Jumping on the horse again…

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Wow! I can’t believe this is the first post of the new year. Yay! 2018, it’s a New Year! Ooops, it’s March 11. I’m a tad late on that one. LOL.

This year has flown by really fast. We’re almost a third of the year in. And I am ashamed to say, I have not done a whole lot this year. This year, I have been having a lot, lot, lot of down time. That’s not to say I have done nothing this year. I have managed to go to the diner a few times with friends. I have continued to do Reiki, alongside my friend Beth, one Monday a month. I have not really done any events this year, like I did last year. I had a few tables at some expos here and there. So far I have not done any. My first table I will have will be in April.

I have not done much exploring or adventuring in a little bit now. And yet, I miss it. I do miss the adventure. The going to new places. Doing new things. See and experiencing new things. It is always a rush to be out there. Going somewhere you’ve never seen before, doing something you’ve never done before. Hopefully when the weather starts to improve more, I will be able to get out more often. It seems like just yesterday when I took myself out on a weekly adventures.  Yet it’s been over a year ago since I set out on those adventures to really change my life around. So many has changed. So much is different and so much is becoming so much more.

Last night I was able to take myself out for an adventure for the first time, in quite a while now. Last night, I was able to attend a public paranormal investigation. In Medford NJ.  In a historic building, for the first time ever that it’s really been investigated. The building is a wonderful place. It goes back to around the turn of 1900’s. If not older than that. Current estimates have the building at being constructed in 1904. So needless to say it has seen quite a lot of traffic over the years. With many various occupants coming and going. It was fun to be in there, after hours, with the lights of, with groups of people, and just get in there, and really feel the energy of the place. Being sensitive to energies, being an empath, there was plenty to pick up on, and feel. I was able to sense and pick up one some of the spirits that were in the place, and was able to learn a little bit about them, through learning about the place. So it was nice to have some validation to what I was feeling and picking up. Sadly, I forgot my recorder to record some of it. I did use my phone, and have not had a chance to listen to anything yet.

It was quite the night, and was lot of fun to be out there with groups of people. I had fun investigating an historic building, and hopefully in the future I can get out and visit some more. It’s time to get back on the horse again, and have fun, and get back to enjoying life.


Adventure Time: World Apostolate of Fatima

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Today was one of those days that was very impromptu, but at the same time very needed. I just had to get out. I just had to go on an adventure. I need it. It has been too long since my last adventure and it was much needed for me to go. So I did what I needed to do. I went out and had some fun, and it was much needed. Of course this journey was a solo journey, but I just had to get out. So I wasted no time in getting out.

Last weekend I went to St Rita’s Shrine in Philadelphia with my girl friend, and enjoying the place we visited I opted to return to a similar place as we went to last weekend. Of course I will add I am not a religious person. In fact I do not agree with the church in many of its teachings. They use to much fear, and doom and gloom, and not enough love and compassion for people. Growing up for a few years, I was an altar boy, and even attended Catholic school, per my parents. But I never found any connection or calling to the church. It never really did anything for me. As I grew older I become more spiritual and followed the ways of Spirit, and love. I do still connect with the angels, such as Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, etc, and with love, that to me, is God. Faith is a personal thing, so what works for you, is what works for you. So it may seem surprising that I would go to a shrine, or a chapel. I will not deny that churches are beautifully designed. As an artist myself I can enjoy places that are beautiful. These shrines are no exception to that.


After last week’s fun, I decided to go to another shrine. This time it was The World Apostolate of Fatima, in Asbury NJ. While I may not connect to the church these days, going to catholic school has given me a basic understanding of such places, and people of interest in that faith. While I may not connect with the church, and religion for that matter, I do connect with Mother Mary. Believe it or not Mother Mary has played a huge role in my life in changing things around. Back before I really had my awakening, and really changed my life around, it was dreams I had of Mother Mary that really woke me up, and started to bring new things into my life. I had not been much of a believer in my life, or even strong in faith, until that time. When I had those dreams. It was only natural that I visit a shrine dedicated to her apparition in Fatima one hundred years ago. It was on the 99th anniversary of that apparition, that I had the dreams about her, so it was even more memorable for me to visit her shrine. It has been this journey that has shown me the world, and living, is so much bigger than I could have ever imagined or fathomed.


