Adventure time: Washington Crossing State Park

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I decided to keep the ball rolling yesterday on my adventuring, and decided to take myself out to a state park. To get out, enjoy the nice weather, and just have some fun. I had. I where in particular to go, so I went to google, and did a quick search on state parks. One of the hits was to Washington State Park, which was not too far from me. So off I went. To where George Washington is said to have crossed the Delaware to come into Trenton, during the revolution. 

Upon arriving I went to the little museum to check out history. It’s always so neat to see such things. I am very fond of those old time periods. Where life was simple. I enjoy those simpler times. There is just a majestic beauty it. Don’t get my wrong, I would never survive back then. I enjoy the luxuries that we all take for granted today, such as air conditioner. I would be a hot mess without it. Let alone the advancements we have in medicine today, over what they used for surgery back then. No thank you. Sadly, I was not able to take pictures inside the museum. All that I saw, will be a memory for ever. Or until I lose my memory. Which ever comes first. 

There was plenty of paths to take. I passed a couple buildings, but sadly they were not open. Until eventually I came across the place where the crossing happening. There is a lovely bridge you can take, that takes you over the road and down to the water. 

And there it was, the famous crossing site of George Washington… I think they may have exaggerated the story some over the years. I’m no Michael Phelps but I think I can cross that little bit of water quite easily. I kid of course. I am told that was just a little canal. I canal believe it myself. See what I did there? Puns are fun, or should I say puny? No?! Moving on. 

Right past that little canal was much more water, which I assume is the actual place he crossed. Maybe. I wasn’t there back then so I have no clue where he exactly passed. The sign said it was 13 miles, all the way around it, and I wasn’t that interested to see it, to walk that. So I went about my way and kept walking, and enjoyed the rest of my day outside in the sun, and having fun. 

Before heading back home, after a fun filled weekend of adventuring. Before going to Barnes And Noble and picking up a stuffed Totoro. Just because. If you have never seen My Neighbor Totoro, I highly recommend it. Or any Studio Ghibli film. And no, I am not too old for toys, or stuffed animals for that matter. He know guards me while I sleep. It’s the simple things in life that make me smile. 

That’s it for this weekends adventures hopefully next weekend I can get out and adventure somewhere else. It was nice to get out and adventure and go to new places I’ve never beje before. As well as see a piece of history. 


Adventures in going out: Week 38

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This over the rainbow edition.

This post is a tad late this week. That is really because I have not done much this week. Literally. The week started off on a high note on Sunday were I would attend another lovely Crystal Bowl Meditation, have some small little visions, and enjoy my day. The full moon, the largest moon in 70 years, was on its way, and I could feel its energy. Then come Monday afternoon while working I would start to feel myself get unwell.

I was originally going to go to a meetup with some friends but felt myself not feeling well so cancelled plans. Sure enough that night, I would get sick. High fever, chills, upset stomach. The whole whapshabang. At one time that night the fever hit as high as 103. Before coming down and settling at 101 for the next two days. While I was out from work and basically in bed for the rest of the week. I would spend those days watching Netflix, sleeping, and watching movies.

I guess I would have some sort of stomach bug as my stomach has become wrecked ever since. While the fever went away after a few days the stomach is taking much time healing itself. As such I have not done much as well. Other than watching TV, or play Skyrim. If I don’t fight those Dragons, no one will.

I have had to miss so much this week not being able to do much and basically being stuck in my home all this time. It’s funny how not so long ago being forced to stay in my home would have been heaven sent and yet now it seems so foreign to me.

I have not had my butt kicked by being sick like this in years so its been a big change of pace. And has been kind of boring at times being home so much. I never thought I’d utter those words in a sentence before. I guess I truly have changed.

Here’s hoping my stomach gets back to normal soon and I can fully return to my weekly shenanigans. Luckily I was able to go out on Sunday and still have had one weekly adventure.

Adventures in going out: Week 23

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The More than meets the eye edition.

This post can only mean one thing, I have succeeded in going in time and have successfully changed the past, without destroying the present. As far as  I know.  However I may have caused the rise of Donald Trump, sorry about that, but hey, I had fun time traveling…

Anyways, this is now week 23. Which, IMHO, is more exciting than the Summer Olympics. It also means it’s another outing into the wilds with only my boomerang, and slingshot. This week I started a little earlier than usual. On Thursday I went out to scope out a store 30 minutes away. People from my meditation class told me about this place, and invited me to a meetup there this coming Thursday, so I decided to check it out ahead of time. Picture that. Going to a random meetup, at a random building, with random people. A year ago that would have sent a shiver up my spine, and I would have been afraid that I had bitten off more than I could chew. I love being at a place where I do not have to hesitate about such a thing, or worry about it, or think of ways to getting out of it. Now I can go out there, and have fun, and meet new people. They are even having an 8 week class there starting in September that I am very interested in attending. I am doing so much, it’s like I am making up for lost time. The store was a lovely little store, easy to get to, and near places I have been before.

