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Adventure time: Washington Crossing State Park

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I decided to keep the ball rolling yesterday on my adventuring, and decided to take myself out to a state park. To get out, enjoy the nice weather, and just have some fun. I had. I where in particular to go, so I went to google, and did a quick search on state parks. One of the hits was to Washington State Park, which was not too far from me. So off I went. To where George Washington is said to have crossed the Delaware to come into Trenton, during the revolution. 

Upon arriving I went to the little museum to check out history. It’s always so neat to see such things. I am very fond of those old time periods. Where life was simple. I enjoy those simpler times. There is just a majestic beauty it. Don’t get my wrong, I would never survive back then. I enjoy the luxuries that we all take for granted today, such as air conditioner. I would be a hot mess without it. Let alone the advancements we have in medicine today, over what they used for surgery back then. No thank you. Sadly, I was not able to take pictures inside the museum. All that I saw, will be a memory for ever. Or until I lose my memory. Which ever comes first. 

There was plenty of paths to take. I passed a couple buildings, but sadly they were not open. Until eventually I came across the place where the crossing happening. There is a lovely bridge you can take, that takes you over the road and down to the water. 

And there it was, the famous crossing site of George Washington… I think they may have exaggerated the story some over the years. I’m no Michael Phelps but I think I can cross that little bit of water quite easily. I kid of course. I am told that was just a little canal. I canal believe it myself. See what I did there? Puns are fun, or should I say puny? No?! Moving on. 

Right past that little canal was much more water, which I assume is the actual place he crossed. Maybe. I wasn’t there back then so I have no clue where he exactly passed. The sign said it was 13 miles, all the way around it, and I wasn’t that interested to see it, to walk that. So I went about my way and kept walking, and enjoyed the rest of my day outside in the sun, and having fun. 

Before heading back home, after a fun filled weekend of adventuring. Before going to Barnes And Noble and picking up a stuffed Totoro. Just because. If you have never seen My Neighbor Totoro, I highly recommend it. Or any Studio Ghibli film. And no, I am not too old for toys, or stuffed animals for that matter. He know guards me while I sleep. It’s the simple things in life that make me smile. 

That’s it for this weekends adventures hopefully next weekend I can get out and adventure somewhere else. It was nice to get out and adventure and go to new places I’ve never beje before. As well as see a piece of history. 


Adventure Time: Smithville Historic Park

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While I have been very active these days it’s been a good time since I got out there and really took myself on an adventure. Mind you I have done plenty, I went up to the Poconos again and went horseback riding for the first time in my life. So I am remained busy and remained going places. It was nice to get back out there and really take myself on an adventure, as I have missed it. This week I happened to be on vacation, and did not have anything really planned. So I decided to make the best of it and get myself back to those adventures that really turned my life around.

Whitall House

I have gone to a few places this week so far. I went to a local lake and enjoyed the fresh air and water. I headed back to Redbank Battlefield, which I have been to many times in the past. There is something about that place. It draws me to it and I love being there. Down by the water, and just enjoying the sights. The main house, Whitall manor, is an interesting place. I have only been in there once, but this time, was the first time being there, since I become more open, and embraced my gifts instead of shutting them down. The house itself has so much energy. Just being near it, you can really feel it. As soon as I got near the home, I could feel it. It really hit my right in the chest. There is also a sense of sadness within the energy. It has been said, the place is active with spirits, that have died during the Revolutionary war, when the house was used as makeshift hospital. It is said to be more active in the higher floors, that were not open to the public when I went in there once last year. I need to get back into their, and really check it out, and see what I feel and pick up. That ought to be an interesting time.

Smithville Mansion

So my next adventure that I had taken, was to Smithville Historic Park, in Mount Holly. I had been to this place once before. Which you can read about, here. This place was my first stop when I started my adventure of going out so very long ago, back in March of 2016. 15 months ago. It was nice to go back to where it all started for me and just take a stroll through it all again. I have come such a long way in the past 15 months, to be back to where it all started was kind of a surreal feeling. When I took that first adventure I was very nervous. While I had been making great strides in my health and healing, and had just come off of a week in the Poconos, it was different to take myself out, on my own, into an unknown territory and continue to do it weekly for a year.

I had much to learn and open up to during that journey. While I was feeling better physically I still had to work on the mental aspects of my healing, and in working on the fear and anxiety that was controlling me and my life. So I came up with going on a weekly journey to push myself into new places in life. Something I had never done before. It wasn’t something that just happened for me. I didn’t just get out there and all that fear disappeared, no, I had to work on it. I had to work through it. For me I learned the only way I was getting through it, was to go through it. To face it head on. Which to me, was ironic, because I had always struggled with that concept. I had always fought the idea of facing fear to heal fear. To me that was a crazy concept and I could never do that. I have learned through that journey that I was completely wrong with how I viewed things in life and my life.