This place was incredible. The energy, and atmosphere was lovely. The place was larger than I could have imagined. There is a lot of land, and property, and big open spaces to walk around, and just take it all in. There was a path, or two, or three to take, where you could see statues, and plaques, of the stations of the cross. Where you can sit down, and just pay your respect, or meditate, pray. Whatever the mood struck to you. Each station is replicated with a statue depicting the various stations. After you walk the path, there is also a rosary path. Which, I would only imagine is for praying the rosary, which Mother Mary is associated with… Or, its a path for people named Rose. In all honesty, that wasn’t clear.

Mother Mary

After walking the paths for about an hour or so, I kind of lost track of time, as I got engrossed in it all. I headed up towards another little building, which is said to be a replica of the chapel from around where she made her apparition so long ago. Where I lit a candle. I then checked out the gift shop before heading back home. And driving the hour and a half drive back. Where not even Google Maps could figure out where it was going. I did not see the whole place, while there. Even after spending 2 hours there, I did not check out the chapel itself, and another building that was there. I guess I will have to make another trip out there. It was a lovely outing and I had a lot of fun there. Surprisingly. Will I start singing, kumbaya? Doubtful, but you never know. I will say as a child going to church with my family, they used to have live music, and someone would play the acoustic guitar. It was then that I fell in love with the acoustic guitar, and always wanted to learn to play it. I begged and begged my parents to buy me a guitar, and one day they did… Turns out my laziness trumped my desire to play the guitar. True story.

After visiting there, I stopped by some friends at their shop, and hung out with them, and just had some lovely conversation. And now I sit here and smile, thinking how far I have come, and how much I have changed my life for the better. How at one time this was not even possible for me. I am blessed and thankful for every step of it, and those that have come into my life and blessed me even more.

That’s it for this week’s adventure.

Adventures in going out: Week 49

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The welcome to the Twilight Zone edition.

I have not had much to really say these past couple weeks so my blog posts have been few and far between. While there has been plenty going on in my life they just did not get blog posts to go along with them. Hopefully that picks up again.

This week was another good one, I looked forward to much of it. As Tuesday I was able to meet with some friends, enjoy they company, and work on our development together. Followed by development class on Wednesday.

The real bread and butter of the week was that I was going to a place called, Under the Moon, for a little paranormal investigating. I have mentioned before that I had been wanting to do some so I was finally able to participate in it.

It was quite the interesting experience to see this all being done in person as opposed to on TV. Luckily I was able to go with some friends of mine which made it a better experience than had I would have gone with complete strangers. It was neat seeing some of the equipment in person, the ghost box, which captures sound frequencies, and the other doodads that I have no idea what they are called. They would light up when the static electricity of energy would affect it.

Being empathic I am able to sense the energies of a room, feel the vibrations of certain things, and in the case of spirit, I can feel the energy of them. Which is a form of clairsentience, clear feeling. So I was able to pick up quite a few sensations here and there. From a racing heart, to headaches, a stickiness of energy. As well as twisting in the gut. I will admit it is pretty wild to be able to sense and feel such sensations like. Of course it’s also very tiring to do, as it wears me out at times.

I was not able to pick up more than that mainly because I was not really engaging with my abilities, as there was probably a little fear to do so. I am not sure what exactly that fear is, but it is another thing I need to work on, letting go of my fears, and not holding myself back in all that I can do. I did at one time pick up a name of “Chris” but had nothing more than that. As I did not try to get more.

So I am glad to have been able to get out and do this to see it up close and personal like that. Not sure if I will get out to do one more. But I have not ruled it out.

On an unrelated note I was able to pick up my own crystal bowl, 8″, that vibrates to the note F. Which is used for the heart chakra. I have much healing and releasing from that center of my body. So it was a good start for me. Hopefully in time, I will be able to acquire a whole set of them. Since I love the crystal bowls. They have been so instrumental in helping me heal. Speaking of healing I will be doing two Reiki sessions on clients this week. I am looking forward to that. Reiki has been so wonderful for me, and it will be incredible to share that with others. Hopefully I will be able to continue offering sessions to more people in the future.


