Goodbye 2017… Hello 2018.

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Wow! What a year in the books for me, and hopefully for you as well. It’s crazy to think that 2017 is coming to an end. And 2018 is getting ready to pounce on us. It feels like the year just started, and now, it’s over faster than Christmas break when you are a kid. This year had a lot of firsts for me, and I did things in 2017 that I never thought I would.

It’s been two years since I started my journey of healing my life, and changing everything. I never thought where I am today would be where I would end up. When I started this journey I was alone. Sure, I had a small selection of close friends, but it was just me. This was a journey I had to take. This was something I had to do for myself. I needed to do it. I set out to change my life. I set out to go beyond my anxiety. I set out to go beyond my depression. I set out to live my life and be more than an anxious/depressed person. I was not living up to my potential. I was not living at all. I was existing. I was going through the motions. Day in. Day out. Repeat.

Over the course of those two years I met so many incredible people. So many people came into my life. And have changed my life in so many ways. People that believed in me. Without really fully knowing me. They say something within me. Something that I didn’t even see. And they helped push me into more in life. Into stepping more into my authentic self. They didn’t have to. Yet they chose to. Because they believed in me. Having someone who believes in you. Who understands you. Can take you to so many places within yourself in life. They are rare people to have. I am blessed for having so many of them. All because I chose to step out of my comfort zone. Literally and metaphorically.

2017 saw me step out more into my own thing and into doing more. In 2016, I set out to go on an adventure once a week for a whole year. That really got the ball moving for me. That really helped me go out of my comfort zone and really face my anxiety. 2017 I would take that energy that I created and utilize it for even more. 2017 I started to do my own events where I would do angel card readings at these events for an entire day. Doing those events I got to meet even more people and really take myself out there. And in some of those events I got to do them with a person I have become good friends with. We even started doing FB live shows together every week where we do one card pulls. So not only have I put myself out there, I have no started to do live video shows every week. Take about being out of your comfort zone. I still have not really watched them. There is just something weird about watching yourself.

2017 also saw me rent space out of a wonderful building to do Reiki healing sessions with people, as well as doing card readings out of. That has been such an enlightening thing to help people heal themselves and their lives. Many of those who have come through those doors for healing have been those that have been inspired by this blog. It is such an honor to have played any part in someone’s healing and journey. I am truly blessed. My and my friend, Beth, who I do the live shows with, also do a monthly crystal bowl and Reiki session. That has been filling up well and even has sold out a few times. Always a positive experience and I am constantly blown away by Reiki and what it can do.

2017 wasn’t also without its challenges. Not everything went as well as I would have hoped or as smoothly as it should have. As it also had a sidestep or two. I call it a sidestep as it didn’t knock me down for long, or set me back. It taught me things I needed to learn to better my growth. 2017 would be the first time, in a decade, that I would get up the courage to date someone. Yes, it literally had been that long. I am not ashamed of my journey. It is how things went for me. When you live in fear for so long, you don’t really push the envelope. You don’t get the things you want because you don’t try for those things. You watch everyone else get them. Of course, I have also been unlucky in love. Somehow I seem to always meet the wrong people. 2017 was no exception to that. They helped show me that love does exist out there and I can find it. Just that they were not the right person for me. Being an empath we want to help everyone. But there are some people we cannot help. They must help themselves. Or they will take you down with them. I know my own self worth now and I know I am worthy of good things. So 2017 was a sidestep for my relationships. But I know now that I deserve good things even in relationships. I know that someone better is out there. And now I will be able to enjoy things with them.

So goodbye to 2017, you have taught me a lot, and showed me somethings I did not want to see. I had many ups and a few downs. I got hurt. Really hurt. But I am stronger now. I know my worth and now I deserve happiness. We all do. I will work harder in 2018 for an even better year for myself. Who knows what or who 2018 will bring to me. All I can do is stay open and enjoy the ride.

There will be even more firsts in the new year for me, as me and my friend do our first Spirit Gallery in 2018, where we bring messages from guides and loved ones to people in a group setting. I look forward to 2018 with hope and optimism.

Here’s to 2018, I feel it will be a year of endings… But also of great new beginnings. So make 2018 a new year and a new you. It may just be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.


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