“I saw the sign. It opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.”


For me, and I am sure many other people in the same shoes, I would spend countless hours asking for a miracle. Asking for a sign that we are being heard. Begging for help. Begging for the strength to get through another day. Begging for the courage to get through things. Begging for a miracle. Begging for help and healing. I was one of those people. I begged, and I pleaded, and hoped for a miracle. I hoped I would be given the strength and the courage to do it. To be able to live a normal life. And what I found, was surprising and shocking to me. I found that I had the strength, I had the courage, within me, all along. All I needed was the opportunities to see it myself. That was the greatest thing I found within myself through all this adventuring. Was that I could do it. I had the strength to do it. I was courageous and brave when in the face of scary things. I just had to believe in myself and what I could do. When I realized this truth within myself was when the real healing could occur. It was then that I could get out of my own way, out of my head, and allow myself to see things I never even knew existed within myself and within the world. It was then that my whole life changed and spiraled and snowballed into more and more.

My life has changed and improved so much and for the better in the past two years than I have ever seen in my life, for the entirety of it all. All because I dared to challenge the status quo of the life I created for myself. All because I knew I needed to and had to change my life. I had to changed everything. I could no longer sit idly by and let life pass me by. I could no longer not live life. And I was willing to do whatever it took to get there.

It was a triumphant moment in my life to return to where it all started, and this time, in a better state of being than when I first visited there. Where there was no fear about being there. There was no anxiety about how long I would be there. Or if I was able to do it. I was able to be there, be present in my adventure, and just enjoy myself and what I was doing. Walking, admiring, sitting on benches, and just enjoying life. It is a well earned victory for me. To enjoy life. To enjoy myself. Next time I return here I will need to take a tour of the mansion and the buildings, as I have not really explored them. I really spent my time walking around through the trails through the woods. Next time. There is now a next time. I can say that, and not dread it. I can enjoy myself. Finally.


Adventures in Gettysburg

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Back in 2016 I set off on what I like to call, an epic adventure. I explored the world and life for what felt like the first time. And I had fun in the process. This journey surprised me in so many ways. I learned about myself, met so many people, and did many things for the first time. My journey is only just beginning and I look forward to where it will take me in the future. 

I have not stopped exploring the world. I continue to visit and do new things and see new places. This past weekend was. I exception. Where I would go off to Gettysburg, for a psychic event, that I would be a vendor at, offering chair Reiki. It was cold. The day before it was 90, then the next day, it dropped to six. So there was not many people in attendance. Sadly, I got no sign ups for Reiki. Which, I won’t lie, was a little disappointing. Hopefully not a trend of things to come in the future. This was the third event of the year that I have been a vendor at. I would have never believed it to be so. 

Then on the last day there, I did some exploring of the Battlegrounds. Let me tell you, they are breathtaking and overwhelming, to see so much history all at once. To just be in the spot where a major, and bloody, battle took place. As a sensitive person, empath, I can feel the emotions and energies of the environment and the people. You could feel at times the energy that was still there. The heaviness and the pain. The sadness. Luckily, I did not feel too much, as it could easily have been overbearing. 

There was so many paths and things to see that I did not get to see it all. I did get to capture an evp, of a disembodied voice, answering a question I asked, and saying no, which was pretty cool. Which can be heard, here.  
Hopefully I can get out there again and explore some more. To be able to drive out there, have some fun, and not be worried about anxiety and fear, is an amazing thing. I also had to check it Sheetz, while I was out there. Where I live we have WaWa, so had to see this other place. They are very similar, but think WaWa has more variety to it. 

I look forward to my next adventure and vacation. Keep moving forward to new things. I would love to go to Salem, and check that out. One day perhaps. Unless I win the lottery. 

Adventures in going out: Week 29

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The You can’t do that on television edition.

This week’s adventure has been brought to you by the letter “J” and the number “4.” If your ticket has those two things on it, you may already be a winner. Since you are reading this, you are already a winner in my books. So cherish that for the rest of your life. I know I will. And don’t think ab0ut selling that good feeling I just gave you, it’s non-transferable.

This week I had my second Reiki session on Monday, and it was another incredible session. A lot was cleared out within me which allowed me to let go of some things to make room for new things. That is what this journey of mine has been all about. Letting go of things that no longer serve my highest good. These Reiki sessions have been great for helping my clear out junk from my self. They have left me with such great feelings and lots of peace and serenity. I now of things I also have to work on in my healing and development to a better person and live a better life. So I look forward to going deeper within myself to heal and love myself. I have a lot of loving to do and accept within myself. Being anxious and fearful for so long, love becomes on the things we lose in regards to ourselves. We start to reject and detest ourselves. Now I am working to put the pieces back into the puzzle of my life and the biggest piece I am working with now, is self love. That one will take time. Luckily I have plenty of time.