Adventures in going out: Week 46

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The “Wolf” full moon.

The Get loose. Footloose edition.

Another week has come and gone and the memories will live on. (Hey, that rhymed.) This week was another success, was a lot of fun, and certainly what I needed after the few weeks I was having.

This week was a fun week. That started, Tuesday,  with a meetup with some friends from classes I have taken, where we just sat around, talked about our experiences and just let loose. It’s always a good time when we all get together. And this time was no different. Many laughs were had and were needed to get this week going on a high note. Especially since I am now having to work one night out of the week at 3 AM for the next couple weeks or so.

Then Thursday a group of us go together to just mediate, raise our vibrations, and just work on ourselves and our development. Just taking it all in and enjoying the process of unfurling ourselves. I still have my many walls, and holding those walls, that prevent me from really going deep within myself, but this wonderful group of people are really helping me to chisel away at that wall, brick by brick, and I look forward to what is on the other side.

Friday I was able to attend an messages from your Angels event and was able to get an oracle card/tarot reading for myself, to get some direction in life. Which was needed and enjoyed. After that was an impromptu gathering with some people in a tavern for a few hours, just laughing, talking, and enjoying good company. It’s amazing to think how not to long ago, the idea of doing such a thing, would have driven me up the wall with fear, and I would have declined the offer as fast as I would have received it. It’s nice to live a life where I don’t have to hide in fear and I can actually do something like this and just life. As they say we all die one day but not all of us truly live. It’s good to finally be on the path of living.

Then along came a spider, and Saturday… Thankful, there was no spider. As I would have ran away screaming from that. Yes, I do not like spiders. I don’t think they like me, and I am OK with that. It was supposed to snow, sadly, there was no snow to be found. Which was disappointing. So before the snow was supposed to happen I took myself to the movies to see the latest Underworld movie. Brood Wars, I think is the tagline. The movie was OK. Not the greatest movie, but not the worst movie. I would give it was 2.5 out of 5 stars. The first two Underworld movies were good, IMO, and then, the franchise just fizzled out. I don’t think anyone was expecting, or even wanting a fourth movie, and yet, her was the fifth one. Which is said to be the last one.. But you never know. Hollywood will probably reboot the franchise. The highlight for me, was not the movie itself, but that out of the corner of my eye in the theater, was a spirit walking around. Only saw it briefly, and did not see the details of it, just the white shadow. So that was pretty neat experience. I’m not normally in this theater.

All in all it was a fun week, with lots of laughs, and many memories were made, and another brick of my wall was removed. Life is going places now.

Adventures in going out: Week 37

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The Burger Time edition.

Today marks the first time since starting my weekly adventures that I am writing about it the next week, on a Sunday. And it’s for a great reason. As yesterday’s adventures was pretty much all day. From 10 am, and ending at 10 Pm. I would not have ever thought I’d see something like that. What makes it even more incredible is that all of the things I did, involved other people. Most of my journeys in the start had been solo journeys, and lately many of them became group events. I am so thankful for this journey.

This weeks’ journey started on Wednesday where I went to a meetup with people from one of my classes. We had wonderful conversations, much of our talk of course, was the elections. So there was certainly a lot of heated energy with that one.

Then on Friday and Saturday I would attend an Archangel Gabriel workshop. Gabriel has been one of the Archangels that has played such a prominent role in my journey. And the way this all came together was incredible. Of course it was on 11-11 as well. So there was those energetic energies, on top of the approaching full moon, the largest full moon in like decades. Can’t wait to see that and get some pics. I have always loved the moon. And of course, Archangel Gabriel is the angel of the moon. No coincidences, right? The workshops were incredible, a night and a day, of some crystal bowls, great people, and a wonderful atmosphere. It’s amazing to see how far my journey has taken  me and how far I have come with it. How much these people have impacted me and have shown me and helped me much.