Then today I decided to take myself out again and get some fresh air, and some sunshine. Even if it was a little warmer than my liking. I went to a local park, Laurel Acres Park, and walked around for a little bit.Of course while there I ran into someone I work with, that works in one of my stores. The one thing people don’t really want to run into on their day off, people from work. At least I get on well with this individual, and was not my boss. We talked some video games, and then we went our separate ways. While walking out there it looked like the Zombie Apocalypse was upon us, as everyone was walking staring down at their cell phones, transfixed, and pretty much oblivious to the world around them. Kind of sad how dependent we are on technology.

All in all it has been a good week, and I look forward to meeting up with some friends, and make some new ones. The year has been incredible for me. It has shown me I can accomplish much in life, all I have to do is try. It gives me hope for other dreams that I put off for so long, like illustrating a children’s book. One of my life long dreams. And now, I have the courage, and the faith, to work to one day achieve it. Whether it takes me 2, 5, or 10 years. I have hope that one day I will reach that goal. Just need to hone my art to get it to a professional level. I can do that. If I can go on vacation by myself, a few states away, I can do this.

Adventures in going out: Week 22

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The I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today edition.

This post is my 50th blog post on this site. Toot toot, my own horn. Take that, procrastination.

Another week is coming to an end, and with it, the ending of a month as well. I can hardly believe that it is going to be August in two days. It feels/seems like just last month was January. This year has been rushing by, and I have been enjoying every moment of it. For a change. A very nice change. This year has been, the best year of my life. It is only going to get better for me. I have so much planned for this year, and there will be so much more to do and see. And I can not wait.

This week was the last of my meditation group that I started 8 weeks ago. A year ago I would have never thought it was possible to attend such a thing. It has been an incredible experience and I have met so many like minded people, and am building great friendships with these people. After our last class we all went out to a dinner to get some tea. It was such a freeing experience to be able to go out to that dinner with them, and have fun. Not having to sweat and be anxious about the idea of it. Not having to think of ways that I could get out of it. Not being fearful and anxious all the way to it. I was fine, and looked forward to it. Hopefully we will get to do that again more often. That there could have been enough of an outing for my weekly adventures, but I did not stop there.

The weather has not been that cooperative for me these past few days. It’s been raining, and thunder storming, and calling for floods, which has created a looming rain cloud over what I could or would do. See what I did there? I had no actual plans to where I was going so I thought I’d revisit a place that I went to in the start of my journey. Historic Smithville Park. So see how things are there now and see it again. Since during that time of this journey I was still getting my feet wet in going out. After getting near to this place I saw that there was no cars at it. Last time I was there, there was tons of cars, and activity. I don’t know if the place was closed or what. I was afraid to find out. I’ve seen scary movies. The good looking blond is always the first to go. So I didn’t want to take my chances in the woods, alone. Last time I did that. I almost never found my car again. So I decided to go somewhere else. I then remembered a store that the people from my class told me about, and so I went out to check it out. I was not intending to really spend money today, so I went in, trying to save my money.. That… Did not work out so well. This place had lots of lovely stuff, that I could not resist and ended up spending 21 bucks. I could have easily spent more than that. Especially when there was an old toy toy store next door to it. With old He-Man toys from the 80’s on display. I did good and did not spend money there. One day you will be mine again, Castle Grayskull. I was then going to go to the local park where I was, but it started to start to rain some. So I went and did some more shopping before returning home, and then taking the dog for a walk outside.

All and all it was an adventurous day, and I did not spend all that much. More than I originally intended do. You live and you learn.

Life is a party now…

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Tonight was an outing that was different than what I normally do for my weekly adventures. This time it was a family birthday party. And it was a public place, that was outside.  So not only would I be going out, there would be other people there. People I don’t really know, or even how many would be there. The idea of this in the past would be enough to create so much anxiety, that I would think about various ways to get out of it. Now with the way my life has been, how much I have improved my health, and the way I am changing my whole life, I was able to go out to a birthday party with family, and their friends, and go out and enjoy myself. Something I would not be able to do before. If I did do it, I was suffering quietly on the inside. The one thing about anxiety/panic is that we suffered while you didn’t even know it. We wondered how long we would be there, and more aptly, how long do we feel obligated to stay there before we can escape from this place and never come back. It’s even worse when it’s loved ones as you feel like you are letting them down. Being a disappointment to them. We already suffer with worry with what others think of us, now we are making it worse for ourselves.

Tonight was not like that. Tonight was different. Tonight I had freedom. I got to live. I got to spend some time with my family, and I went outside in the process. I went to Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, in Medford. (That title is a mouthful.)  I did not have to leave early. I was not checking my watch and counting down the minutes. Yes, I have done that. When I went on vacation years ago with family, I was counting the time down until I got home. That’s how bad I was living in the past. It was a horrible time for me. So now to be able to do this, to go out, to enjoy myself. It is incredible. I am loving every moment of it. I got to see some frogs, and some birds.. Lots, and lots of birds. My favorite was the Falcon, Artemis. I am a mythology geek. I never thought I would be able to go to a place like this, to go on a nature hike with people, walk around, look at animals, sit around a fire, and enjoy myself. To have fun. To be happy. I never would have thought it was possible to be happy. I am glad the universe proved me so wrong with that one. So wrong.

