are a Batman fan. Like myself. I even wore my Batman hoodie to it.




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