After my workshop me and some friends, went to go check out Batsto Cemetery. That was an interesting experience. They tell me it was very, very active. I put up a lot of shields going out there. I guess it was the first reaction to such a thing. And those shields really worked, and really kept me safe. So much so that someone that was there with me could feel the shields. It’s always good to be able to have that validation that something is working like that. Of course with all that shielding I was not able to pick up anything really. The people I was with was using a spirit box, and it was able to pick up a few things, which was neat to witness. I’ve never really seen any of the equipment up close like that. So that was nice. After that we went to check out a another place that has spirit activity. Then we called it a night. It was a great night. I went completely out of my comfort zone, for the entire day. Even more incredible was that I had a passenger in my car the whole time. I don’t usually do that. I am very picky about people being in my car and to let my guard down enough, to relax enough, to allow another into my personal space, was great for me. It was something I really needed to remind me of all the fun that can be had within the world when I am not shutting it all down. So this week’s journey was huge for me in so many ways. It gives me hope in what I can do in my life.


Adventures in going out: Week 36.

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The get up and dance edition.

This post here marks the 90th post on this blog. To commemorate I decided to go out for the 36th week in a row. 36 weeks. 9 months of weekly shenanigans. That is amazing!

This week was a fun week as I was all over the place. It started on Tuesday, which is known as The Flash Tuesday. Sadly, I did not get to see The Flash that night, but it was well worth missing it that night. I went out with some friends to Mastoris in Bordentown, NJ. It was a little dinner. Well, technically it was a LARGE dinner, but you get the idea of it. We had a lovely little dinner, and during the meal, we all felt the presence of a spirit that had come around when we were talking. From what we could gather and feel, the spirit was a male spirit. That lived around the 1800’s. A man of the land, not really a hobo, a drifter perhaps. We think he had lost his child back then. Before we sent him to the light to where he belonged. It was possible that another spirit was picked up as well. Of course we do not know much about the land to know who the spirit was, or validate our feelings/impressions. My friend lovingly, calls us the “spirit 5.” When we are together our energy just seems to bring forth such things.

After dinner we went to Halloween Street in Bordentown where the houses were decorated for Halloween. This years theme was spiders. Gross! Who ever picked spiders as a theme. The houses were fun to look at, and walk around. One of them, had a display of 400 or so carved pumpkins. All types of designs. I snag a few pics of them. My favorite had to have been Marty McFly and Doc Brown, and then the Starwars ones. Since Halloween was over they were giving away the pumpkins to anyone who wanted them and would donate the rest to be food for animals at a zoo. All in all it was a fun night out with friends. It’s always a fun time with us, together. Having fun. Whether it’s reading oracle cards or in this case, random spirit encounters. We plan to go check out Batsto cemetery next weekend, and I am looking forward to that one.

Wednesday night I had a third Reiki session and as always it was an amazing experience. Healing, and clearing out old junk from my self and my energy. All helping me to open up more and have a happier healthier life.


Which lead me to my Saturday escapades to romp around and have fun with. I had a sound healing session with gongs being done at the place I get my Reiki from. I had felt called to get that done. It was certainly an interesting experience feeling all the vibrations of the gongs being struck, and the energy vibrating through me. Another lovely healing session. I enjoy them all. They have helped me in so many ways. Of course they are also tiring when they are done as the body adjusts and heals. I was ready just to go to bed earlier tonight.

Before that I would decide to go to the movies and see Dr. Strange. Marvel’s latest flick. I went at a 10:40 am showing, and I honestly don’t think I have ever been to the movies that early before. So that was a nice new experience and the movie was a lot of fun. Certainly a very strange, see what I did there, and trippy movie to see.

All in all another successful and fun week. This coming week I have a workshop to attend on Friday and Saturday morning. It’s an Archangel Gabriel workshop, on 11:11. Ought to have a lot of good energy at that. Then some shenanigans with my friends. That I look forward to. Next Sunday there is a crystal bowl meditation that I will probably attend. I always enjoy those. Never know what will come up and open up within me.