I will say I was disappointed that all the animals were in caged in enclosures, I was so hoping to see the animals out in the wilds. Like Pokemon.. I suppose it’s not too bad. Since they had some snakes there. I would have probably passed out had I come across one of those in the wild.

This post.. Has no puns in it. That’s not puny at all.

Boom! Nailed it.



Adventures in going out: Week 15

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The big 15… 1-5. What a number to arrive at. What a place to be at in life. Metaphorically and literally. Never thought I’d say that in this life. There was  not much planned for this weekend as I was not sure what the weather was going to like. One day it’s raining. One day is cold out. It’s as if Mother Nature has gotten drunk and forgotten what she was doing. We’ve all been there. Like going into the other room for something and forgot why we went in there. I rented a movie today and when I left the store and was driving home, I realized I forgot to pick it up. I even glanced at the kiosk too.

Since there was not much going on this week and nothing really planned. I am keeping my trips kind of thrifty to not really spend a ton of money as I am traveling to Virginia in two weeks to visit the Smithsonian. So I opted to just do some aimless driving around and do some window shopping. That took me back. I used to do that all the time when I was younger. I used to love just going to the mall and looking at all the things I wanted, and would like to have. Yet never had the money to buy. As a kid it was if you wanted something you better hoped Santa brought it for you. It was always for us growing up, maybe for Christmas. Even if that was last month.

So today I spent a few hours just driving around aimlessly and visiting some random stores. A book store, and a comic book shoppe. It was a nice and relaxing day in the car, with some old school jams on the iPod, Das Efx and some Onyx, even some MC. Hammer in the mix. Can’t touch this just brings out the groove in me… I’m just kidding, as a white guy, I have no groove. Nor can I jump. The weather stayed nice, albeit a little too warm for my liking, but it was a very nice day nonetheless. Low key. Outside. On the road. Making memories. What more could one ask for in life? I had forgotten how much joy and fun it can be to just do nothing while doing something. For the bulk of my teen and adult life the “doing nothing” literally meant doing nothing. Today it meant something.

And it was good.


Adventures in going out: Week 4

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Good gravy, there was a lot of steps in there.
This week is my fourth week of going out, does that mean I have been going out for a month now? Either way, this was my fourth outing. This would be one where I would really go the distance. I wasn’t really going speed. I was all alone.  But it wasn’t my time of need. I did plot the course. There was no riding of a horse… I would go my furthest outing from my home today. I would go out to Peddler’s Village, which was about an hour drive to get to. This trek would also go into another state, Pennsylvania.

I would go to Peddler’s Village, which is up in New Hope. To do a little shopping for some fun. I do like to shop… And well. It was kind of boring for me. While they advertise 60 shops, most of them are not really places I would shop at. Maybe if I was an old married couple, I would have loved it. Or if I maybe eat at one of the restaurants there, it would have added more to the experience for me. There was a place called, Cock and Bull, I kid you not. That… Sounds like a place I would name a restaurant. I did stop in the candy shop, and boy,  does a handmade candy store smell incredible. I don’t eat that stuff anymore. It’s part of what helps me go out places not eating those bad foods. I grabbed some dark chocolate for my dad, yeah, I’m an awesome son. And went about my way.


Where I was at, I was near a place called Bowman’s Tower. Which I believe is where they would watch to see if the British were coming into the area. Driving up to this place was the scariest place I have ever driven before. It was up this incredibly steep hill, I swear I thought I was driving the wrong way, or would not make it up the hill. Almost wanted to turn around. But I progressed and kept on and made it up to the Tower. I bought my ticket and climbed… It was a lot of steps. I was too manly for the elevator, plus, elevators feel weird to me. It was an exhilarating view as well as a scary view. I am afraid of heights, luckily it was fenced in, and I couldn’t just tumble over. As my luck, I probably would have.  There were some vultures circling around the tower. I think they could smell my fear, and were waiting for me to pass out. I didn’t. I showed them. I’ve won this battle today, Vultures.

It was still pretty early in the afternoon, and I was feeling good, so checked my Google maps for anything local to do/see. I found a Castle Museum that was 30 mins from there, so headed there. Upon arrival I saw you needed a photo permit, and was discouraged, so turned back, and headed home.

All in all, it was another great experience. Upon arrival I was a little loopy, driving up in the hills/mountains like that, really throws your body off. After I settled into the area, sitting down some,  I felt much, much better. And was able to go about fine while there.

Next week I plan to go to the Franklin Institute to check out the Egypt and Pixar exhibit. Who knows, I may even learn something. I’ll prove those high school teachers wrong that said I couldn’t learn anything.