The Anxiety of meeting new people – pt 3 (making small talk)

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The adventure continues. Hey look! I learned to use a ruler. Ha ha.

Small talk. Probably one of the scariest things of meeting someone, or interacting with them. It’s not that I don’t have something to say. There’s always a billion things running through my head at any given moment. Mostly it’s sarcasm. Just when you’re on the spot, you just don’t think of something to say. And your brain turns to goo.

Of course when you are talking to people then they are looking at you and all those insecurities open up. The struggle is real.

That’s where breathing, relaxing, and getting out of your head really comes into play here.

Dean Winchester approves this post.

For the record, I am more a cake person than pie fan. And I mean all the cake. Not like those who scoop off all the frosting and just eat the rest. You’re eating bread. It’s no longer cake. 🍰


HA HA Happy Halloween!

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“I vant all of your Reese’s Peanut Butter cups”

May you all have a Happy Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead. 👻💀🎃

(Try not to eat too much candy today.)

The anxiety of meeting new people – pt. 2 (making eye contact)

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The adventure continues, with a journey through anxiety and meeting people. In comic form. Sorry that the writing is a little crooked there. Or perhaps it’s me that’s a little wonky.

Eye contact is something I have struggled with for a long, long time. A lot of it does stem from self esteem issues. Something that many who suffer with anxiety are also plagued with. A lot of that self esteem issues stem from being teased growing up, or hearing that I was ugly. And when you hear it enough you start to think other people think it about you. Which makes trying to make eye contact so much more challenging.

Yet like most anxious thoughts these are really just our own thoughts that are playing out. When truthfully some people are jerks, but they have no power over us, unless we give them that power over us.

And yes I do wonder… “are my eyebrows on fleek?” Can eyebrows be “too on fleek” that it intimidates people? Ha ha. 😜

Adventures in going out: Week 11

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cars_acThe adventure train keeps on chugging along. As I go new and exciting places. As I do all types of new things for me, there has been so many new experiences for me, that life has becoming something more than I could have ever thought or dreamed. Today was no exception. Today I would take myself down to the 2nd Annual Comic Convention at the Atlantic City convention center. I had no idea this convention existed. A few weeks ago when I was on one of my weekly adventures in Ocean City a guy was handing out pamphlets for this Comic con, and I knew, in my heart of hearts, I had to go to it. I had never done one of these before. Can you believe that? Me as big of a nerd as I am, has never done a convention. Well, anxiety/stomach issues, that beast of things, always prevented me in the past. I would have been too afraid to go out to one.  But not now, and God willing, hopefully never again will fear and anxiety hold me back in life. This was also new for me in going to something like this, on my own. Finding the place, getting the ticket, and going there on my own. It was all scary, since I had no idea of what to do, or where to go. To do it, by myself, and find it all, was so extremely rewarding. Having that control for myself. To take that charge. It was exhilarating.

I’m Batman… No, I’m Batman.

When I was talking to people about going to it, they asked me if I would dress up. Of course my response was a, no. Sadly, I do not have that type of confidence in myself to dress up into a cosplay outfit out in public. To which they retorted, you could always wear a mask, and no one would see it was you. They did make a good point, but I was not going to buy a costume for it. With all my new experiences and bounds I am pushing, who knows, one day I may just do that. After being there I saw that I would have been in great company and very welcomed wearing a costume. There were many people dressed up in their favorite characters, from adults to kids. Not to my surprise at all, there was many Deadpools. I don’t get his sudden surge of popularity. Even before the movie came out. Which was a great movie. There were also a few Harley Quinns, some Boba Fetts, and random things that I did not know. I was not much of a comic book reader over the years.  I will say it would be so easy to spend so much money at a place like this. So many great and wonderful things to buy. As I’ve said before in here, that I am a HUGE fan of The Flash, on the CW, so I had to pick up a portrait of The Flash. Speaking of which, Teddy Sears, who is currently featured in Season Two of the show, was at this convention center. Sadly, I did not buy a VIP ticket to get his autograph. I did see him through at his table, talking with people.

After I left there, and since I was in Atlantic City, I would stop by Harrah’s Casino. I’m not really one to gamble. I prefer to spend my money on something that will last me, as opposed to just giving it away. It was also another first going to the casino, finding my way around there, all by myself. Very proud of myself. I was not there long, maybe about 2 hours. I realized why I don’t gamble, when I blew through 40 bucks very fast on penny slots, that I had to cut myself off, and get out of there fast. They get crazy in their with their bets on the slot machines, going max bet on every play. I can’t imagine the money they spend just to win some back. It never worked that way for me. That’s how I went through 20 fast, messing around with max bet. Must be nice to have that kind of money to just go crazy on the slots. If I had money like that, I would probably travel the world. That is the one thing about these adventures doing things that are not going to go over my budget. Even if today, I went really far over my budget, and then some. Money adds up when you spend it… But I did get some cool stuff. Like this…