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Yesterday I started my vacation form work, so what better way to have a vacation than to have fun. Out in public. So many of my vacations over the years were “staycation” so it’s nice to actually go out and about. My nieces wanted to take me to the Jurassic World exhibit at the Franklin Institute and who am I do say no to that?

Off we went to PA to have some fun. Apparently we were not the only ones out and about as we drove around for 30 minutes just trying to find parking before finally squeezing into a parking garage that was probably more full than it should have been. I feared they may have used a forklift and started to stacks cars on top of each other to fit them all in. It was that crowded. Then we headed to the Franklin Institute, after my niece asked my favorite dinosaur, as they were excited to see this exhibit again. I’d have to say it’s a toss up between a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus. More so in Robotic Form.

Dinobots transform.

After we made our way through the thralls of people we got up to the line to wait to get into the showing of the exhibit. Then we wanted in a second line, as the first line, was just the line to get to the door, then there was a line, inside the door waiting to go on. It seems that many, many people decided yesterday was a good day to go there. I guess schools being closed for Presidents day did not help matters.



I will admit  I  was not really expecting much from this exhibit. While I did the Pixar one last year, which was done really well, and say their Egypt exhibit, I did not have high hopes for this one. I was not expecting much there. Or in the sense of scale, and scope of it all. After arriving, we are greeted by a screen, and windows, that make it look like you are in a boat, arriving to this island, of misfit toys… oops, sorry, wrong franchise. Island of Dinosaurs,  so like a Dino Island? Where we are greeted by a video, of the local care taker of these dinos, and hear her story/spiel before going in. Right away you are greeted by foliage, and large, really large, dinosaur right out the gate. This little fellow right here, which I do believe is a Brachiosaurus. As you can see in the picture up above he is quite large in scale.



Onward we went seeing many more dinosaurs, such as the Raptors, and the T-Rex, who is only grumpy because he can not lace up his new pair of Jordans he just bought. He spent over a hundred bucks on them, but can not reach the laces, and none of his dino friends will help him out. So he keeps tripping, and all the other dinosaurs just laugh and point at him, and not help out. Poor little guy, just wants to tie his new kicks and can’t.

There were many elements from the movie there, from the Raptor in the cage, to even the creation room. Where they are preparing the eggs for omelettes for breakfast. I mean, look at those eggs, they are huge. They could easily feed whole family with just one, or Shaq himself.

This is where they cook the dinos like hot dogs.

After the exhibit is, of course the gift shop, where everything is over priced, like 30 dollars for a t-shirt that I could buy at hot topic for half of that. We got some food, and walked around a little seeing what else we could hit. We tried to see the giant human heart, which was crowed, and we did not have time to see. Which is heartbreaking. Bada boom tshhhh. Then we went to the brain, which was not that crowded, because well lets face it, no one is really using their brains these days. After that we headed back to our cars, and headed home after a fun spent day looking at dinosaurs.

A great way to start my vacation. I did not have my big camera and only had my cell phone. So I did not take the best photos and did not get to capture everything.





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