Adventures in going out: Week 52

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A quick google search to check my math on how many weeks are in a year has yielded me the answer of 52. Which means… dun dun dunnnnnnn. This week was a year of adventuring. Yayyyyyy! Wooooooo!! Hurrah!! It is hard to believe that this has actually happened. That I did it. I followed through with it. I stuck to it. Even when I did not want to. Even when it seemed scary. I kept going to. And I did it. I will create a new post in the coming days with a write up about the whole adventure and how it went and what I learned. For now this final week or the year long trek for me.

This week I did not waste any time going out to adventure. This week started on Monday where I went out to the Franklin Institute and saw the Jurassic World exhibit, which I already wrote about, so won’t go into it again. Wednesday saw me attending development class, to better myself and my abilities. Thursday was an interesting night. I went to a person who is a channel for Angels and spiritual beings, and she was channeling Archangel Gabriel, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. It’s always an interesting night when I attend one of her workshops. She is an amazing person, and the energies she brings forth with the Archangels, and ascended beings. Always eye opening. That was a fun night with a great group of people.


This week was also gorgeous weather all week long. I’m talking high 60’s to even 70’s. So on Friday I went out with a friend to a place called Strawbridge lake. It’s somewhat local, and we were able to get out, go outside, and enjoy the incredible weather. So much so that I got sunburn. Sunburn in February. I don’t recall that ever happening before. It was such a lovely day out. The fish were jumping. And they were jumping so high you could see the fish as they broke the surface of the water. Which was pretty neat, and scary all at once. It seemed at some point they were going to climb up on land and fish for humans. That night I went out and got an angel card reading done, at On Angel Wings. The reading was very accurate and spot on and has me pondering about much. Then I went out with friends to Brickwall Tavern for some food and laughs. A great way to end a great year of adventuring. On the way there we past an apartment, and through the window we could see the Christmas tree was still up. I’m all for keeping the holiday spirit going. Who cares if it’s the end of February and almost Easter.

Yet that was not the end of the week for me as on Saturday I would attend a refresher Reiki Master course. Where I got to sit down and chat with fellow Reiki masters to talk about Reiki and helping and working with others with it. It was a fun experience, and the energies were high from the Reiki energy. Which wiped me out after wards and I just relaxed and enjoyed another incredible week. With an even busier week planned for this week.



3 thoughts on “Adventures in going out: Week 52

    Mindfump said:
    February 26, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Well done – one whole year! 😀

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