After that I spent time relaxing and enjoying myself and life as I was working through the healing and releasing stuff. Which then brought me to my weekly adventures out in the wilds, like a Pokemon. If I were a Pokemon, I’d be a cool one. I’d be a like a Bat…Man. Bada boom. tshhhhhhhhh.(Don’t laugh at my jokes, you will just encourage me to make more of them. And we both don’t want that… Or do we?)


There was no where in mind for me to go so I did a quick google search of things to do, looking high and low.  And then stumbled upon a historic village called Allaire. It was said to be a haunted village which was the real reason I wanted to check it out. After I first arrived it looked as though it was not open so I had decided then to head back to where I had come from. Before seeing a second entrance that I checked out, and found a parking lot with some cars in it, but nothing around. So I drove it little bit further down another road and found another parking lot with a ton of cars. Yes, it was a tad excessive to have so many parking places before finding the core of this place.

Off I went into the thick of this old historic village. Or is it ye olde historic village? There was a few places to check out and explore, I was disappointed that they did not allow photos to be taken inside the buildings. I guess they figured the stuff was so old that the flash of a camera would turn it into dust. Which in my opinion would have made the experience so much more cooler.  Many of the places were little shoppes selling old time toys and glass ware, and even a functioning bakery. Though I did not see them bake anything, so it could have been a farce. These buildings all seemed to be in good condition after all of these years. There was even a couple there who got married at the chapel. I will admit I would never have thought to get married in a historic village like this. So way to think outside the box, bride and groom. And here’s to a happy and long marriage to you two.

After seeing all of the buildings I could see I stumbled upon a flea market that was also there. I bought a ticket and checked it out. There was a lot of old trinkets, and gadgets, signs, and wood workings, but not a single flea was found. I was a tad disappointed. It felt like I did not get what I paid for with my ticket. I suppose I will survive.

I then made my way back towards my home and did some toy shopping for my nephews birthday party tomorrow. It was another lovely day with some nice cool weather. A good one to end the week. Tomorrow I have a party to go to, and next weekend me and some friends are thinking of going to a retro convention in Oaks Pa. It looks to be another good and fun week.


Sadly I also saw no ghosts.


Adventures in going out: Week 27

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The Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering, edition.

It’s Saturday and you are reading this right now, that can only mean one thing… I was thwarted by those mangy kids, and was not successful in taking over the world. I’ll get you next time, Gadget.

Today was the first time in months where the sun stopped relenting to much, backup off of the Earth, and allowed a spell of cooling. Of course there is also a storm named, Hermine, which apparently was not a Harry Potter character, to contend with. Luckily it is not raining here. At this moment. So that means the weather is a nice 70, after being 90 every weekend since June, and was good to go out. So that it is what I decided to do. To go out and stretch my ol’ sea legs and go out and adventure. This time being the first in weeks to really get out there and do something new. I had forgotten all about the excitement of finding a place to go, and going to a new place and seeing it for the first time. I have been to Red Bank Battlefield a few times this year, and love it, more and more each time I go. So I decided to check out another place that was similar in design, Princeton Battlefield park. A place where American and British troops battled it out in 1777, on a giant chess board, with giant chess pieces,  where the winner got to drink tea and eat crumpets, while the loser had to sit in the corner, and think about what they did. Wouldn’t history be so much more fun to learn if that’s actually how it happened?


I walked around looking at all the sights, this place is more open grass, and trees, as opposed to Red Bank. This trip was also the first time since my trip to D.C. that I took my camera with me, and got some good pictures. Like that wonderful purple flower. OK, it may be a weed, but look at that gorgeous shot. I mean. Look at it. Stare in awe and wonder at the shot of the weed. Go on, I’ll wait. Really, you actually stared at the picture of a weed. And now, your life is complete. You know it is. You don’t want to admit it to yourself, but deep down, I mean really really deep down, you’re smiling on the inside.

I then walked around enjoying the lovely weather for a change, enjoying the lovely nature, and the trees, and grass. I checked out all the little plaques telling me about the epic chess game American and Britain played back in the day. And took some pictures. Enjoying my Saturday, the weather, and being outside exploring the world.


I then came across a burial marker, and stopped to take a picture of it. After looking at the picture after I got home, I saw those interesting “mists” over it. Wondering if maybe I captured some spirit that was still around this place. I did not feel anything there, but I did have a feeling not to really go back around that area too much. Either way, it’s a cool shot. Before I headed back home, to relax and enjoy the nice weather and evening. Another perfect end to a great week. Tomorrow I go out and take a development class that I am looking forward to, and have another busy week planned this week. This month is packed with a ton of fun things to do. And I can not wait to do them all.